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Many people confuse network marketing (also known as Multilevel Marketing) with the pyramids. In fact, it is a completely different venture with a chance of real gains. If you want to have your own business, this may be a good option. With few resources and with patience, you build a wide network, […]

Many people confuse network marketing (also known as Multilevel Marketing) with the pyramids. In fact, it is a completely different venture with a chance of real gains.

If you want to have your own business, this may be a good option. With few resources and with patience, you build a network broad, have good income and work less and less.

What happens is that there are many deceivers who say that network marketing makes you rich overnight. Getting rich overnight is impossible (unless, of course, you win the lottery or receive a millionaire inheritance).

But then, why do it? Because this business model is ideal for people who want to quit a job they don’t like and who don’t have the chance to earn more. In other words, it is faster to increase income through network marketing than by career plans.

Are you curious? So read this post to understand what network marketing is, who it is for, and how to start doing it:

What is network marketing or multilevel marketing?

Before continuing the conversation, you need to understand exactly what network marketing is.

In short, it is a model of direct sales to the end customer without the intermediation of stores or markets. You sell the product directly from the factory and receive a commission for it.

To better understand, see the difference between network marketing and traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing

In this model, the manufacturer sells to the distributor. The product is then sold to a store before reaching the final consumer.

This sales model generates costs with advertising, employees, logistics, equipment and infrastructure, space rental, etc.

Network marketing

Here, the manufacturer sells directly to a distributor, who sells the product to the final consumer.

In addition to cheapening the product, this model allows to expand the business network and reduce sales costs.

What are the advantages of network marketing?

Multilevel marketing, or network marketing, is a job that brings many benefits such as:

  • having control over their own working hours;
  • possibilities of income progression, since the gains are proportional to the sales;
  • no stressful boss and work environment;
  • passive income source in recruiting people (distributor);
  • more time with the family;
  • better quality of life.

Who is network marketing recommended for?

As already said, it is an excellent modality for those who want to start their own business. But can anyone do it?

The answer is “no”, because not everyone has the profile to be in this modality or they are not yet prepared at that moment, as they have unrealizable expectations.

Check out a list of important characteristics of people who have a profile for network marketing:

  • people dissatisfied with their work and who want new perspectives in their careers;
  • who has some time to dedicate themselves to products and building the customer network;
  • who identifies with the products to be sold;
  • for those who want a life with more freedom and to be able to make their schedules;
  • for those who want to promote well-being, both themselves and the people around them.

Finally, it is very important to understand that network marketing is not recommended for the unemployed.

The construction of an asset network takes between 3 to 5 years. Therefore, ideally, you should start working on this model while still in formal employment and gradually increase your network.

It is recommended that you leave your job only when your earnings exceed your salary.

How to do network marketing?

Network marketing is a simple, low-investment business. However, to achieve your goals, you need to take a series of actions.

We have listed a number of practices to help you in this endeavor. Check out:

Make a plan

Planning is necessary for everything in life. Whether to get married, buy a house, have children … And this is very important also for network marketing.

Start with just one company, one that is serious, reliable and with products that you identify with. Also see if people in your social circle identify with it.

Other important tips:

  • build relationships before sales;
  • make your sales planning by product type;
  • study the business model and market of the company segment you have chosen;
  • make a list of daily tasks.

Have goals for big long-term gains. This type of business requires effort to build the network.

In the long run, earnings may exceed earnings and even passive earnings.

Choose good companies

It is important to start slowly and preferably with only 1 company. And, to find out if it is reliable, you need to check some basic requirements:

  • meet the directors;
  • check if the company provides training;
  • see if it offers an action plan and recommendations for good practices;
  • check out product reviews by consumers.

Choosing good partnerships

Partnerships are the key to success and big gains for network marketing. With it, you increase the number of customers and profits and become known.

What’s more, over time, it is possible to have not only active but also passive gains. This is possible when you have your own network of distributors.

For example: if you make 6 sales per day with a commission of R $ 100.00, at the end of the day you will have invoiced R $ 600.00.

However, if you have a team of 10 salespeople who make the same sales, and you have a commission of R $ 60.00 per sale. This gives a total of R $ 600.00 in commission too – and with very little effort.

Everyone wins in that equation.

Promote yourself in several channels

Today at digital media enable high power dissemination. There is no need to rely on word of mouth and traditional media: use Facebook, Instagram and blogs.

Build and strengthen your relationships through social networks, as they are an important channel for acquiring new customers.

As we have seen, network marketing is not a scam. Quite the contrary: it can be an excellent way to earn money and do what you like.

It is a way of entrepreneurship that, if done with common sense and in the right way, can generate many benefits.

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