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Opt-out is the possibility for your contacts to unsubscribe from your email list. That is, if any contact in your base is no longer interested in receiving your emails, they can only request that they be removed.

Email marketing is a strategy widely used by companies for a number of reasons: it is measurable, it allows a closest relationship with your audience, enables contact management, in addition to being an important channel for the dissemination of produced content.

However, it is necessary to bear in mind some precautions, such as understanding about what is opt-out. Have you heard about it?

We prepared this content so that you understand the meaning of this concept, its importance, in addition to staying on top of good practices that must be taken. Good reading!

What is opt-out?

Opt-out is the possibility of a company offer unsubscription in email marketing, allowing your audience to disallow the sending of new content and materials from that moment on.

In order to better explain this concept, it is necessary to better understand how the consumption habits of its customers work. Imagine the following situation: your company aims to reach a certain portion of its customers aiming nurture a positive relationship, as long as they are authorized to send messages, communications and rich materials.

But it is necessary to understand that, at some point, it is possible that he is no longer interested in this relationship, due to the most diverse factors. Among them, may be the fact that your business has already solved your customer’s pain and even the lack of interest in your content at that particular moment.

Therefore, it would be very unpleasant to continue to insist on this contact, and may even have an opposite effect. This creates dissatisfaction and, in the future, if he needs his solutions or products again, the negative image may persist, preventing your company from closing new business.

What are the benefits of having an opt-out?

Below, we selected the main benefits of having an opt-out in your email marketing strategy. Check out!

User satisfaction

As discussed, it is necessary to be aware that the relationship with your customer – although it is positive that it is lasting – may break. That way, your company needs offer tools for him to make his registration.

This contributes to improving the satisfaction of your audience, since it will be reached by your content for the period that it deems important, counting on the facility of not receiving it more when it deems necessary.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that this registration will not always be definitive. If your business offers a mix of differentiated products and services, it can get back in touch to close new deals, building that relationship again.

Improving your brand image

Continuing to insist on a contact that will not bring new business to your company and that is not even of interest to your audience will certainly damage your brand image.

In addition, it is common for customers to resort to complaint sites or social networks if you do not offer this alternative, causing other people not to register at your base for fear of having these same problems in the future.

Preventing your email from becoming blacklisted

The user, when identifying that there is no way to undo this contact, has the chance to report to the email servers that those messages are inconvenient and useless. From there, your communications end up in the spam box, which it even harms your domain.

Improvement of strategies

The opt-out should be a metric to be analyzed by your team in order to improve your strategies. Any Marketing strategy aims to bring better results, in addition to establishing a relationship with your audience.

If you are receiving a high number of opt-out, it means that you need to review your content.

One strategy for this improvement is to satisfaction survey or the NPS. What can be improved by your team? Is the submitted content not relevant? Is the language not suitable for your audience? From all of these responses, there is the opportunity to bring changes to your content, which contributes to customer loyalty.

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What are the best opt-out practices?

Now that you know what opt-out is and what are the main advantages of having this tool, we will present some good practices that should be taken into consideration by your team. Look!

Do not send emails to the contact who requested the opt-out

This should be the main concern for your image is not eroded. If you insist on a contact who does not want to maintain a relationship and who has already unsubscribed, ideally, you should expect him to return on his own.

A tip for this to be done in an automated way and without generating bottlenecks: hire a tool that prevents sending to those who clicked on opt-out. Thus, these customers will only receive some kind of contact from your company again if they are interested.

Make the link visible

There is no point in having an opt-out link if this creates difficulties for your client, do you agree? For this reason, leave the link visible and make this experience a smooth and practical one.

The easiest points for your audience to see are at the beginning of your email or signature (the most usual).

Know the opt-out mechanisms

Know the existing opt-out mechanisms helps you to offer the one that best fits the reality of your audience. Among them, you can choose the link in the email that leads to the opt-out automatically, or even transfer the user to a page where he will inform what are the preferences of email.

The link can also direct the user to the registration page, where he will update his information and / or withdraw his contact. Offline methods can also be used – SMS, phone etc. -, but they are not as indicated, especially since there is more chance of forgetfulness on the part of your business, which brings the mentioned disadvantages.

As the user’s experience should be prioritized, the indication is that We are a family owned and operated business.the link already automatically unsubscribes, bringing gains to your image.

Have separate lists

Another good practice about opt-out, which prevents you from making mistakes about the users who requested it, is to keep separate lists of active users from your base with those who have opted out of receiving your messages.

Keep everything well organized, including a spreadsheet that tells the date of the unsubscription request.

Do not buy email base

Buying email base is a practice that should never be considered by your team. Despite having a relatively tempting number, those messages will not be sent to qualified leads, which prevents your strategies from achieving the expected result.

On your website, offer an opt-in form and use it to collect important information about your visitor. This will be very positive to create a foundation that will really bring good results to your business.

If you still have doubts about those contacts, make a newsletter and send it to your contacts in order to identify if they are interested in your content.

In addition to the opt-out, what other good email marketing practices?

Opt-out is one of the main email marketing best practices. But there are others, which we will present shortly.

Audience segmentation

The first step is target your audience. It is not because you produce content that is relevant to one person that it will be useful to others.

A customer who is already loyal, for example, should not receive the same messages as those who are familiar with your business and being nourished with information regarding the knowledge of the problem, do you agree?

The information should be indicated according to the consumer’s journey, contributing to better results.

Spelling and grammar

A tip that may seem obvious, but that deserves your team’s attention. As much as your content is relevant, not paying attention to writing can undermine your strategy. Spelling, grammar, cohesion or coherence errors will cause your company to lose credibility.


Your client likes to feel unique, in addition to understanding that that content was made especially to solve their problems. There are already tools on the market that do this automatic customization, optimizing your team’s time and allowing you to think about more strategic actions.

Relevant content

Your content really needs to be relevant. In addition, here it also deserves attention regarding your customer’s journey through the sales funnel. There are different contents for each stage, and each one must be thought according to the pains of your persona.

Include images

Finally, include images so that your email is more attractive and can achieve the expected goals. You must have attention to size, since they should not be neither too big nor too small.

In this content, you could understand what opt-out is, its importance, what are the benefits of offering this alternative in your emails, in addition to understanding good practices of its use. As discussed, don’t forget to measure your results to improve your planning and always bring originality to your audience.

But, after all, how to build an email list? To know everything about the subject, check out our article!