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Mass media or mass media are the channels used to distribute information to a large number of people, without any attempt at personalization.

Mass media or mass media are a perfect complement to disseminate, on a massive level and without audience discrimination, any important or relevant message about your Digital Marketing strategy.

Over time, technological advances have been present in the way people’s needs are met. It is a tangible reality that the internet marked the end of an era and the beginning of another in terms of how to respond to those needs.

From the beginning, selling products or services to provide solutions to people’s demands was achieved thanks to a good advertising strategy. There is no way to create a good advertising strategy if the relevant information channels are not used.

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What is mass media or mass media?

Mass media are media aimed at providing information to as many people as possible simultaneously.

We can say that the first mass media was the written press (newspaper), then the radio, then television and, finally, the internet.

The mass media are characterized by having three fundamental objectives for their audience:

  • to educate;
  • inform;
  • provide entertainment.

In other words, this means that the influence of these media has social and economic purposes.

What is the influence of digital transformation in the mass media?

The era of digital transformation marked a before and an after in the way information is obtained and managed, and this has had a direct influence on the functioning of the mass media.

We can see this change in the rise of Big Data, a resource that organizations had to adopt to be successful; and the mass media was not left behind.

Having a more efficient management of information, today’s media carry out data analysis to see which information is of most interest to the public and, thus, achieve a better receptivity. This way of doing journalism is known as data journalism.

Another important point to be mentioned is that the internet and digital transformation are practically united. Both marked a turning point in the way of transmitting this information.

Print media, television and radio have had to change the way they obtain information for users and adapt to the digital world.

It is amazing how digital transformation has influenced the way mass media works, but it is very important to say that the main responsible for these changes was the internet.

People have access to a universal information network through which, in addition to staying informed, they take advantage of different types of entertainment simply by unlocking their cell phones.

This reality made the media gradually change their channels and adapt to the digital world, in order to achieve the expected results with users.

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