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Cloud hosting is a type of service in which one or more virtual servers are used to make applications or websites available over the internet. Find out what are the advantages of using this service and get to know the main providers.

Do you know how cloud hosting works? It is a type of hosting that uses cloud computing or cloud computing to make applications or websites available to be accessed through the internet.

In practice, it is a set of servers, which may or may not be in the same environment, and which are divided into several virtual servers and dynamically allocated, according to the need for use.

In traditional hosting models, the site is linked to a main server. In the cloud environment, the site or application accesses a cluster, which uses a set of servers.

This feature provides a number of benefits, such as scalability, greater processing power and more.

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What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting offers features like high availability and scalability. For this, it uses virtual servers that are responsible for balancing workloads.

Therefore, when a server is overloaded, it is able to distribute the processing among the other virtual servers.

Thus, in the event of a physical problem with any machine, the website remains available, which allows us to offer an extremely reliable service.

The hosting service is hired on demand, which means that the capacity of the environment can be adjusted according to the need to use the site.

What are the advantages of hosting in the cloud?

With the digital transformation, there is a great demand for technologies that can meet the needs of maintaining an environment with high availability. Cloud hosting offers a number of benefits that meet this requirement, check out the main ones below.


Scalability is the ability of the environment to increase or decrease computing resources as needed. There are situations in which a website requires greater use of resources, such as more disk space, more network resources, etc. An example is during periods of great movement, such as Black Friday.

With cloud hosting, this increase in resources is done automatically. Thus, when the system perceives a greater processing request, it makes the automatic release according to the need for use. In addition, when processing returns to normal, the environment is also reduced to its original state.

Cost control

Cloud hosting is contracted as needed. That is, the company defines how much it wants to spend on the environment. In addition, if there is a need to use additional resources, as mentioned in the Black Friday example, the charge is made according to the usage.

This means that it is possible to hire an environment that meets the need for day-to-day processing, having extra resources when needed and paying as you use them.

Processing capacity

As mentioned, cloud hosting uses multiple servers to create the virtual environment. As a result, it is possible to easily add and remove computing resources in any instance. In this way, the processing capacity can be expanded according to the need for use.

Cost reduction

Cloud hosting contributes to reduce the cost of companies in infrastructure investments. Because it is an extremely flexible environment, it can be used for tasks such as creating a website, as a way to store corporate files, to host a blog, etc.

Therefore, instead of investing in expensive hardware and software licenses, the company contracts the hosting service according to its need for use.

What are the best cloud hosts?

There are several service providers that offer cloud hosting. Check out some of them below.


The Cloudways platform offers a control panel that allows you to manage the various cloud services available on the market, including AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

The tool allows the creation and management of different environments in a simple way. In addition, the platform offers support for various versions of PHP and is an excellent alternative for companies that need to run complex WordPress sites.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a set of cloud services managed through a control panel. The platform offers a series of processing, storage, database, big data resources etc. The main types of hosting offered by the platform are:

  • Google Compute Engine: which corresponds to the IaaS service – Infrastructure as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service;
  • Google App Engine: which corresponds to the PaaS service – Platform as a Service or Platform as a Service;
  • Google Cloud Storage: used for storage and database management;
  • Google Container Engine: used to manage and orchestrate containers.

Amazon AWS

AWS – Amazon Web Services is a platform that provides cloud hosting services with countless resources, high processing power, storage, database, etc.

The provider offers support for different development platforms, which means that it is possible to create websites in languages ​​like PHP, .Net, Ruby etc.

In addition, the provider also offers resources for both static sites, which do not need a large processing power, and dynamic sites that need high availability and scalability.


Locaweb, which is a London company, also offers cloud hosting with different configurations. At the time of hiring it is possible choose resources according to the need for use.

Another feature of the provider is the Intel Cloud Technology seal, which ensures proper workload distribution among servers.


DigitalOcean is an American company, with data centers spread across continents. The cloud hosting plan is tailor-made, with a great possibility of configurations.

The provider offers a platform for managing services in a simple way. This feature allows the creation of Droplets, which are virtual servers, extremely quickly.

As we have seen, the cloud hosting is a way to offer websites and applications on the internet with high availability and ability to adapt the environment to the need for use.

This service offers benefits such as high processing capacity and cost savings. Therefore, choose among the different service providers that is best for your company.

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