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There are several types of account on Instagram, and this is one of the great advantages of the social network. Ordinary users, businesses and content creators can take advantage of specific features that help them perform and experience better on the platform.

The different types of Instagram account allow the social network to serve three categories of users: those who only want to have their personal profile for friends and family, companies, through business accounts, and also content creators.

Each of these profiles has specific characteristics and can use resources in different ways.

Knowing how to use the tools in each category is important for make profiles more popular, retain followers and always stand out. Taking advantage of all the resources makes it possible to increase the performance of the profile so that it reaches the results you expect, regardless of the account category.

In this post, you will understand a little more about the three types of Instagram profiles, who should use each one of them and what advantages can be used. Check out!

Personal account

Personal account

The personal account is practically the Gateway for everyone who wants to use the platform. For a long time, since the app was created in 2010, it was the only alternative for users.

In the beginning, the proposal was not much different from today: share photos on a network of friends, creating a timeline with the records of the people you follow.

Over time, the personal account has been gaining more and more resources, such as the possibility of posting videos – a function launched in 2013. The idea was to have a more complete platform that was not limited to photo registration.

This evolution continued adding more and more important services to regular accounts, such as Direct Message, an in-app chat tool.

The Instagram Stories revolution

Of all the changes and new features for personal accounts, perhaps Instagram Stories was the main one.

Today available in all types of profiles, Stories are very successful among users who want register more routine moments of everyday life.

The idea was developed so that the records function as a diary for each profile. In this function, photos and videos are available for only 24 hours.

The tool was launched for all personal accounts in 2016, and the idea was to compete with Snapchat – which basically had the same proposal. In a smart market move, it was possible to combine several functions in one app, and it made the Instagram user’s life a lot easier.

There is also the possibility to create the highlights of the Stories. They work as “albums” that are in the profile of each user with selections of Stories that he made himself.

In this role, publications do not disappear after 24 hours and, as the name suggests, serve to highlight important moments already recorded.

The personal account user

Today, a user of a personal account has many interesting functions to enjoy the app and generate a lot of content.

If the idea is just to post good photos, make interesting daily and travel records in Stories and keep in touch by DM, the personal account is a great and complete option.

More recently, IGTV has emerged as another important content tool on the platform. In addition to being able to watch longer videos from multiple accounts in high definition, you can also generate your own content.

However, remember: if you plan to take it to a more professional level, there is another more suitable account option.

Content creator

content creator

The newest among Instagram account types, the Creator Account, arrived in 2019 for anyone who wants to be more than just a simple user of the platform.

Influencers took care of the social network – both those with millions of followers and those that impact niche audiences.

This new profile included those who already worked producing content on the social network, from influencers to celebrities.

However, now, these people have at their disposal a environment more focused on performance, segmentation and greater understanding of metrics and content reach produced.

Today, anyone who generates content and has at least 10,000 followers, can request a migration between the types of Instagram accounts, moving from the personal profile to that of the creator.

To do this, just access your profile and follow the path: “Settings”> “Account”> “Switch to content creator account”.

Once changed, you will enjoy advantages such as the ones you will see below!

Profile information management

Your profile will have some more detailed options, something that is unique to that account. For being a relevant person, that is, a content creator, information such as contact, category of your profile and many others can be shown.

To make the job easier, the creator account has an optimized menu, so that the bio information can be changed more dynamically and easily, at any time.

This way, you will have no trouble keeping your data organized, which is important in exposure to followers.

Metrics and growth tools

Metrics are critical for anyone who uses Instagram to leverage their career, work with Influential Marketing advertising or simply reach a larger audience.

The creator profile has a more detailed and functional tool to check these numbers at any time. The proposal is that the understanding is clearer and that, in addition, it is possible to outline strategies to increase reach.

It is possible to check in detail who started to follow and who unfollow your account in certain periods. In addition, engagement can also be viewed in a very functional way, with chronological filters of day and week.

Another important highlight on the metrics side is the possibility of having access to the reach results of Stories and IGTV.

Those who work with publiposts can gain a lot from this function, since it details in depth the results of the campaigns carried out through these resources.

It was not always so. In the beginning, only posts could have this deeper metrics analysis. The new feature was applied precisely thinking about the creators who monetize their actions through Instagram.

Optimized message management

Among the types of Instagram users, creators are the ones who most need to deal with message management, especially since the volume of receipt is considerable.

To make life easier for these people, a new Direct Message tool was developed, with the possibility of filter messages and make receiving more restricted.

Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

Of all types of Instagram accounts, this is the only one 100% focused on companies. Since 2016, she has been helping companies to use the social network in a more professional way.

Realizing that Instagram was a democratic and far-reaching platform, companies of all sizes decided to take advantage of the space.

Therefore, Instagram decided that, like Facebook, it would provide support tools for business profiles. The idea at launch was attract more and more companies who wished to use the social network to work with advantages such as:

  • run campaigns and actions;
  • communicate more closely with the public, especially through Stories;
  • boost publications;
  • perform service via Direct Message;
  • publish products for direct sale.

These and many other possibilities have become concrete thanks to the specific features that Instagram for Business makes available to companies and entrepreneurs. See below how they have helped!

Account verification

Account verification, that blue check next to the profile name, is not limited to business profiles only, but has great value for them.

The user, when seeing this verification, has the sure you are following and communicating with an official company vehicle. For companies, this represents greater credibility and growth within the social network.

Instagram Insights

Metrics are essential for companies to measure their actions within Instagram.

Business accounts have Instagram Insights, which provides detailed figures not only about campaigns, but also regarding reach, impressions, profile views, new followers and other key information.


It is also possible to insert CTA buttons in the company profile bio. This function is very interesting for direct follower to content, such as advertising campaigns, or even to access e-commerce.

They can be changed at any time without any difficulty, being managed within the platform.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows you to publish products on the timeline and use shopping tags on each one.

It works in a simple way: just insert this mark on top of the item sold. By clicking on it, the user checks the price of the product and other information, and can be directly redirected to the purchase page.

instagram shopping

Paid partnerships

The paid partnership function is a very advantageous resource for connecting influencers and content generators to companies. This is officialization of a publipost according to CONAR rules. Thus, the photo in question is accompanied by the information “partnership paid with” followed by the name of the company.


The different types of Instagram account can be widely used by all users and businesses.

Regardless of what you intend on the platform, there is an option that fits well and helps you to become an influencer, to monetize, to manage your company on the social network or, simply, to have fun.

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