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Some of you (especially those who work with me at Websites Are Us), must have entered this article, seen my photo and thought: “But soon you talking about it?” That’s because, quite often, I get feedback that I’m very quick in the design tasks I do. And that can be considered very good in a process […]

Some of you (especially those who work with me at Websites Are Us), must have entered this article, seen my photo and thought: “But soon you talking about it?”

That’s because, quite often, I get feedback that I’m very quick in the design tasks I do. And this can be considered very good in a process in which there are many demands with deadlines closer together. But in fact, it’s a double-edged sword.

I believe that even I had not understood the difference that time makes, until, by Bruno’s idea (one of the team’s designers), we closed two days of our pipeline to carry out the team’s own projects, organizing the other demands so that it would not disturb anyone. and performing only urgent tasks.

And it was one of the best creative experiences that we had.

So, I come to share some of the lessons I learned from this change in routine.

I would like to say that my disregard for time had never disturbed me. However, this stubbornness on my part harmed me throughout my career in Design, especially in academic life.

When I have a lot of time to do a task, I have (a lot) to procrastinate. And sometimes it is not something that gets in the way. Making your bed at 7am or 6pm will only change the order of what you would do on the day.

So, when I face a creative task for the next 10 days, I have the (terrible) habit of letting 5, 7 days go by before I really worry and do it.

But that doesn’t work well in the creation process.

As designers, our main challenge is to propose different solutions to any conflicts that may arise. Whether “how to represent a SaaS business model visually” or “how to prevent people from getting hurt when using my product”.

And, to propose these solutions, the ideal is that we think about the maximum possible possibilities and work on them to arrive at the best (or one of the best).

And it takes time. Quite time.

Mainly because the ideas that generate the solutions need to mature, so that the analysis on them becomes colder and their defects more apparent.

At first, we were passionate about our idea, we defended it tooth and nail. And, when someone from the outside points out a defect that is simple to observe, but that totally compromises what you had thought, you deny it, you become defensive.

Until, later in the process, this defect emerges and the previous problem remains unsolved.

I know this because I haven’t been through this situation once or twice. I’ve been through it several times, and I know how frustrating it is. And it is something that would be easily avoided if I spent more time analyzing the solution I arrived at and its eventual defects.

A good example of this was when I had to update the cover of the post that talked about Google’s birthday to the new style of WAU. I was in a hurry to do it, so I updated and sent:

Time on the Google cover design

However, there was a small detail that I missed. In this case, it had been a year since I made the first version of this image, and apparently, Google has not aged as it should.

So, I went back to give the correct age for our dear search provider:

Time in post cover design

Another interesting example was a CTA that I made for the Freelance Immersion of the Websites Are Us Community. And, well, I just forgot about CTA itself.

Time in banner design

But it is not only after creation that time is important. In fact, this is not even the part of the process where your presence is most essential. And with the next topic, I’ll explain why.

As soon as a demand arises, or a problem is observed, we tend to start to imagine what can be done, how we can deal with it and what we can create to solve it.

However, if the time is short (either by external influence or the desire to finish the job quickly), we have less time to think and, with that, less innovative ideas will come to our mind.

Ingenious creations don’t appear overnight. How long do you think Steve Jobs, Jony Ive and the Apple development team took to arrive at the concept and look of the first iPhone? It sure wasn’t 2 hours. Or something less than 8 years old, since in 1999 the computer company registered the website iphone.org.

Time in design 2

Good ideas only come up with enough time to be created. To think outside the box, it is necessary to have critical thinking, analysis of all factors involved, observe what has already been done and try to do something better and unprecedented, studying various possibilities.

This is clearly not something that takes 30 minutes.

So, especially on larger projects, take the time you need. The result will be worth it.

And it is not only in terms of ideas that time is indispensable.

I would like to start this topic by saying that perfection does not exist. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll continue with the text.

It is inevitable, when we have more time to work on the project, the more attentive to details we can stay.

We can focus even more on each small part, correct any errors, no matter how small, and observe (and try to resolve) something that can go wrong along the way.

But, as good human beings, can do is not synonymous with that we will do. I, too, am quite guilty for finishing a task in advance and moving on to another.

Many times (many times) my focus is: done better than perfect. And, many times, I forget to correct an error and I have to redo it later.

Therefore, the goal should not be just to get more time to make demands.

Together, we need to try to be less in a hurry to carry them out. Only in this way will it be possible to refine your work to the point where you are genuinely proud.

Design time 3

Don’t focus on speed. Focus on the details.

In the last decades we have seen an advance in the constant search for speed. How long does it take to download 1 GB, how long does the person I like take me to reply to my message, how long does it take to reach 100,000 followers on Instagram and how long does it take to make 5 post cover images.

Perhaps it is time to slow down. In all. Having more patience, care and attention to the little things in our lives is the first step in creating something really unique, something completely yours, unlike anything out there.

AND that’s where the best ideas come from.

I hope this is worth a lesson for you as it was for me! I’m still learning to respect time more, but over time we get there.

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