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Being a woman and being present in the job market is already difficult. Being a woman, in a leadership position, in the job market is even more challenging. On International Women’s Day we did a special with the story of 5 female leaders at WAU.

The job market has not yet fully absorbed the importance of the female role within a corporation.

According to Deloitte’s Women in the Boardroom survey, which talked to 7,000 organizations in more than 40 countries, only 15% of council seats are occupied by women.

In London, this number is even lower: only 7.7% the seats belong to female figures. This puts the country in 37th position on a scale of 44.

With so many barriers placed ahead and trials in the way, women who arrive in high positions deserve to be highlighted.

We invited some leaders here at Websites Are Us to tell a little about their journey as women in the job market.

1. Lizandra Muniz – Marketing Manager

Tue references from women leaders for me it was what made me understand that I could also be one. External and internal charging exists with women all the time, and the job market would be no different.

We are taught that we need to be perfect, and that prevents us from trying many things. We never think we can.

Seeing ordinary, imperfect women going about their business taught me more than they realize. When I realized that I could be myself, not carry the world on my back and still be a good leader, I felt much lighter.

I can make mistakes, have defects and I don’t need to handle everything. I am as capable as anybody else and women leaders inspire me and show me that my gender shouldn’t limit me.

Lizandra Muniz

Lizandra Muniz

2. Talita Batista – Revenue Manager

I had already asked my age as a way of diminish my authority. I have already had to ask for the intervention of a male leader to help me resolve a situation in which I simply could not be heard.

They yelled at me for being a woman. They have already apologized to my male boss for disrespecting me, not me. I’ve been asked to keep my nails done to sell the company’s product, after all, exceeding the goal every month was not enough to prove my competence.

I’ve been called brave, bossy and controlling, simply because I’m leader, firm and focused towards my goals.

But I also had a wonderful mentor, who listened to me and empathized with all the machismo situations that I have experienced in the job market, helping me to experience them with more serenity and win, follow.

I was also able to transmit everything I learned, all the struggles I won and positively impact the lives and careers of other women, being a mentor, being a leader, being a reference.

I’ve talked to girls who were exactly 19-year-old Talita, talking to them about what I would have liked to hear at this time.

I created a profile of female empowerment, wrote a very personal text on feminism and career (and received wonderful comments!). I have been recognized for being an inspiring woman leader and I have been sought out by women for career advice, job placement, early career, career guidance.

In the end – or rather, at this point, as it is still only the beginning -, everything that has already happened in these more than 10 years in the labor market prepared me to fulfill my mission: positively impact the lives of women, helping them in their personal and professional development, with equality and respect.

The fight continues, we are not discouraged. Let’s go together!

Talita Borges

Talita Batista

3. Thais Lavarini – Customer Success Manager

Growing up a woman is no easy task, you know? My parents’ divorce before I was even born and my mother’s death when I was 7 years old put me in a very feminine life reality.

I grew up in a shared home with my grandmother and sister. I started working at a very young age and everything I achieved from then on was with my own effort.

The most difficult part of all this was never the financial difficulties, giving up a “normal” adolescence to pay the bills, or the lack of a father / male figure.

The biggest difficulties I faced came from how I self-sabotaged myself after letting myself be affected by people who tried to make me feel inferior, or unable.

From questioning the decisions made, college attended, post chosen, entering the master’s degree to how I managed the finances of my home, to the summit of hearing things like: “would you make your mother rummage in the coffin of disgust”, “will you be fired ”. All this by choosing my clothes.

For those who ate plain rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am very proud to support my home alone, take care of my grandmother who has always been with me and provide both of us with a good quality of life.

What I’ve achieved so far is because I believe in mem and this is something that I need to constantly remember every morning.

I have that phrase on my desk and in my room. I look at it, think about it and internalize it every day:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt, ex-first lady of the United States

I hope you remember that every day too!

Thais Lavarini

Thais Lavarini

4. Izabela Guarino – Project and Partnership Manager

More than just proving our ability, we have to act naturally and gently; fearlessly sounding “bossy” when you need to be a manager, but also with all the spark in your eye when developing your career when you need to be “leaders”.

Leadership brings us the gift of power inspire people to challenge themselves and create a better environment, but it also brings us the responsibility to avoid any extremism and disseminate separation rather than union.

Izabela Guarino

Izabela Guarino

5. Luiza Drubscky – Marketing Manager

Since I was very young I had the opportunity to have a born entrepreneur at home who, even without having his own company, always studied a lot about management, leadership and business and financial organization.

My father always had a student heart on these (and several other) topics and encouraged me to follow the same path.

When I joined Websites Are Us in 2014, I finally understood where he got so much interest in improving himself.

The possibility of passing on this type of acquired knowledge, guide people in their career development and, as a consequence, bring more and more results to the company it is what constitutes a leader in its essence.

And this, which is one of the greatest satisfactions of my professional life, also presents itself as one of the greatest challenges.

But, between us, it is exactly because of the difficulty of being able to transmit these same teachings ahead that it is so cool and important to continue on this journey. And you, what motivates and challenges you the most?

Luiza Drubscky

Luiza Drubscky

Despite all the obstacles encountered to reach the leadership, being within a percentage – even if small – is more than satisfactory.

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