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Press office is an area that seeks to create a good relationship with information channels and, thus, generate spontaneous media for the brand. Widely used in the promotion of products and events, it is also crucial in crisis management. Learn more about its definition, benefits and relationship with digital marketing!

Have you ever wondered why a media outlet reported a product launch even without receiving any advertising funds?

If you have looked for this information, you have probably come across mentions of the work of a press office.

Yes, one of the functions of this professional is to achieve spontaneous dissemination in the main channels used by the business public.

Thus, the advisory sector proves to be essential so that not only the products, but also the company’s ideas are disseminated to potential consumers. With the image that the client has in relation to the company becoming increasingly important, it is impossible to overlook the role of a press officer.

In order to delve deeper into the concept and better explain how this department is fundamental for a company, we have prepared this article. In it, you will also understand the role of a professional in the field and how digital marketing can become an ally. Read on!

What is a press office?

The press office is one of the activities that make up the communication of a company or institution.

If we look for a main objective of this sector, we can mention the search for spontaneous media based on a good relationship with professionals responsible for creating content for communication vehicles.

This spontaneous media is, in the best of scenarios, positive comments about the brand or even the dissemination of events and products.

However, it can be used to moderate criticism suffered by external agents, which often happens in cases of crisis management.

Take Starbucks, which in 2018 saw its name involved in a somewhat undesirable episode.

It took place inside one of the chain’s units in Philadelphia, a city in the United States. Two black men were victims of racism and identified the perpetrator as one of the establishment’s employees. A video of the incident quickly went viral on the internet and, as expected, put the brand’s reputation and credibility on the spot. That’s where the advisory came in.

In a timely manner, a note signed by CEO Kevin Johnson was sent to the press. The content admitted a serious error and announced clear measures to prevent any recurrence.

Shortly thereafter, Starbucks announced the closure of all its stores for an entire day in order to train the entire body of employees to act against cases of discrimination.

In the case cited, the consultancy acted strategically to reduce the damage caused to the company’s image.

When sending the note to communication channels, the company was able to have the full range of different newspapers, magazines and sites to inform the public about their values ​​and ideals. This is essentially what defines the work of a press officer.

What does a press officer do?

Behind the entire media relationship process is the press officer.

Most of these professionals have a degree in journalism or public relations, although this is not the rule in all cases.

Unlike the publicist, the advisor does not work with the purchase of advertising space; as we have seen, he seeks them in another way.

In order to ensure the efficiency of their efforts, it is essential that the job holder has a deep knowledge of his employer, in addition to being able to deal with the press and a good understanding of the characteristics of the market and competitors.

Among its functions, it is the elaboration of communication strategies, which determine which vehicles and editorials should be prioritized in the release of information for dissemination, which are called the press release.

Also in its scope of activity is the monitoring of interviews and the follow up with journalists.

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What are its benefits for companies?

As we saw earlier, having a press office can be vital for crisis management.

In times of marketing 4.0, in which the image passed by the company is seen as crucial by the consumer, this area of ​​communication is essential for the business. But the advisor does not live by solving problems alone.

Its performance is essential, for example, for the launch of new products. Who doesn’t remember Steve Jobs, who held huge press conferences before launching any of his news? The next day it was guaranteed that the new items would print newspapers around the world.

So, in addition to disclosure, we can mention cost reduction as another advantage of a good relationship with the media.

After all, with a good strategy, it is possible to conquer a space in the media that would otherwise cost a fortune.

As one of the characteristics of Consumer 4.0 is to face advertising approaches with increasing distrust, the fact of gaining a spontaneous diffusion of its ideas also provides an increase in the authority and credibility of the brand.

How can digital marketing help?

Like many other areas, consultancy has benefited greatly from the spread of internet marketing.

For starters, social media enables much simpler and more efficient communication with relevant journalists.

In addition, you can optimize your press releases to IF THE, including keywords and hyperlinks leading to some of their content.

In this way, in addition to providing greater understanding for the journalist, it is possible to increase the traffic on your blog.

If you have a content marketing strategy, these press releases can be converted into materials with good potential for engagement.

Another interesting practice is to include a clipping session on your website, gathering the best mentions that the company received from journalistic channels. This content can also be replicated in newsletters and posts on social networks.

If a good part of the press office’s activity was previously limited to sending articles to journalists in the hope of arousing their interest, today the scenario is different.

With the speed that any information is disseminated in the current scenario, having a professional ready to intervene strategically in defense of the brand image is a fundamental factor.

In this way, the company has the opportunity to deal with crises quickly and, through the generation of spontaneous media, conquer a large space for the dissemination of its ideas and products without having to invest heavily in advertising.

So, do you agree that the press office is one of the tools that define the success of a brand? In this text, we show how it is essential to deal with eventual crises. Do you want to go deeper into the subject? In this article, we tell you how to position yourself before, during and after a crisis. Check out!