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Seeding can be done even if there is no product yet. In reality, it is developed from analyzes made with the public before the launch takes place.

It is normal for companies that wish to achieve greater results in digital marketing to invest in new solutions. However, this investment needs to be accurate, that is, to serve precisely what the public seeks. One way to do this is by using a seed launch.

But what is the seed launch? What are the differentials and advantages of this type of launch? How can it be put into practice? To answer these questions, we wrote this post. So read it through to see how it can be applied to your business model!

What is seed launching?

The product or service offered at the seed launch is based on previous research and analysis carried out with audiences that have the greatest potential to become customers of your offer.

Therefore, seed launching is a strategy of marketing which aims to test how receptive the market is to the consumption of a given productSo, the main feature of this type of launch is that it can be done even if you don’t have a ready product yet.

In fact, that is why the launch has this name: like a seed, it will still be planted for the consumption of customers – and you plant it just after you realize that it is worth doing.

For this reason, this type of strategy is widely used in digital marketing actions, especially for the launch of infoproducts.

Once the audience has been created and won, they are offered a new product that solves their main problem.

Another interesting point of the seed launch is the possibility of making it profitable even before the product is fully developed. Pre-launch, for example, can offer advantages to those who make a purchase before launch, as a super discount.

With the entry of these values, you can invest in product development. That is, in practical terms, the customers themselves become the investors in your offer.

What are the benefits of seed launching?

The seed launch brings some benefits to the professionals and companies that adopt it. Here we list the main ones.

Efficient investment in a new solution

Every time someone launches a new product or service, there is a risk that that launch will not work.

No matter how much market research is done in order to know the behavior of consumers, as well as their wants and needs that can be met by a new solution, the launch is still a bet.

However, when doing it by the seed method, this risk becomes less, because it is the public that demonstrates what type of product or service you want to buy, as long as it solves the problem he has.

Lead List Building

How much do you think a lead from your base is worth? Ask your competitors; one of them would certainly be willing to make a proposal for its precious base. That’s because leads can be converted into business opportunities.

When making a seed release, you increase your base’s lead generation. When the launch is made, not all leads will be converted into customers, but they can be nurtured with other content to enter the journey of buying other products of your company.

Engagement with your audience

The initial step in qualifying leads for them to become sales is engagement. The marketing team can do this via email, social media and other marketing channels.

Communication with your audience increases the connection between them and your brand and strengthens engagement.

As much as the messages have as a profile picture your logo, for example, people know that there is a human being on the other side responding. This perception is fundamental for your company, because people don’t relate to brands, but to other people.

Educate the market

As the seed launch has as its initial kick the contact with the public that has a pain to be solved, the pre-launch contents are intended to educate the market about this problem and its possible solutions.

By educating your market, you make it aware of the problems it faces, the most appropriate solutions and the reasons why you need to hire your solution.

Be seen as an authority in your area

Once you educate the market and become a reference in a certain area, your audience starts to see you as an authority.

The seed launch brings a solution your audience was looking forward to. For this to happen, you need to know your audience’s pains well, which, consequently, will make you be seen as an authority in the field.

People buy from those who are seen as authorities. Let’s look at a practical example: when you enter a store and see the product of a famous and reliable brand and another whose brand you don’t know, which one would you choose? For the first, right?

Your audience does the same: he buys from those who truly understand the subject, that is, from those who are market authorities.

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How to put the seed launch into practice?

Now that you have understood what seed launching is and what its benefits are, let’s see how it can be accomplished through 6 steps.

Step 1: Plant the idea in your audience

In this first step, create content related to the product that can be launched. Send them by e-mail to your lead base, make blog posts and publish content on the social networks that talk about the subject so that it is already assimilated by the public.

For example: let’s suppose your idea is to launch a course that teaches people how to do better time management. To make your audience aware that this is a problem that must be taken into account, create content such as “the 9 reasons why you are always out of time”, for example.

The key here is to spread your idea and build a relationship with your potential customers. Therefore, the top funnel contents are the most suitable at this stage.

Step 2: create your pre-launch list

Even if you haven’t developed a product yet, the goal of the seed launch is precisely to test the feasibility of the launch.

To create an exclusive contact list for the launch, count on a landing page that talks about this upcoming offer and disseminate it on all your online channels to capture leads that are interested in this product.

Using the same example on time management, the landing page can focus on that idea and invite your visitors to inform their emails to receive tips and guidance on how to better manage personal and professional time.

After all, remember that because the product is not yet made, you are responsible for building the relationship with your audience.

To get as many subscribers as possible, spread the landing page to your contact list, on your social networks and also via paid media ads, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

Step 3: send content to your list

The formats of this content can be quite varied: stories on social networks or exclusive emails and webinars that make room for questions and answers are the most used in the seed launch.

The most important thing is that these contents are divided into modules for greater interaction with the public. Therefore, ideally, emails and social media posts are part of a sequence.

Here are some examples that illustrate this best: if you host a webinar, do email marketing actions inviting your leads to participate.

This should include at least one e-mail addressing the topic of the webinar, another sent the same day stating that there are only a few hours left and the last one fired at the time of the webinar to let the public know that it has started.

The same should be done on social networks: a publication about the webinar that will be presented and another post reminding you that it is only a few days or hours before it starts.

Here, a message like “we’re live” doesn’t apply, because people who use the networks do not always see the publications in real time, so they may end up seeing the warning hours later, after the webinar ends.

Step 4: Develop the product or service for the launch

By analyzing the engagement that your list members have with you and their interest in a product or service related to the chosen topic, the time has come to develop what will be able to remedy the pain of your audience.

However, remember that to perform this launch it is necessary to raise everything that will be necessary to compose it and deliver it to the client.

In the case of an infoproduct, such as the time management course that we use as an example, it is necessary to know which platform it will be hosted on, the most suitable payment methods for your audience and also how they will receive support after purchase.

Step 5: Invite your audience to the launch

Invite the people on your list to learn about your offer in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

The launch can be done both for your list and online channels – inviting people to your purchase page, or through a launch webinar that brings an exclusive offer to those who watch it until the end.

This is the most important moment of the seed method, as it is precisely when the launch occurs. It is necessary that all the previous steps have been performed with excellence so that people are really willing and willing to buy the product as soon as possible.

To reinforce this, there is an exclusive offer. It can be done in the form of a discount for those who make the purchase on the same day or in benefits included only on the launch day – they can be other partner products or services that your company can provide for those who buy on the day.

In the case of the time management product, each person has their setbacks and goals that make them want to better manage their time, right? So, an individual consultancy that guides you on this path through the course can be an incredible bonus.

If you use these bonuses, it is essential to point out to the public how much they normally cost, so that they realize the advantage you have when making the purchase on the day of launch.

For example: “This product costs X reais and this other costs Y reais, but when you buy our time management course today, you receive both entirely free!”.

Step 6: Review feedbacks

The purpose of the seed launch is to get the real perspectives of your audience and create a product or service for them from feedbacks. Therefore, the last step of this type of launch is to analyze the feedbacks regarding your offer after it is launched.

So, if it hasn’t fully met your audience’s expectations, you can adjust it to make it more appropriate.

By following these steps, you will be able to seed your product or service. But remember that as challenging as capturing a customer is keeping them at your base.

To do this in the right way to the point of turning you into an advocate for your brand, check out this ebook we wrote on the subject.