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Advertising and graphic design. What do you think of these areas? While some people think they are the same, others believe that the advertiser is a step ahead. However, there are 2 distinct and complementary areas of specialization. Both are present in the successful strategies. In this post, we will understand what is advertising and graphic design […]

Advertising and graphic design. What do you think of these areas?

While some people think they are the same, others believe that the advertiser is a step ahead.

However, there are 2 areas of specialization distinct and complementary. Both are present in the successful strategies.

In this post, we will understand what is advertising and graphic design and learn about 5 activities in which these professions come together. Check out:

What is advertising?

Many articles and books spread the idea that advertising is responsible for convincing people. However, this concept is distorted and outdated.

A consumer is unlikely to buy a fish just because he sees an excellent advertising campaign when, in fact, he does not like this type of meat.

Therefore, advertising is not intended to convince people who are not willing to hear the message spread. On the other hand, highlight the qualities of products and services and “make up” their defects.

However, when the product is bad, there is no campaign that can solve the problem. After all, you can sell it once, but customers are unlikely to want to buy it again. So, good advertising is one that respects and does not deceives the public.

Advertising should also not be confused with marketing, although they are complementary terms. While the 1st is responsible for creating, producing and conceptualizing a disclosure, the 2nd is more connected to sales and approach and market strategies.

THE publicity it acts in addition to good campaigns. Some points where the professional acts are:

  • understanding what customers expect from a product;
  • conducting consumer surveys;
  • defining the target audience and the best vehicles to publicize advertisements;
  • conducting research, analysis and defining which media are ideal for that type of client (magazines and newspapers, television, radio, internet, etc.);
  • analyzing the cost-benefit of each medium and restricting action to those who do not bring benefits;
  • define the best times, days and formats in which the advertisement will be served.

We must remember that the solutions presented will be approved by the appropriate companies. With all these actions, the contractors will be more relaxed. After all, they will know that the investment will be well done.

What is graphic design?

A designer should not be confused as a simple designer or manipulator of programs like Photoshop. Unlike having him as a draftsman, it is better to see him as a designer.

Instead of getting your hands dirty right from the start, he does a thorough planning, that is, he needs to analyze everything that is involved in the project to be executed.

Some questions are fundamental so that the professional can design his work and please his client:

  • what are the creation intentions?
  • what kind of image and color should be used?
  • what are the sizes and sources for production?

Questions like these are essential for the result to be compatible with the expectations of other professionals and the contracting company.

Therefore, it is important to be judicious when hiring the services of a graphic designerbecause it will give life to your brand.

5 benefits of marriage

Bringing together the work of an advertiser and a graphic designer is more than interesting for your strategy: it is fundamental. See how your business can be optimized with this marriage:

⒈ Construction of a website that reflects the image desired by the company

For the advertisers’ goals to be confirmed, they will need the services of a designer. The advertiser will do all the research and define the main points necessary for the website to reflect the image desired by the company.

However, it will be up to the design sector to make all the concepts and objectives highlighted by advertising real. Without data collection, he will not be able to achieve the main objectives.

The advertiser, on the other hand, will have difficulties in realizing his thoughts that, in some way, are still abstract.

⒉ Use of color psychology

THE color psychology it is also a unifying factor between the 2 areas.

Although the 2 professionals have a certain understanding of the subject, it is up to advertising to determine which colors are ideal for that particular audience.

Such a decision is not made only by the professional’s intuition. It must take into account the success of other companies in the segment, the company’s own experiences and customer research.

Like this, decisions will be made objectively, and the designer will have at his disposal all the necessary data to carry out his work.

⒊ Development of a logo that collaborates for the company to establish itself in the market

Not even the logo escapes that process.

The designer does not have enough information about which messages and type of logo are ideas for the industry and that specific company.

The advertiser is responsible for preparing the messages that the logo must present. The area of design must creatively interpret everything presented.

⒋ Creating interesting images for materials

It is recommended to use images in posts and social networks, and designers need to understand the guidelines – created by the advertising team – to create the illustrations for the content to be made.

In addition, in cases such as e-books and infographics, the arts are even more necessary, since they are more visual content.

Problems happen when the content is not closely related to the image. The interaction between these 2 types of professionals avoids such a problem and piques the readers’ curiosity.

⒌ Improve usability of services

Teamwork between designers and advertisers Assists improving usability of websites and apps.

While advertisers gather information on pain points, designers think about how to implement the new functions.

For the main digital marketing strategies to work well, it is necessary to relate the areas of advertising and graphic design. Contrary to what many people think, they are complementary and necessary for the objectives to be achieved.

The designer’s services are fundamental so that the concepts of usability, research with target audience and business objectives are put into practice and please the visitors.

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