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With so much content and materials available to users on the Internet, it is essential to know new strategies to present your brand to consumers and those who are potential. Interactive microsites are excellent alternatives for those who need to create more targeted campaigns for their target audience.

Within a very competitive market, companies need to find ways to innovate in their strategies and present different materials to their consumers, offering a better experience to users.

After all, you are competing all the time with your competitors and it is essential to compete for the same spaces at a high level.

In addition to attention to external factors, it is necessary to show your superiors within the company hierarchy that the initiatives chosen are, in fact, efficient.

Therefore, investing in interactive content, such as an interactive microsite, can become a competitive differentiator for your business to stand out.

But in practice, do you know what this strategy means? Next, we’ll talk about:

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What is an interactive microsite?

What, after all, is an interactive microsite? In short, is a separate site from the main page of your brand or company, usually with its own URL or, in rarer cases, a subdomain of the official address.

The idea is to present a more specific product and / or service, however, while your main page has a broader focus, such as a landing page.

While your official domain presents your business more comprehensively, microsites offer interactive content more targeted and focused on just one goal.

Its main uses are usually for product launches, events with a specific date or content for a specific audience.

So, in summary, interactive microsites are used for the following purposes:

  • short-term marketing campaigns;
  • timed events or promotions;
  • more complete presentation of a product and / or service.

One way, therefore, to optimize your Content Marketing actions is to take advantage of these more targeted addresses with interactive content.

In practice, it is offer an increasingly efficient experience to hold users’ attention, using graphics, GIFs and animations to present your content.

What are the advantages and reasons for investing in this strategy?

As the home page of your business presents your products and / or services more broadly, with many “distractions” and without a specific focus, it is often more difficult to impact your audience in a segmented way.

With the interactive microsite, you can then more accurately highlight what your content is.

In terms of SEO, for example, you can easily highlight this independent URL, using the appropriate keywords for that purpose.

The result is therefore generate greater engagement with your persona, working directly in the attention of who you want to attract.

For a company that has a broad portfolio of products and / or services, for example, it can be the ideal alternative to launch a new line of items or even to invite consumers to a specific event.

For those who want more engagement and generate greater brand value, this strategy can be very efficient.

What are the best examples of successful interactive microsites?

Now that you already know the advantages and reasons for using an interactive microsite in your Digital Marketing planning, how about checking out some examples of success that bet on this strategy?

Thus, you can be inspired, adapt to your goals, target audience and generate more engagement and value for your brand. Check out!

Red Bull and Karl Meltzer

Red Bull, an energy drink brand, is known for its focus on extreme sports and sponsoring activities that are not always known to the broader audience of its products.

As such, the company created an interactive microsite to present a challenge from Karl Meltzer, one of the largest ultramarathon runners.

Red Bull and Karl Meltzer

The company invited Meltzer to overcome the 2,190 kilometers of the trail known as the Appalachian, which passes through 14 US states.

To publicize the action, he created an exclusive domain with several interactive contents presenting the athlete, the trail, his challenge and Meltzer’s diaries about each day of the challenge.

NASA and its inventions

Since the day the man stepped on the moon in 1969, NASA has become globally known and has attracted the interest of many people in their work, launches, studies and science behind each invention.

Therefore, the agency decided to share many of its projects on an interactive microsite.

NASA and its inventions

When accessing the address, the user can view, in 3D, all the information about the spaceships and satellites that were successfully launched in space.

From the dates to the purpose of each one, everything can be viewed on an interactive dashboard with graphics and other materials.

If you are looking for ways to further segment your actions and have an even greater impact on users, the interactive microsite is an extremely valid alternative to innovate in the presentation of a product, service or even an idea.

The more attractive your content is presented, the greater the chances of generating engagement.

The good news is that the interactive content is not limited to microsites and the options meet the most different profiles on the market.

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