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Getting all sectors of the company to work in an integrated manner is one of the many challenges faced by managers on a daily basis. Integrated management is the methodology that seeks to facilitate this task, aligning all areas of the company and allowing its visualization as a whole.

Imagine managing a complex system, in which different sectors, performing different tasks, interconnect in the same objective. It doesn’t sound like an easy task, do you agree?

This is exactly the job of the person responsible for managing a company. Its role is to coordinate all sectors so that they work together for the growth of the business.

Failure in this task means great damage to the enterprise. Misaligned departments are likely to interfere with the company’s efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is essential that everyone is, in some way, integrated.

To delve deeper into the subject, we prepared this text on integrated management. We will explain the concept and present its main benefits. In addition, we will discuss how this type of management can be implemented in your company.

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What is integrated management?

If misaligned departments are harmful to the company, what is the solution? Integrate them, of course. And that is what integrated management aims to do.

Through it, the manager has the opportunity to see all sectors and processes of the company as a whole, and not as isolated movements.

This way, it is much easier to establish joint goals and make the different departments work in a complementary way, avoiding conflicting situations.

In addition, by allowing an overview of the company, integrated management facilitates the location of strengths and weaknesses, optimizing the entire strategy.

So, the concept can be understood as a management model with a systemic view, that is, that seeks to understand the whole through the integrated analysis of the parts that form it.

What are its benefits?

Managing a company involves making constant decisions on several aspects. However experienced the manager, these decisions should not be made by pure intuition, but with the help of some type of analysis.

As the integrated management allows the general analysis of the company, it makes the decision-making process much easier.

In addition to this aspect, there are many other gains that your company can achieve with the application of this approach to the management of the company. Let’s talk about the main ones below.

Increased productivity

Managing the company in an integrated way also means that communication will be done in a much more efficient way. After all, this makes it much easier to reach each department.

In this way, all employees know exactly the goals they are pursuing, which avoids doubts and questions and, consequently, increases their level of production.

With one internal communication clearer and more objective, in addition to the possible automation of processes, employees develop their activity in less time, which makes them more productive.

Furthermore, not using this type of management can lead to real delays in the administrative sector. This is because, without integration, each department generates its own reports, spreadsheets and processes. Bringing them all together and analyzing them separately takes much more time than treating them with a more general view.

Optimization of inventory control

Inventory control is an essential issue for the health of companies of different sizes and segments.

It is crucial to know which items are coming and going, as well as maintaining a volume of stockpiled material that is ready to meet the demands of the company, but, at the same time, does not cause unnecessary costs.

Achieving this balance is a very difficult task. However, through the implementation of more efficient and transparent internal communication, integrated management allows control to be carried out without major problems.

It becomes possible to predict the demand for materials, manage seasonal products and record entries and exits in an automated way.

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Improved time management

Time management is certainly one of the attributes most benefited by the implementation of integrated management. If the manager does not need to spend his time processing several reports, analyzing spreadsheets from different sectors and solving inventory problems, he gains time to perform other tasks.

In other words, this management model drastically reduces the bureaucracies involved in managing the company. This is achieved by standardizing internal procedures and even implementing software to automate the performance of processes.

Monitoring of activities

Monitoring everything that happens inside the company is essential to find errors and seek improvements. With the implementation of integrated management, the manager is able to gather in one place concrete data on all sectors of the company.

Thus, it is feasible analyze performance of your teams, find errors and fix them with greater assertiveness.

By eliminating problems and preventing them from recurring, the manager alleviates the company’s costs and makes room for investment in other areas. In addition, implementing the use of management software is an excellent alternative to eliminate human errors.

How to apply integrated management in your company?

Strategic planning is the first step towards the application of integrated management in your company. If that is your goal, make a survey of information in order to identify the main urgencies and goals to be addressed by the new model. It is essential that all managers and employees are informed and instructed about the novelty.

With that resolved, it’s time to choose a management software. These tools are responsible for the entire task automation process within the company. Only with the use of a system, it is possible to reach the level of incorporation and communication proposed by the integrated methodology.

To find the right system for your case, start by evaluating the budget available for investment, always considering the ROI for making the decision. Then, evaluating the objectives outlined in the first stage, look for software that meets your needs and makes it possible to reach the established goals.

Adopting integrated management as a methodology to manage your business can be the watershed in the productivity and efficiency of your company’s actions.

The method, which allows the visualization of all areas of the company as a whole, facilitates decision making, improves time management and makes internal communication much more effective.

So, it became clear what integrated management is and how it can be beneficial for your company? Then, also take the opportunity to check out our complete center of management, marketing and sales tools!