Using the persona to avoid scarcity of content – Course case study Marta Garcia – WAU

Understand how the Marta Garcia Course managed to get around a frequent problem: the scarcity of content.

This case study is part of the history of the Course Marta Garcia, one of WAU’s clients whose performance was most impacted by content strategies, tripling its revenue and consolidating the organic channel as the main source of acquisition.

But here we are going to talk about a very specific challenge faced by the Course Marta Garcia team, which is common among companies that have been producing content for some time: how to deal with the scarcity of content?

But first, it is important to contextualize. Follow us and learn the history of the course.

What is the Course Marta Garcia

The Language Course Marta Garcia works with instrumental English courses aimed mainly at people who wish to apply for masters and doctorates.

With its own methodology, developed by professor Marta Garcia, and tested for more than 15 years, students are trained not only to pass masters and doctorate exams, but also to read academic articles with greater ease and speed.

Focusing on the acquisition of students for his distance course, João Garcia, son of professor Marta, and CEO of the company, decided to start a content strategy, with Websites Are Us as a partner.

Today, looking at the results of the strategy, it seems that everything was flowers, and that the strategy unfolded perfectly.

But anyone who works with content marketing knows that you need to take it one day after another and be prepared for difficulties throughout the strategy. It was no different with the Marta Garcia Course. They found themselves with a huge problem at hand: the scarcity of content.

Shortage of content

A content strategy needs a few factors to work. Among them, the frequency of publication has gained prominence as an important factor for search engines.

You need to be a recurring source of new content, without losing relevance to your persona.

Only each market is different. Some are huge and it is difficult for a company to address all possible topics; others are limited, with a smaller variety of topics to be addressed.

The case of the Course Marta Garcia fits in the second option, after all, a preparatory course for tests of instrumental English in applications for masters and doctorate does not open many doors for subjects to be treated.

With a high volume of content production, in partnership with Websites Are Us, logo topics on preparing for English exams for postgraduate courses have run out.

The problem took João’s sleep away, who dedicated himself to looking for ways to get around it without losing market relevance.

The solution

João found the solution to the scarcity of content in one of the most prominent and, at the same time, most neglected stages in a digital marketing strategy: yours persona.

It turns out that the topics on preparing for an English test in postgraduate applications are really limited.

But the person who consumes these contents is also preparing for all the other stages of this selection process!

That is, a person who needs to prepare for an instrumental English test for a master’s or doctorate also needs to know about:

  • how to choose the right graduate program;
  • how to do a pre-project;
  • how to do face-to-face interviews with teachers well;
  • how to do a critical review.

These are just some of the themes that are present in the daily lives of those who want to apply for a graduate degree.

Notice how none of them are related to the instrumental English test itself, but they are all very relevant to that persona.

Understanding that the strategy was going in the right direction, João took the opportunity to apply it at different stages of the funnel.

Hence the Kit for Master’s approval, which brings together content and materials that help students applying for a Master’s degree.

The Marta Garcia Course blog stopped being a reference portal for people who are preparing for an English test and started to be placed as a portal for everyone who is interested in starting a postgraduate course.

This opened doors not only for the production of new content, generation of visits and leads, but also for the repositioning of the brand as a whole. All because of a deeper look at your persona.

How you can escape the scarcity of content

Let’s go to some tips and content on how to you you can escape the scarcity of themes to keep your strategy running.

Invest in generating and updating your persona

When the Course Marta Garcia started the partnership with WAU, we insisted that the study of his persona be redone.

Although they already have a persona from their previous content strategy, we wanted to go deeper, and really know who consumed the company’s courses.

Each time you produce content, you have to think about the person on the other side of the screen. You have to put yourself in her shoes and understand what her pain is in addition to your product.

What are your pains? How does she look for solutions to her problems? What are your goals, and how does it go after them?

It is by understanding the complexity of your persona that you will gain relevance to it.

Explore different content formats

Do you know that your 4,000 word completion ebook, packed with interesting and valuable content for your persona? It doesn’t have to be just an ebook.

Think about how adapt the content you already have for different formats:

Either chapter of your ebook can become a blog post, with a CTA for complete material on the topic.

Its contents that perform well can become an infographic, lighter and easier to consume. A very important subject for your persona can become a webinar, or video for Youtube.

All of this transformed into simple and attractive calls to your social networks. Do more with what you already have!

Do research to expand your keywords

I could list some ways to do this here, but I will turn the call over to André Mousinho, SEO specialist at Websites Are Us.

In the video below, from the WAU Labs series, André gives several tips on how to never run out of keywords for your content:

I hope the tips have helped, and that you can keep your content strategy running smoothly!

And, if you also want to increase your results through a Content Marketing strategy, talk to one of our consultants!