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The SSL certificate is a standard security protocol for your website. Its activation is essential to promote a safe experience for visitors, which is essential for the brand image and for the generation of business opportunities.

It is no secret that the creation of an institutional website is fundamental to any Digital Marketing strategy. The portal serves as a focal point for all its digital channels, from social networks to the blog. The ease offered by tools like Wix and WordPress makes everything even more attractive.

However, it is not enough to determine your digital address and wait for things to happen. It is essential that the website is well organized and aligns with company elements, such as visual identity. In addition, it must convey a feeling of security and credibility to the visitors.

This is where the SSL certificate comes in, which is a fundamental part for your website to be well regarded on the internet. Want to know more? Check out what you will find throughout this article.

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What is the SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate (acronym for Secure Socket Layer), is a standard internet security protocol. It is used in situations that promote the exchange of information between two users of the network, which is common in common actions such as shopping in virtual stores.

The secret to the certificate lies in the encryption algorithms employed. They encode information in transit and prevent third parties from having any contact with the files. This means that, even if a hacker captures the data, he will not be able to interpret or change it.

To better understand, think about your login information on the sites where you have an account.

When you fill in your username and password, they are encrypted on your computer and travel to the server. There, the information is unscrambled and can be accessed through the website. Throughout the process, the role of the SSL certificate is to ensure that data is kept in absolute security.

What are the types of SSL certificate?

That’s right, there is more than one SSL certificate format. Therefore, it is essential to know the alternatives before deciding what fits your business best. Next, check out the 3 main types.

Domain validation

The most widely used format of the SSL certificate has basic security settings. Its main function is to indicate the level of trust of the domain in question. It is a good option for smaller sites or even personal blogs, since the cost is affordable and the issuance is very fast.

Organization validation

If we compare it with other alternatives, this type of SSL can be considered intermediate. In addition to indicating the domain’s confidence level, this option also checks the data of the company that maintains the Web site, which is essential to ensure that the company does, in fact, exist.

The SSL certificate for organization validation is highly recommended for e-commerces and medium-sized companies that deal with the public. With it, it is possible to raise the brand credibility level on the internet.

Extended validation

Here, we come to the most complete option you can find. This certificate, in addition to having the functions of the previous ones, performs an in-depth analysis of the company and the website in question. Thus, it offers the highest level of security for browsers.

An interesting detail of extended validation is that it makes it possible to display the company name before the domain URL. Although it seems like a small detail, it is something essential for the consolidation of the brand image on the internet.

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How do I know if a website uses the SSL certificate?

Knowing if your website is using the SSL certificate is a very simple process. Just go to the page and look at the browser search bar. If the URL has a letter S at the end of the acronym HTTP, it means that the protocol is enabled.

Another way to find out is to look for the characteristic lock symbol that precedes the URLs with the active certificate. If the lock is there, it means that navigation is secure.

Why activate the SSL certificate on your domain?

Activating the SSL certificate is essential for your internet business. To begin with, as we talked about in the last topic, any visitor can know whether the environment is protected or not. So, failing to promote a safe experience for your consumers, can result in lost business opportunities.

Credit card payments

If you work with sales on the internet, you know that the payment methods available are essential to convince the customer to make the purchase. You also know that no one is willing to leave card data in environments of dubious origin.

Understanding the need to protect users, credit card operators only allow purchases on sites with an active SSL certificate. So, if your online store is not properly protected, you will have trouble closing deals.

SEO optimization

SEO refers to the set of techniques used to improve the site’s positioning on search engine results pages. In other words, it is an organic and efficient way to enhance your reach on the internet. And do you know what is one of the factors taken into account by the ranking algorithm? The presence of the SSL certificate.

Therefore, in addition to increasing the brand’s credibility, providing security to the user and protecting the data collected by the page, the protocol allows your site to be found more easily by persona, provided that combined with a good Content Marketing.

Activating the SSL certificate on your website is not only a way to improve the visitors’ experience, but also to generate greater return for the company. After all, the security provided by the certificate allows transactions via card and credit and positively affects customers’ perception of the brand.

Although important, security is only one of the factors that must be considered when choosing a host for your website. Want to know more? In this article, we talk about hosting providers and indicate the best options. Check out!