Want to learn the SEO strategy used at Websites Are Us? – WAU

Want to elevate your SEO strategy, but don’t know how? On October 1st, at 3 pm, Vitor Peçanha will give a webinar on the SEO strategy used in Websites Are Us!

Websites Are Us is one of the largest Content Marketing companies in Latin America. Have you ever wondered how, in fact, our SEO strategy is made?

Next week, Vitor Peçanha, one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing in London, will give a live webinar to teach you SEO in practice and what strategies Websites Are Us uses to reach millions of organic visits every month.

He will also analyze a live blog and pass on the necessary tips for you to leverage on Google.

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • planning;
  • keyword analysis;
  • content production;
  • tools;
  • and much more.

Sign up for our webinar now, on October 1st, at 3pm, and learn SEO in practice with Vitor Peçanha!

webinar with vitor peçanha