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Brand Awareness is a metric that measures how much and how a brand is recognized by consumers. The goal is to make a brand gain notoriety, be well remembered by the public and make it different for the market.

Brand awareness seems to be another one of those complicated marketing terms that only make life difficult for managers who are not in this area, right? The name is difficult, but its understanding is simple and its usefulness is great.

After all, it is one of the most important metrics in marketing and, of course, a business.

High brand awareness is what makes many consumers say Bombril instead of steel wool or Gilette instead of a razor blade.

It is also what makes people remember certain brands when they think of a feature or symbol.

For example, Harley Davidson is associated with luxury and large motorcycles; Microsoft is easily recognized by its logo even without having its name exposed in the art.

Anyway, all of this has to do with the brand awareness.

In this article, we will address its concept, its importance, its relationship with digital marketing and the best practices to increase your brand awareness. Check out!

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is a metric that measures how much and how a brand is recognized by consumers.

Translated as brand awareness, this indicator serves to analyze how companies are associated with the products they sell.

The goal of increasing Brand Awareness is to make a brand gain notoriety, be well remembered by the public and make it different for the market.

After all, it does little good for a company to be well known, but to have its credibility put in check by consumers, isn’t it?

In the same way, it is not interesting for a brand to have the trust of its customers, but not to be very famous among its target audience or not to have a differential that stands out from the competition.

Brand awareness is also closely linked to branding. In fact, it is one of the ways to measure the strength and results of managing a brand.

The greater and better the brand awareness, the more value it will have on the market and the less it will depend on other factors – such as price, convenience and technical characteristics – to convince consumers to buy its products.

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Why is it important?

A brand known in the market and strengthened with the public adds very interesting advantages to the company.

If you are considering preparing a marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness, see how your business can benefit:

Increases sales

When the consumer seeks a product or service, he may have one, two or more brands in his head as a reference.

For the company that has its brand among the most remembered by the public, its sales results are usually better than the others that are little remembered.

Being an initial reference makes people more confident in the quality of that product. In addition, consumers tend to seek out those brands’ offers before giving them an opportunity for new options.

Raises brand reach

As one of the goals of brand awareness is to make a brand better known, it is natural that its reach also increases.

Companies need, at all times, to expose their brand and make it present in the life of their target audience constantly.

For this, a joint effort of exposure in online and offline media and, depending on the case, distribution at points of sale is essential.

Take the case of Coca-Cola, for example. It is not only a reference in soft drinks due to the billionaire annual investment in advertising, but also due to its penetration in Points of Sale. The client has contact with the brand in restaurants, bars, stadiums and in several other types of establishments and events.

Enhances other marketing campaigns

When you know how much and how the brand is noticed by the market, it becomes easier to develop a marketing strategy, especially for branding or advertising.

When most consumers have a positive memory of the brand, these perceptions can be used in a campaign to reinforce this link.

On the other hand, when a brand is not yet well known, a strategy may be needed to increase its exposure and highlight its differentials.

Anyway, brand awareness is the starting point for knowing how it will be promoted.

What is the relationship between Brand Awareness and Digital Marketing?

On the internet, companies have much more autonomy to produce their marketing actions than in traditional media, right?

In addition, online campaigns can be measured in a much more accurate and accessible way – Google Analytics is there to prove it.

But what do these aspects of digital marketing have to do with brand awareness?

First, brands have more freedom to create their content, promote themselves and convey their message to the public.

Each brand can have its blog, its website and its profiles on social networks to strengthen its brand awareness.

Regarding campaign monitoring, digital marketing tools help measure and prove the value of brand awareness.

Companies are no longer dependent on research to measure the share of mind (participation in the public’s mind) of their brands. In addition, it is possible to calculate this indicator with the help of other metrics, such as:

  • site visits;
  • mentions on social networks;
  • engagement in posts;
  • types of mentions and comments about the brand (positive, negative and neutral);
  • reach of publications;
  • brand interest in search engines, etc.

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Public interaction is closer

Before the internet, the form and the extent to which a brand was recognized by consumers were often limited to its communication in the media, its penetration in POS and the quality of its offers and service.

With social media and blogs, the way a brand builds its brand awareness with its audience has changed.

These channels leveled the dialogue between companies and people. Both began to interact as if they were friends or colleagues in a social circle.

Thus, consumers started to have one more factor to build their perceptions about that company.

They will remember, for example, the interactions they had with the brand on Facebook, the photos published on Instagram and the relevant content posted on the blog.

How to build advocates for your brand

Brand awareness no longer depends on the brand itself

Social networks, messaging applications and blogs have also placed companies and customers on the same level in terms of content production and consumption.

This means that even if a brand does not create a conversation, it can be part of an initiate and echoed by the public.

That is, people can produce content about a company and disseminate an image other than that desired by the brand.

On the one hand, this can be good for leveraging brand awareness. On the other hand, the way it is commented can damage consumers’ perceptions.

Finally, digital marketing has brought more opportunities for companies to work on their brand awareness. However, efforts to take care of the brand image need to be redoubled, since the public now has more influence over this.

How to make and increase a brand’s Brand Awareness?

The objectives of increasing this metric are: gaining notoriety, improving perceptions and differentiating the brand, right?

Making a brand better known is possible with a series of dissemination and distribution actions aimed at its target audience.

Making a company unique and special in the minds of consumers requires a good job of brand management, that is, branding.

But as things are not as simple as they seem, we decided to list 7 practices to improve brand awareness. See below:

1. Create referral programs

By investing in referral programs, your company rewards those customers who promote your brand and bring in new buyers.

It is one of the main forms of maintain an engaged customer base and expand your reach to new target markets.

Who has already promoted this type of program was Dropbox. At the beginning of its operations, the service offered more storage space in the cloud for each user who brought a new one to the base.

2. Print a unique personality for the brand

This is one of the main branding and brand awareness strategies. Of course, it is difficult to make a brand remembered for a certain characteristic, but when that happens, the return generated is incredible.

For example, the Ipiranga gas station network expanded its market share and its share of mind betting heavily on humor in their commercials. Pepsi, for a long time, played with the fact that it was an alternative option to Coca-Cola.

The two promoted values ​​that set them apart from the competition and reinforced the public’s affective memory with them.

3. Differentiate your visual identity

In addition to personality, a brand’s visual identity must also be unique. By the way, this point should be as different as possible.

After all, values ​​are shared by different brands in their campaigns. If we talk about luxury, speed, technology, humor or taste, you will certainly remember more than one brand for each characteristic.

However, if we show a bitten apple on a cell phone, you will know that it is Apple, right? The same would happen if we describe a yellow “M” and look like two giant arcs – you will probably remember Mc Donald’s.

We know that it is difficult to reach the level of visual recognition that these brands have reached, but it is important to at least bet on a combination of colors, fonts and symbols that do not confuse your brand with another.

4. Sponsor events, personalities and projects

Why do some brands invest fortunes to sponsor major events and artists and others to support social projects?

If you thought about increasing sales, you are not wrong. But that is not the main focus.

When Heineken sponsors the European Champions League for football, it does not just expect fans to consume their beers in the stadiums that host the competition’s games.

The intention is to make your brand go around the world, to be present in the minds of consumers and to associate yourself with the values ​​that the Champions League disseminates to the public, such as spectacle, emotion and the pleasure of seeing well-played football.

Your company may not even have funds to sponsor or support an event of this size, but it is worth studying the projects that are within your reach.

Closing a partnership that is well regarded by your audience and that has a positive influence on them can bring great results in terms of brand awareness.

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5. Personalize gifts with your brand

Have you ever thought about creating shirts, mugs, squeezes, key chains and pens personalized with the visual identity of your company?

These types of gifts are useful for the public and take your brand with them for your day to day.

You can even distribute them in events that your company sponsors or in promotional actions at points of sale.

The important thing is to keep your brand constantly remembered by consumers.

6. Do content marketing

Did you know that brand awareness is one of the goals of content marketing? And the coolest thing about this strategy is that it can make a brand better known, well remembered and differentiated.

This is because the focus of this type of marketing is on production and valuable content for a specific target audience.

That is, relevant content helps a company to create positive perceptions in readers. Besides that, because they contain more useful and well presented information, they are more shared, which increases the reach of the posts.

Lastly, they can bring more credibility to a brand, making it a benchmark in its sector, which would naturally differentiate it from the competition.

7. Take your business to the top of Google

A modern way to make your brand better remembered by the public is to put it on the first page of Google.

Many consumers have acquired this perception that the companies that appear at the top of certain surveys are the main references in those subjects.

This does not fail to have a real background, since Google tends to favor sites that offer the best user experiences for its visitors.

Therefore, consider implementing an SEO strategy and sponsored links to make your brand, little by little, be well positioned in the search results for keywords related to your business.

Brand Awareness assesses people’s recognition, perceptions, opinions and beliefs about brands.

It all matters because these intangible values ​​can change a customer’s purchase decision. In addition, they serve as a basis for structuring communication and marketing campaigns.

To improve your brand awareness, focus on actions that combine large-scale dissemination, brand management and its presence in the target audience’s routine – digital marketing, in fact, can be a great ally in this mission!

As we saw in the text, a good branding job is essential to increase the brand awareness of a brand.

So, to learn more about this concept and learn other strategies, check out our Definitive Branding Guide.

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