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Without a doubt, Marketing is one of the areas that has most reinvented itself in recent years! In this scenario, it is possible to identify significant changes in its performance at the business level, as it is already a fact that it stopped being just a support area for the company to become one of the main ones in what it says […]

Without a doubt, Marketing is one of the areas that has most reinvented itself in recent years!

In this scenario, it is possible to identify significant changes in its performance at the business level, as it is already a fact that it stopped being just a support area for the company to become one of the main ones with regard to the strategy of acquiring customers.

That is why, he is increasingly active in the customer journey!

Obviously, this did not happen overnight, it was built day after day by companies and professionals in the field. However, in all these changes we noticed a strong growth in the concept of Digital Marketing and also in Content Marketing.

Another novelty that is also coming to stay is the Synesthetic Marketing, also known as sensory marketing.

This new trend is stirring the universe of marketing, and focuses on increasing consumption in establishments in a short period of time, that is, it has great performance in the cost-benefit of the business!

Have you heard of this concept? No?! So continue with us and find out how Synesthesic Marketing works and how it can be applied in your business!

What is Synesthetic Marketing?

Synesthetic Marketing is nothing more than actions that explore the human senses to sell: touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.

Its concept is to adopt this strategy as a way for the company to become differentiate in relation to the market by focusing on the consumer experience, awakening a strong mental stimulus that will communicate more clearly the message she wants to pass.

Especially because, in our daily lives, we are constantly affected positively by various elements that are linked to these 5 senses. So, exploring all the brand communication potential through them is an excellent competitive advantage.

Whatever the business segment, it is possible to formulate marketing strategies that combine them to positively reinforce your image in the minds of customers.

What is Synesthetic Marketing for?

Synesthetic Marketing has the mission of reaching consumers’ subconscious so that it is possible to influence their buying behavior.

He does this through actions that go beyond images and even words.

This is an excellent way to adapt to the fact that customer behavior is increasingly linked to momentary interactions and its tendency to have a connection with brands and companies.

After all, the purchase decision process no longer responds to traditional advertisements with the same efficiency as in the past, it is more associated with instant stimuli and coexistence.

In other words, Synesthetic Marketing is aligned with a current trend, which says a lot about valuing small moments.

A curious fact is that a strategy that touches a large part of the senses has an extremely positive impact on the customer’s mood and this can boost business sales!

Therefore, it is necessary to use creativity to draw the attention of your consumer and make your brand always present in your mind.

the customer journey

How to work the strategy of Synesthetic Marketing in your business?

Implementing Synesthetic Marketing strategies, especially in businesses that have a point of sale, can be highly profitable.

The reality is that the consumer is used to being stimulated only in a visual way, so this gives the scope for him to be positively surprised when receiving stimuli related to the other senses.

In this scenario, the possibilities of applying this strategy are numerous and the good news is that, with a good touch of creativity, many actions have a low cost to be implemented and maintained. They may be what you needed to sell more.

Often good music, a pleasant perfume or even a change in the look of the furniture in the store can lead the consumer to automatically feed positively their perception of the business, in addition to the quality of the service that is offered.

Continuously working with this approach may in fact be, which will differentiate the company in relation to the competition, placing it at a level above all others.

Obviously, companies that work digitally end up being penalized in some way, since contact with the business is only online, but it is possible to surprise with actions that stimulate the sense of vision and hearing.

The way forward is to use the product or service that is sold to direct these actions, that is, if the company operates with food, the smell combined with a beautiful look may be the key to success, or if you work with clothing, you can invest in a sound that highlights the characteristics of the clothes and so on.

To facilitate this understanding, we will detail in detail the possible actions in the 5 senses:


One of the great differentials of any purchase that can be made offline is the possibility for the customer to touch what they want. However, companies invest very little in stocks that provide this experience.

The big move is go beyond the possibility that customers can touch the products or try them. So, it is necessary to think for example, what type of fabric for pillows, dressing rooms, sofas can bring a better impression and also what other items can influence you so that you have a good positive perception of the environment as a whole.

This question of touch and feeling the environment often puts physical stores ahead of virtual stores!


The truth is that the smell can provoke different emotions for the human being, due to the fact that smell is connected with the limbic system of the brain, which is the area that is associated with emotions and also with memory.

Know that smell can often have a more positive impact on our mood than sound, which shows that it can be an excellent tool to boost sales of a product.

In this sense, the suggestion is to use perfumes to create an experience that associates it with the brand or the image of the business.

Therefore, it is good to choose aromas that emphasize the perception that the store wants to pass on to the consumer (for example, if it is a younger, more elegant, homely approach, among others).

This way, it will be possible to create the ideal environment to leave consumers in the good mood necessary to make their purchases.

But remember that a perfume can also trigger an unpleasant experience, which can be something more personal or general, so be careful in your choice.


Generally, a large part of the companies’ marketing budget is allocated to visual resources. However, it cannot be limited to actions involving only logos and images.

The store space itself, its lighting and colors provide a super advantageous visual stimulus to create a pleasant environment, making the consumer feel at home and more comfortable to make the purchase.

know that colors can help mainly with store or brand recognition. For example, blue is a color that induces tranquility and red is its opposite, as it is linked to fire, which evokes more agitated feelings, such as passion, anger and fear.

Therefore, it is important to study the effect of these colors so that your actions stimulate the feelings you want to arouse. We strongly suggest the use of warm colors, such as orange and brown, as they encourage the customer to spend more!


When we talk about the sense of taste, it is widely thought that it is only applicable to businesses related to gastronomy. Ledo mistake!

Research shows that hungry people want to leave a place as soon as possible. Applying this reality to a store, consumers when they are hungry will not be willing to stay and buy something, as they are only thinking about satiating their hunger.

So, regardless of the industry, it is always good to have a snack, tea or coffee to welcome them. If it is a food that characterizes the culture of the region, even better!

Except in supermarkets, hungry customers are unable to focus on the product they want to buy and will not respond to other stimuli, such as smell and hearing effectively.


Finally, the last way to work in Marketing Kinetics is hearing. Similar to the aroma, the sound can also improve the mood of the human being. So good music is a great tool for that purpose.

The tip is to take advantage of it to evoke positive moods, such as happiness or relaxation.

It can also help reach a specific consumer segment: for example, people who like classical music or rock.

In this way, your marketing actions may become more assertive, as they will attract the right audience with better use.

The fact is that with Synesthetic Marketing it will be possible to improve the customer experience in every way… literally! After all, it is directly linked to emotions and being well worked out can have a greater impact on the perception of the business as a whole.

So it is an excellent strategy to increase sales, especially in the long run!

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