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The press kit, also known as a press kit, is a marketing action aimed at presenting a company or a service to the media. Generally, this kit consists of a letter of introduction (the press release) and other objects that can express the characteristics of the project.

Press kit is a traditional concept in the areas of public relations and marketing, but anyone who thinks that it has lost strength and was taken by the current of digital innovation is mistaken.

The practice has undergone numerous changes over time, as expected, but it remains one of the best actions for publicizing and recognizing the brand – especially when considering the cost-benefit and possibility of return.

Do you want to know more about what a press kit is and how it can be a great alternative for your business? Just follow the next topics!

What is a press kit?

The press kit – or press kit, when translating into London – traditionally comes from the press office, and was created to present a company or service to the media. It contains objects that reflect what that business is.

The base of the press kit is usually a letter called a release. In it, the press officer introduces the company, tells a little about its history, explains the services and talks about the purpose of the sending: is it an inauguration? Disclosure of new product? Opportunity action?

Along with the cover letter, the ideal is for the press kit to have interesting objects capable of translating the service provided into practice.

Entertainment companies, for example, can send pairs of invitations to the premiere of a play. Service providers can offer vouchers with discounts or even exemption from the amount that would be paid.

In the beginning, the main objective was to send press kits to journalists (mainly). They, in turn, publicized the service spontaneously when they liked it.

THE visibility achieved by companies it was instrumental in increasing popularity and, as a result, expanding sales. Over time, advancement of social networks and the creation of new professions, such as the darling influence marketing, the press kit started to have a different look.

The text written by a journalist, even if famous and with a powerful publication channel in the area – let’s think about a big newspaper like “O Globo”, for example -, no longer has the same strength and visibility that it had in the past.

The drastic change in the market and in communication as a whole means that, today, it is more profitable to pay attention to digital influencers, for example, who accumulate thousands (or millions) of followers on Instagram, YouTube and other internet channels.

What are the main benefits of the strategy?

As we said at the beginning of the post, the press kit is a great possibility to generate spontaneous disclosure.

Whether in traditional print media or on Instagram, with influencers, one thing is a fact: paying for space in the media is very expensive. The insertion in a Globo commercial, for example, can reach 700 thousand reais.

And, when thinking a little more down to earth, the strategy is still expensive: digital influencers medium size can charge the value of 3 thousand reais for an Instagram Stories of approximately 15 seconds.

Thinking about it, it is not difficult to imagine the possibility of success when investing in a good press kit strategy: cost-benefit, disclosure of the company and increased sales are just some of the benefits within a great sea of ​​possibilities. Remember: anyone who is not seen is not remembered!

Press kit or media kit: what are the differences?

As much as the names are very similar, the two things are quite different. The press kit, as already explained, is the set of actions that aim to generate spontaneous media, in any communication channel.

The media kit, in turn, is a report that involves audience data, engagement and popularity of a communication channel – that channel can also be a digital influencer.

We can think of this material as a kind of portfolio that aims to show the advertiser the benefits (in numbers) of buying a space in that media.

After presenting such data, usually the media kit also includes the value of the services. Thus, the advertiser already has a sense of the possible return on that investment.

How to make a quality press kit?

Now that you know what a press kit is, you have seen the main benefits of the practice and even understood its differences to another concept that is also famous in the advertising world, it’s time to know how to make a killer press kit.

Perform good planning

First of all, you need to develop an action plan. It is extremely important to keep in mind that, as much as it is always very nice to receive gifts, it is not anyone who will make the disclosure – free, it is worth mentioning – of your brand.

Have your target audience well defined or persona and goals in relation to the audience. Who do you want to conquer? What is the age group? And the geographical location? Social class?

A luxury car company would hardly send a press kit to a 16-year-old digital influencer, for example, any more than it would send a “home and kitchen” vehicle to the journalist – unless it’s an opportunity opportunity. very specific.

Even if there is an opportunity to do the action with a very famous figure (or media), be careful. The entire audience will be worthless if they are not qualified and educated enough about your product or service.

Define the purpose of your action

“Sending for sending” doesn’t make any sense. If your brand is not working with any specific action at the moment and you still want to work with the press kit, stop and rethink the entire strategy.

Imagine the following scenario: an energy company decided to assemble a box with 12 cans and send it to a famous blogger. The press release is generic, tells the story of the brand and does not go much beyond that.

The blogger, on the other hand, deals with an exorbitant volume of materials (the famous “received”) that reach her mailbox every day. Among creative actions that make sense, what would be the chances that she would make room for a dull action?

Even if nothing very special is happening within your company – such as launches, for example – you can always find an opportunity, however simple it may seem.

For example: commemorative dates are in abundance 365 days a year. It is not possible for any of them to fit the reality of your business! Apart from the gigantic dates (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc.), there are other very interesting days to be explored by your brand.

In addition to calendar celebrations, think about what’s going on in the world. Opportunity actions are excellent ways to boost your business and generate public attention – or do you think that all the strategies based on the “together and shallow now” meme were made for nothing?

Whether exploring a date, entering a meme wave or publicizing a release, keep in mind that no press kit should be sent without a publicity objective of its own.

Use all your creativity

Here, it is important to emphasize again the amount of press kits that are sent and received daily. Knowing this, make a simple reflection: what is your brand different from the others?

It is not difficult to affirm that, today, the consumption habits of the population are much stricter than in the past. Amid so much supply, it becomes much more difficult to stand out and show yourself as the best option.

So avoid the obvious: does your brand sell chocolates? In addition to sending the sweets, think a little about the action – remember what we talked about goals?

Other gifts that are not necessarily directly related to your brand may not make a lot of sense at first, but they are the key to success: often, the person who will receive the press kit is not a big fan or cannot eat chocolate at that moment.

If the kit has add-ons that make it interesting and attractive, rest assured that there are far more chances of spreading it – the action will speak louder than the product itself.

Another way to innovate is when making the release. Many brands are out of the ordinary when writing letters and develop challenges, riddles and playful actions to make the experience of receiving the product something even cooler.

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Bonus: what are the examples of the press kit in practice?

Did you like to discover a little bit about the great possibilities that involve the creation and development of a press kit? Now, let’s show some very interesting actions that illustrate what we talked about in the post.


Famous in the food segment, the company Aymoré carried out an action in honor of the people of Minas Gerais. For this, he changed the name of the packages to “Uaimoré”, making reference to the famous expression.

At the time, the press kit was sent to digital influencers in Minas Gerais and generated good repercussions on social networks.

Along with the release, which explained the whole action, the cookies also came in a box lined with straw!

Nike PET Shirts

In 2010, when promoting the new uniform collection of the London team – amid all the pre-World Cup expectations – Nike did a very interesting action when sending press kits.

Each T-shirt used by the players consisted of 8 PET bottles (approximately), in addition to other recyclable materials.

Thinking about publicizing the action to the media, Nike put each shirt in a bottle and, therefore, sent it! Along with the seemingly unusual object, there was also a flash drive – an innovative and creative way to disclose the release and other important information about the launch.

Havaianas and the samba

A brand that exudes Brazilianness around the world, Havaianas took an action to celebrate 100 years of samba in London.

In addition to appropriating a very interesting date, there was no lack of creativity in assembling the kits: the packaging looked like a large box of matches, and inside it, in addition to the commemorative slipper, there were elements that refer to the date.

Two lagoinha cups (symbols of London bars), in addition to matchboxes (referring to the instruments used by samba dancers), made up an incredible and very effective action.

Creativity, opportunity and sending strategy are the pillars for a successful action, and this was very well seen in the actions exemplified here in the post.

If you have realized how a quality press kit can gain incredible proportions in the reality of a brand and want to continue to be informed about it, it’s time to learn the best strategies to make a successful launch!

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