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Tweetdeck has played an important role in the social media routine that needs to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Scheduling posts, tracking engagement and monitoring quotes are some of the daily obligations that this tool helps you to fulfill.

Managing business profiles on social networks is always a challenge. In addition to scheduling posts, you need to monitor profile activities, quotes and hashtags. In the case of Twitter, there is a perfect platform for that, Tweetdeck!

Today, Twitter is an important channel for companies, which there can run their marketing campaigns, communicate with their audience and still be a service platform. A management support tool is essential to organize the routine and make the operation easier.

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What is Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck is a platform for managing Twitter accounts, that is, it is aimed at those who need to control multiple profiles simultaneously. Social media professionals have always had a hard time maintaining an efficient monitoring of company profiles, since it is necessary to carry out dynamic work.

In the midst of this need, Tweetdeck came up with the proposal to be an account aggregator tool, precisely to be a broad control center. The success was so great that Twitter itself recognized the platform’s functionality and acquired it for no less than $ 440 million.

This change of hands was a factor that strengthened the development of Tweetdeck’s functionalities. The idea was that it would increasingly become an environment in which the social media professional had all the resources they need to manage business accounts.

How it works

You can access the platform in two ways: online or by downloading the software for Windows or app for macOS.

Once logged in with your personal account, you can then connect the business profiles of the company you work for. Thereafter, all information from these accounts will be available in the dashboard. Tweetdeck.

In this environment it is possible to follow the update of each managed account in real time, all in a dynamic structure. Bearing in mind that Twitter is a social network in which everything happens quickly, Tweetdeck works in a way that allows monitoring at the same pace!

What are they and how important are the columns?

The great advantage of this tool is the way in which it disposes the information of each of the profiles. In the sidebar it is possible to register each account and, in that same place, you can quickly switch which profile you want to manage. This can be done at any time, with the main screen being changed instantly.

The visualization of this management interface is in the form of columns, which show important information vertically, such as:

  • home page (feed);
  • Notifications;
  • activities;
  • search;
  • posts;
  • mentions;
  • trending topics.

The most interesting thing is that these columns can be customized, that is, the user puts what they prefer on their screen. Depending on the strategy of each business, certain options may be more important than others. This facilitates the management of accounts and does not let anything be lost.

It is also possible to schedule the update of this information shown on the main screen. Thus, the monitoring of profiles can be performed with the most appropriate dynamics.

Column filters

Column filters are important for selecting which types of tweets will appear on the user’s screen. It is possible to create a selection that will consider some main parameters of these filters, such as:

  • location – tweets from a specific region;
  • users – tweets by a specific user;
  • engagement – selects tweets with a certain number of likes, retweets or replies;
  • alerts – is used to activate notifications for the activities of any column.

How do I schedule tweets?

Another important feature of Tweetdeck is the scheduling of tweets, which allows you to schedule the triggering of messages in any of the managed accounts. This makes it unnecessary to worry about shooting at the right time, especially when it comes to tweets programmed for that business strategy.

In Tweetdeck it is possible to leave as many posts as necessary already scheduled for the day and time you prefer. Even if the platform is not open at the scheduled time, the tweet will be posted without any problem.

While the shot is not performed, it is still possible to make any type of editing on the content of the post, or to make changes to the time and the scheduled day. Therefore, the user can review his strategy at any time.

What are the advantages of the platform?

Tweetdeck is a very useful tool and shows this through its features. Professionals who use their resources on a daily basis are able to perform satisfactorily, thanks to the advantages offered. Next, check out the main ones and see why Tweetdeck is worth considering!

Brand engagement

Engagement is what most value brands can achieve in their presence on social networks. This metric represents the public’s involvement with its contents, which represents the satisfaction of those who consume them.

Tweetdeck provides support to monitor this engagement, which makes strategic work for companies.

Audience monitoring

Monitoring people from a region or who mention certain subjects is also a possibility on Tweetdeck. These parameters are used to relate these users to your business, that is, they are the target audience of your brand. Thus, it is possible to understand what they think and the opinion of these people on various topics.

Multiple management

Professionals who take care of social networks have broad demands and generally need to take care of multiple accounts at the same time. Without Tweetdec, this would be impossible to do at a high level. The tool was designed for this use, which makes it perfect for handling multiple accounts simultaneously.

Managing posts and monitoring accounts are part of the routine of the social media professional. Making this operational across multiple accounts is only possible with the support of Tweetdeck. If you work with Twitter, don’t waste time and start right now!

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