For some years now, developing a website no longer needs to be a task directed exclusively at a team of programmers. That’s because you can easily find a variety of tools and use your own website builder to structure, customize and air your own page.

Since the options are diverse, researching and choosing between them can be a bit of a hassle. So we decided to create a list to help you find the best website builder according to your needs.

Check out the options and don’t forget to include your own free online chat with Websites Are Us after launching your page. Without further ado, let’s get to the list.

To begin our list, we must certainly introduce you to Webnode. The solution launched in 2008 that has already helped more than 30 million users to create their own websites and get them up and running with ease.

With Webnode, you can easily create a website by choosing between the modalities: personal website, business website, online store and even your own blog.

If you already have an existing domain, you can migrate it to Webnode, as well as having the opportunity to create and host email accounts, register users and customers, among other professional functions.

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Another excellent tool that can help you create a free website is SITE123. It offers hundreds of templates so that you can choose exactly the type of page you need from a selection of categories, such as service pages, handmade, business, blogs, photography, event, personal, and many other options. .

The tool offers an intuitive website editor, being recommended even for users who have no knowledge in programming or web design. In addition, your pages are responsive, that is, optimized for mobile devices and you can count on SEO tools already included in the creator.

You should probably already know HostGator from its services related to hosting high quality websites and servers. However, in addition to these solutions, they also have their own website creator.

With it, it is easy to determine your personalized domain “” and customize your page as you prefer from a simplified and intuitive interface – targeted at all types of users.

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Hostinger also allows you to create your website within just a few minutes and host it on secure servers, with cloud storage (in the cloud), offered by the company itself.

Just register, choose the ideal plan for your goals, select a ready-made template or create your own template and personalize your page through an intuitive interface.

KingHost is another excellent alternative and can also be the best website builder for you. With it, you can choose from several ready-made templates and publish your website quickly while still enjoying some additional benefits, such as a detailed control panel.

Pages created with KingHost are optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and responsive, meaning they work perfectly on mobile devices.

KingHost website creator

Wix is ​​also an extremely popular option and also offers pages optimized for SEO, as well as intuitive and practical tools – suitable for essentially any type of client.

With it, you can also edit the appearance of your page exclusively for mobile devices. This allows you to have more customization and highlight exactly the panels you prefer.

When it comes to creating websites, you really can’t leave WordPress out. However, it may not be as simple as the other options presented in our list. That’s because in fact WordPress is open source software that can be easily edited, but it still requires some technical knowledge.

However, it is possible to choose from several ready-made themes made available by other users in the theme store of the content management platform. It is worth checking.

Locaweb is an excellent option for hosting pages and also offers its own website creation tool. With it, it is possible to create a personalized page from an editor drag and drop (drag and drop) and with dedicated emails.

In addition, if what you need is to create your online store, they also offer the option to do it through the Tray platform, one of the best in Brazil – as you can see in our complete review.


Weebly is an alternative that offers different types of themes for the most diverse objectives, such as: online store, business pages, portfolio sites, personal sites, pages for events and also the creation of blogs.

He is a free website creator that offers more advanced features in his paid plans, such as the possibility to connect to a custom domain, remove ads from his page and search engines.

GoDaddy is a tool that offers a robust control panel so that you can easily manage your website and track all relevant numbers from detailed reports.

In addition, it allows you to manage social networks and your email marketing actions on the same platform – an interesting differentiator for business pages. Be sure to check out their professional tools.

To finish our list, we present One – another excellent option among the alternatives presented. With it, you will be able to put a page on the air in just a few minutes and enjoy an extensive and professional control panel.

In addition, the same plan that offers web tools also includes hosting and your own personalized email. It is worth checking.

One website creator

Have you found the best website builder?

So, what did you think of the options presented in our list? We hope you have found an extremely intuitive tool that can help you get your page up and running in the shortest possible time!

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