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Attracting customers is fundamental to a company’s success. Understand how to improve your strategy in practice!

Everyone knows that selling is one of the most important tasks for the survival of any business, but that doesn’t make the challenge any less.

On the other hand, living only on referrals and clients already won is not a good option, as the business is unlikely to grow and will always be exposed to closing its doors when facing a crisis.

In this scenario, the best alternative is to work with attracting customers, a method used by companies of all sizes and aimed at constant growth.

Through a well-designed funding strategy, it is possible to face the heavy competition that occurs in most market segments and not depend on factors beyond its control to succeed.

Want to learn more about how customer acquisition can help you sell more and better? So stay tuned!

What is customer acquisition, after all?

To understand what this means, just replace the word “capture” with one of its synonyms, such as “attract” and “conquer”.

Thus, it is clear that attracting customers is nothing more than an active search for people who are willing to buy from you.

The proposal is to create as many opportunities as possible for customers to get in touch with your company and learn about the solutions it offers.

How to attract customers: 13 practical tips for your success

Now, let’s go to the practical ways you can use to find new customers.

The following list includes both complete strategies that must be carried out continuously and specific tactics for certain important moments of interaction with the people you want to attract. Look:

1. Create a simple to navigate website

One of the new realities brought about by Digital Transformation is that most people have a mobile electronic device.

Cell phones, tablets and even watches connected to the internet are used to search for products and services anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, your customer acquisition plan needs to take into account the creation of a simple website to navigate on any device. Responsive design is one of the best known ways to do this.

2. Be clear when talking about your value proposition

How many times have you entered a website to search for more information about a certain product and found an extremely complex explanation about the company’s activities?

This has become almost a rule among companies. It seems that the idea is something like “if we speak in a complicated way, the service seems to have greater value”.

Perhaps this worked some time ago, but today we need to be as clear as possible. Explain what your company does and what benefits it brings to customers and do it right on the homepage!

3. Convince through content marketing

Content Marketing is indispensable for those who want to attract customers efficiently. Why?

The modern consumer seeks a lot of information online before they even know they need this or that product. Those who do quality content marketing offer this information at the right time and in the right way.

With patience and a good job of maintaining the persona’s interest, content marketing can bring many customers, for a long time.

4. Create a targeted email flow

Speaking of keeping interest alive, here’s one of the best ways to do that.

If you decided to invest in content marketing, know that email marketing is one of the best resources you will have at your disposal.

Basically, you will create a segmented email flow, that is, you will create a series of emails that will be sent automatically periodically, with relevant content for each group of your leads.

That way, your strategy gains impact, saves time and brings readers closer to becoming customers.

5. Understand what your customer needs (and expects)

Who is your persona, that is, the person who will buy from you? Answering this question will make your fundraising strategy accurate and exactly meet the needs of your future client.

But it’s not just about knowing what the persona needs. Go further, also find out what she expects from your company, in order to pay attention and conduct the marketing and sales process.

For example, what are the personal values ​​that your persona stands for? How does she think the brand-customer relationship should be? This will directly impact the message to be transmitted to her and even the language used.

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6. Learn from your competitors

Copying competitors is a big mistake, but turning your back on everything you do is another extreme that should be avoided.

Learn from your competitors, see what they do good and bad in all aspects. This will give you valuable ideas that you can use to attract the attention of potential customers.

Take time to even observe how they have been capturing customers, and see how it compares with your current strategy, as well as the success each has had so far.

7. Draw attention to infoproducts

Infoproducts, as digital products that transmit information are known – such as ebooks and online courses – are great for establishing authority and drawing attention.

In some cases, you can even use infoproducts as new sources of revenue for your company, in addition to placing yourself as a reference in your market segment.

In this way, you can attract customers in two different ways, and increase business profits.

8. Bet on recommendations from current customers

Anyone who already buys from you certainly has a great deal of influence in convincing others to also become customers. So why not encourage your current customers to make recommendations?

There are several ways to do this, the simplest being just asking customers after a purchase.

Another, more elaborate option, is to create a rewards program, in which the customer gains some advantage for each person he manages to convert.

9. Mix Inbound and Outbound methods

In addition to the Inbound Marketing techniques we have already mentioned, such as content marketing, there is great value in also using tactics known as Outbound.

What does that mean? Assemble a well-trained sales team to actively prospect.

This effort, when aligned with Inbound strategies, can make your business become a machine for attracting customers.

10. Participate in relevant events

Participating in events relevant to your market niche is a great way to attract customers directly.

In addition to the opportunity to show live a little of what your company does and create important professional connections for your networking, you have the chance to schedule meetings and close deals more quickly.

If possible, even invest in creating or sponsoring events, as this further strengthens your brand and puts it in a bigger showcase.

11. Do guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing requires creativity and a dose of boldness, but it is worth it when carried out taking into account who your audience is.

With this form of marketing, in addition to drawing attention that it is directly impacted by the action taken, your brand can gain spontaneous exposure from news channels.

Not to mention the points earned for the originality that are normally part of these campaigns.

12. Make partnerships

Strategic partnerships play a central role in attracting customers, and can make your company achieve faster results with less effort.

In addition, marketing and sales partnerships generally result in a reduction in the cost of acquisition per customer (CAC), which is extremely relevant to the financial health of any business.

A partnership can be accomplished in several ways. The first and most common of these, called co-marketing, is the production of content or tools together.

The same goes for the production of events in partnership, or even the launch of combined solutions, such as integrating your product with that of the partner.

13. Use paid media

Paid media, more precisely advertisements on search engines and social networks, is very effective in boosting a marketing strategy and facilitating customer acquisition.

The high targeting of this type of ad allows you to find precisely the people you want to attract, and to make special offers that they find difficult to refuse.

In other cases, paid media can also be used to streamline the results of your content strategy in order to attract traffic to your blog and other channels.

There is no use counting on luck to close new sales. That is why it is essential to have a solid and constant strategy for attracting customers. Fortunately, your company is in a much better position to fulfill this mission with so many practical tips.

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