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The interactive portfolio is a way to present your products and services in a dynamic and attractive way to your customers. This allows for greater differentiation from the competition, in addition to increasing the chances of retention, as well as the number of conversions.

It is not enough that consumers are more and more demanding, competition is also more fierce with each passing day. Thus, brands from different segments need to review your strategies marketing and reinvent yourself to be able to attract and retain customers’ attention.

The creation of interactive content appears as a way to do this and even giants like Netflix see the potential of this format.

However, we know that not everyone is in a position to create an interactive series. If that’s your case, don’t despair! The interactive portfolio is a format that offers good value for money, retains customer attention and increases conversions.

Do you want to know more about it and learn how to implement it in your Content Marketing strategy? Then continue with us and check it out:

What is an interactive portfolio?

In English, the word used to talk about interactive portfolios is lookbook. The term refers to traditional printed books, commonly used by fashion brands before Digital Transformation.

In it, fashionista companies exposed their latest collections and the main trends of the season.

Currently, the term has been revised and refers to the possibility of presenting products online interactively. The formats vary and can be customized to look more like a landing page, an online magazine – which can even have the pages virtually “turned over” – or a sequence of slides.

What are the benefits of using interactive lookbooks?

Now that you know what an interactive portfolio is, let’s dive into three of the main advantages it can offer your business when used in alignment with your Content Marketing strategy.

Tell a story

Storytelling is on the rise in the advertising market and it is not only through videos that it is possible to put it into practice. Brands can also tell good stories using different types of interactive content.

You can express feelings and emotions, and even create an aspirational narrative, making your product even more irresistible.

Offer interactivity

In the same way that videos perform better than photos and still images, having an interactive portfolio can also bring more results to your business. This is because they can retain attention for longer, as they require some action from the user.

Promote connection and proximity to the product

Presenting your product through an interactive lookbook offers a more real view of the use of that item. For those who work in the fashion sector, for example, it is possible to show the public different uses of the same piece, always in a quick and interactive way.

What are the main references for interactive portfolios you can use?

Anyone who thinks that only fashion brands can take advantage of interactive portfolios is wrong. Keep up with us and check out good examples in different niches to get inspired!

ITA Group

The travel industry has a lot to enjoy with interactive lookbooks. Imagine presenting incredible destinations or charming hotels in high quality images, in order to hold the audience’s attention! That’s what the ITA Group did.

The company, which works with incentive trips, made a lookbook to present its persona with the different advantages of betting on this business benefit.


The clothing store in Rio FARM is known for its lookbooks. Generally, they are used to present new campaigns and mix product images, images that inspired the pieces and texts that justify the brand’s creative choices in that collection. Quite an immersion for brandlovers, isn’t it?

In addition to all this interactivity, it is possible to check the product catalog below and include them in the cart from there. See the model used in the “É o bicho” collection below.


DirectBuy is an American shopping club, where members have discounts on different products and can buy them directly from suppliers and manufacturers.

The chain offers different products for home and decoration.

To retain customers’ attention and allow them to immerse themselves in the vastness of their products, they created an interactive lookbook that divides items for sale from the rooms of a home and offers direct links to purchase.

How to create an interactive lookbook?

There are different ways to create an interactive lookbook and publish it online. The most traditional is to create layouts from scratch in Photoshop or another editing program. But this technique requires time, dedication and creativity, in addition to programming notions for uploading on the site.

However, it is also possible to have options for software and online platforms that allow the creation and editing of different interactive content, including lookbooks, from predefined templates.

Regardless of your choice, it is worth emphasizing the importance of having professional and high quality photographs. Pay attention to issues such as scenery and lighting, and carefully cast the models.

One of these tools is the ion interactive, a Websites Are Us tool. As you can see below, it is possible to have several template templates for creating a lookbook.

In it, it is possible to create other modalities of interactive content, such as quizzes, animated infographics, calculators, among others.

ion interactive

But that is not all: ion’s main differential lies in the fact that it brings resources for measuring results, in addition to the possibility of carrying out tests to optimize the interaction and conversion of the created content.

The creation of an interactive portfolio is a strategy that offers a good cost-benefit ratio, in addition to bringing several advantages, such as obtaining greater proximity to the public, improving retention on the website and positively influencing the conversion and customer loyalty. What is missing for you to bet on this trend?

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