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Content marketing is not for the impatient. The results will not appear overnight, as in an advertisement on Facebook or Google. This means that the sooner you adopt, the sooner you start seeing results. And that was exactly what Queria Tanto, a warehouse for redirecting goods, realized […]

Content marketing is not for the impatient. The results will not appear overnight, as in an advertisement on Facebook or Google.

This means that the sooner you adopt, sooner starts to see the results.

And that was exactly what Queria Tanto, a warehouse for redirecting goods, realized there in 2016.

In this business model, the company receives products purchased in the USA from its warehouse, in American territory, and sends them to London in large shipments, saving on freight and enabling the purchase in stores that do not send products to London.

As soon as it opened, the company understood that it needed a cheap and efficient way to generate business opportunities.

After some research on websites that reference Digital Marketing in London and abroad, they realized that Content Marketing was the best way to structure a functional customer acquisition strategy.

This is how the Queria Tanto blog came about, to attract and convert potential customers.

Know the trajectory of this blog and understand how it was possible to recover the success of the strategy and less than 1 and a half years!

The beginning of the Blog

After starting to write and publish content on their blog, the Queria Tanto team noticed very interesting results:

Rock my Business 1

For a blog created in September, arriving in early November with more than 5,500 hits in a week is an impressive feat!

By attacking its main keywords and disseminating its content through paid media, the blog quickly managed to boost the number of hits to the site, and delivered great results to Queria Tanto.

However, these results were not maintained in the following months:

Rock my Business 2

From more than 21 thousand visits in November 2016 to 1,500 in June 2017. How to explain this drop?

All the reasons that explain these results have the same origin: Content Marketing is strategy.

Without proper planning and dedication to keep the strategy running, it is very likely that its results will not be maintained. But let’s try to delve deeper into the reasons why blog traffic has dropped so much.

first steps in digital marketing

Low frequency of publication

No blog will bring effective results if it is left to moths. A Content Marketing strategy requires a frequency of publication that can be challenging for many businesses.

Each blog post requires keyword research, agenda development, writing, proofreading, publication and dissemination. These processes take time, but ensure that every content you publish really delivers value to your blog visitors.

When posting frequently, it’s not just your visitors and leads who see you best. Search engines, such as Google, also measure frequency of publication and updating to define a domain’s authority.

This is such an important factor, that we made a post talking exclusively about what happens when you stop posting to your blog. It is worth checking!

Lack of macro strategy

Do not misunderstand me. Starting a blog and publishing some content is definitely better than nothing. The numbers in the charts above are there to prove it.

But companies that want to build a solid business base from content production need to go much further.

Here is a list of what you can not do if you want to have Content Marketing as your main source of opportunity generation:

The list goes on, but you can get an idea of ​​the complexity of a successful strategy, right?

Paid media does not support a blog

Disseminating your new or strategic content through Ads, or advertisements and promotions on social networks, is a great way to achieve results in a short time.

However, trying to leverage a paid media-based content strategy is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

The idea of ​​a Content Marketing strategy, from a commercial point of view, is to build an organic and lasting opportunity generation channel.

Getting access through paid media is anything but an organic and lasting strategy.

Imagine that a blog post of yours receives 1000 visits in a month, 950 coming from paid advertising on Facebook, and the other 50 from Google searches.

This can even be a great result, but only 50 visits are organic. Everything else only existed because you invested money in ads.

Imagine now that, after this month of 1000 visits, you realize that you cannot invest in paid media, and let your post accumulate only organic results. At the end of next month you will notice one of the main characteristics of paid media:

Stopped paying, the results are over.

Effective corporate blogs have the characteristic of improving their long-term results, thanks to the renewal of strategies and constant updating of their content.

Analyzing these three reasons, Queria Tanto understood that it was time to look for a company to structure and leverage its Content Marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Kit

Partnership Queria Tanto + Websites Are Us

The initial challenge of the partnership was to structure the strategy. According to the Websites Are Us methodology, there are 4 well-defined stages:

  1. Basic
  2. Traffic machine
  3. Lead Master
  4. Doing Business

Still according to this methodology, it is only possible to advance from the first stage once the company has:

  • Content Marketing Strategy well documented;
  • Production and dissemination of the blog and its contents;
  • Generating relevant traffic.

This means that it was necessary to develop and document the entire strategy for Queria Tanto, from the definition of marketing objectives and metrics, to the study of persona, keywords and structuring of the editorial calendar.

At this early stage, it is possible to see the impacts of having a blog prior to structuring the strategy.

Even with little planning, companies that have already ventured into the universe of Content Marketing have a wealth of knowledge which makes it much easier when the challenge is to structure and register a strategy.

After the first phases of study and documentation, we started to attack the main keywords of Queria Tanto. Again we took a ride on the work already developed, and we managed to achieve incredible results.

As of June 2017, 606 keywords searched on Google pointed to the Queria Tanto website. This is a great number, even more speaking of a blog that was not guided by a consolidated strategy.

Today, almost a year and a half later, the site already has 7 thousand more keywords, totaling 7,638 indexed keywords.

The number of keywords that have a Queria Tanto page as one of the top three positions rose from two in July 2017 to 811 in November 2018.

Rock my Business 6

This is a consequence of special care with content. You must treat each post on your blog as a gateway to your customers: they need to deliver clear value, in a content format that your audience knows and engages with.

When you produce each content with a total focus on delivering value, positioning yourself well on Google is a consequence.

Today, if you look for the best stores to shop in the USA, or how to buy products from there, you will find a Queria Tanto blog post first:

Rock my Business 3

And what is the value of that?

Well, it is not simple to calculate the value of having a blog post first on Google. It depends on the importance of the keyword to your business segment, to your company, your sales funnel conversion rates and more.

Diego, now CEO of Websites Are Us, already checked that our post on Digital Marketing generated almost 500 thousand reais in sales! That was until the middle of 2016. At the end of 2017, there were already 2 million in sales for Websites Are Us, and we keep counting.

In the case of the post “The 10 best sites to buy in the USA”, there are already over 450 thousand views, and 320 thousand accesses to the site were initiated on this page!

Rock my Business 4

As I explained, calculating the value generated by a post involves several factors, but having a blog post that has already taken more than 300 thousand hits to the site is very valuable.

In addition, we are talking about a page that already has more than 60 comments and an average time on the page of almost 4 minutes, showing the relevance of the topic to visitors and their interaction with the page.

These factors also count a lot to keep the page well positioned in search engines.

However, there is a difference between taking people to your site and turning them into opportunities.

lead generation kit

Generating business opportunities

Getting visitors is the first of the 4 steps that make up an Inbound Marketing strategy:

  1. attraction;
  2. conversion;
  3. closure;
  4. enchantment.

Once Queria Tanto managed to structure its strategy of attracting organic channels, it began to focus its efforts on converting visitors into leads, and there are some ways to do this.

Turning a visitor into a lead happens through an exchange: you offer content that will deliver great value to the visitor (ebooks, webinars, infographics, surveys, and other types of rich materials), and it gives you your main contact and business information.

The amount of information requested in exchange for the rich materials varies according to the business segment.

Whoever accesses the post “The 10 best sites to buy in the USA”, for example, receives the ebook “How to import products in 3 simple steps” as an offer. In return, the visitor needs to leave his name and email.

Rock my Business 5

Once you have this information, you are generating your first leads. The challenge now is to get these people closer to the bottom of the sales funnel. At Queria Tanto, this is done with nutrition flows via email.

The intention here is to present options for the problem or challenge of the leads, since the middle of the funnel is the moment when they are considering a solution.

Providing quality materials for the middle and bottom of the funnel is essential to ensure that your attraction efforts are not wasted.

The last thing you want is to help the person understand how to solve their problem, so that, in the end, they choose a competitor.

In the Queria Tanto sales funnel, a person who becomes a lead begins to receive content that teaches them how to shop in the USA, and then how to do it using their redirection service.

Whoever arrived on its website for the first time looking for ways to buy products from the USA, ends up understanding the options of import services, and discovering how Queria Tanto can do this.

With a well-structured acquisition strategy, the Queria Tanto team today focuses its efforts on generating value for its leads and customers, and showing how your services are the best option.

The base of visitors and leads generated monthly ensures stability for the acquisition of customers, and allows the company to work on more advanced communication strategies.

Data analysis, tests, optimizations. All of these are steps in a strategy that already generates a large volume of opportunities.

Do you attract as many opportunities as you would like?

Talk to a Websites Are Us consultant, and understand how to make your Content Marketing strategy take off!

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