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Mobile is responsible for most of the data traffic around the world; at the same time, interactive content comes with the potential to renew digital marketing strategies. The idea of ​​combining the two trends is a way to optimize resources and increase engagement with audiences.

If you are still not convinced that you need to invest in interactive strategies for mobile, perhaps this article will change your mind.

The consumption of data on mobile platforms (cell phones and tablets) has grown and there is no indication that it will slow down in the coming years – mainly with the entry of 5G in the market.

In an Internet with more content than people can absorb, it is vital to incorporate new elements into your Content Marketing. In this post, we will introduce the following topics:

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What are interactive strategies for mobile?

Interactive contents are formats that combine the formats that were already produced in Inbound Marketing with technology to provide even more personalized content to the public.

These materials, which are already widely used in the United States and Canada, have shown a higher rate of engagement. In the current scenario, it is essential to integrate these new media with mobile platforms, which represent the largest volume of information consumption today.

An interactive content strategy for mobile means developing interactive content that has mobile platforms as a priority. These materials must be designed for use on cell phones and tablets. Later, if it makes sense, they can be adapted for desktops.

Why is it so essential today?

According to data from Smart Insights, 60% of users of a survey said they did not want to revisit the site and buy again from the brand if they had a bad experience on the mobile platform. On the other hand, 90% said they would buy again if the experience on the mobile platform was good.

On the other hand, static digital content is going through what specialist Mark Schaefer called content shock in 2010. In other words, the production of content was growing, but the demand remained the same. As a result, users were engaging little with each material produced.

Interactive strategies are an answer to improve engagement rates. Because they are more dynamic, fun and relevant, these types of materials have greater appeal to the consumer. Thus, there is a better return on investment.

Interactive content and mobile consumption are two strong consumption trends, which point to growth for the coming years. Therefore, nothing makes more sense than joining the two and further strengthening your marketing strategy.

How to use in practice?

The interactive content allows a series of interesting and fun formats, which demand the active participation of the consumer. In general, all content used on the desktop can also be used in a mobile strategy.

The key, in these cases, is to adapt the format to the platform, to ensure efficient loading, good viewing and a positive experience. See the most used types of interactive content that work well on mobile.


You can send small tests to your consumer to verify the knowledge that he has in a certain subject.

From the responses, you can customize the content which will be sent next, filling in the gaps in your audience’s knowledge about your product or the market.

Check out the following test created to identify whether a person would be making plans to travel with the ideal person on their vacation:


You can use games to guide your consumer through the purchase journey, making him understand which option would be within your product mix best suited to solve the persona’s current need.

From the perspective of Integrated Communication, you can also use games with your internal audience. This can, for example, be a great way to do a training with the teams.


Interactive animations have a good deal of gamification in their logic, but they are a type of content in itself. In animated videos, your consumer can choose which path the script will take. This interaction accompanies the persona on the journey and can help with the purchase decision.


Calculators are simple content, but quite fun for the consumer. The possibilities of use are numerous, and vyou will always add value to the public, since he will discover data about his consumption profile or other behavior.

This is a good material to send in a first contact with the consumer, as it requires a low degree of engagement and there is still the perception that the company is giving something – in this case, information that can be advantageous for the consumer.

Below, we have separated an example of a calculator created by CompuCom in order to show how much a person would save if they used their mobile Internet services.

It is important to note that all the contents cited provide important feedback to the company on what is most relevant to the consumer. Thus, your next interaction with that person will be even more relevant, creating a good chain of engagement.

How to produce this content?

Currently, there are some tools on the market that enable the production of interactive content in a very simple way. Next, we will present some of them.


A simple way to make calculators is using the Calculoid app. The platform allows you to create these interactive content without having to deal with programming. You can insert this material in a blog post, for example, to improve the user experience and increase the engagement of your audience.


In a mobile first strategy, maps are one of the tools with the greatest potential. With the MapMe app, you can create maps and even allow your user to enter their own location data. Personalized, the experience will be even more interesting and will generate greater value for your persona.

ion interactive

Ion interactive is a platform that offers different models of different types of interactive content.

With it, it is possible to make landing pages, quizzes, videos, animations, calculators, infographics and several other materials. Best of all: just change the templates to have unique and personalized content.

The tool gives companies a great deal of autonomy, since it is possible to make all materials internally. On the other hand, ion offers the support of a team that can assist in the elaboration of the strategy and in the operation of the tool itself.

Did you like this idea and want to start an interactive strategy for mobile as part of your company’s strategy? So get to know ion and test today the possibilities that interaction can bring!