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When a person or a company decides to create a website, blog or online business, one of the first things that needs to be done is to register a domain and hire a website hosting. The domain is your internet address. (for example: https://thenewrock.rockcontent.com/blog/, with marketingdeconteudo being our domain name and .com to […]

When a person or a company decides to create a website, blog or online business, one of the first things that needs to be done is to register a domain and hire a website hosting.

The domain is your internet address. (e.g. http: //marketingdecontent.com /, with content marketing being our domain name and .with the extension).

Website hosting is a service for storing and making a website available, carried out by a company. With website hosting, you can keep your website online 24 hours without any access difficulties, allowing the public to view it anywhere in the world.

In addition to saving all the content you make available on site. However, there are several types of website hosting, the main ones being: free hosting, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server or cloud hosting.

Types of website hosting

There are several types of website hosting.

Many beginning users opt for free hosting.

This type of hosting is recommended only for those who are just starting out and want to get the idea out of the paper, for example with a small blog, but are still not sure about hiring a website hosting for the long term.

A free hosting will provide you with what you need initially to proceed with your project. Let’s say you already have your domain registration and want to get your website up and running. Free hosting can play that role.

However, with the growth in visitors and the growth in the number of files you will have, free hosting may not provide the features you will need.

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Shared hosting

When you take a bigger step on your website or blog, it will be time to hire a shared hosting. It consists of a server shared between several clients at the same time.

It is the most used, as it has a very high cost benefit compared to other services and is, in general, easy to handle and is known for being a cheap hosting.

There are several companies that offer this service and it is up to you to put in the balance which one is more worthwhile in the budget question.

Often, website hosting companies already offer a customized website hosting for WordPress, in which the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world comes pre-installed. With WordPress you can install your WordPress themes, easily set up your website and get out of it.

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world and is dominated by around 60% of the market and 27.5% of the entire web. So, if you want to start a blog, the easiest way is WordPress.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Another very common type that you can use is the Virtual Private Server, popularly known as VPS.

This service is recommended for e-commerces, for those who host many sites, or for those who have seen their website or blog grow a lot and need a more dedicated environment that has full customization. It can be created in a Linux or Windows environment.

The VPS system will require a higher level of complexity in the operational part and you will need to be intimate with the server, something that you would not need in shared hosting.

You can also understand a little more about the types of virtualization of a VPS or how to access your Linux VPS via SSH.

Windows VPS

The main advantage of choosing Windows VPS is the ease of using Windows Server, since Windows is the most used system in London and the vast majority of people are already used to playing, in addition to having greater compatibility with software.

That is, its main advantage is its graphical interface that leaves your VPS to be.

By its own characteristics, a Windows VPS is also very suitable for gammers who want to make their servers. That’s because games, in general, have a very good compatibility with the Windows system.

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Magento VPS

Magento Vps is created in a Linux environment totally customized for the use of Magento. This is the Most common CMS for those who want to manage an e-commerce.

Since Magento is a very heavy system, hiring a common website hosting will probably not meet your needs.

Dedicated server

Suitable for very large companies, this is the most expensive type of hosting for you. You will have full control over it for your customizations, performance, and more. Most of the time a VPS will meet your needs.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting, or cloud hosting, do you know? No?

The name seems a bit confusing and can confuse some people, but be aware that it is a type of hosting too.

Cloud hosting is a service that makes available on the internet, several online servers on several different computers.

The resources used by the website are adjusted according to the demand you need or determine. That is, if for some reason the server reaches the peak of visits and no longer supports, preventing the entry of customers, access will be redirected to another server with space to meet the demands.

Which website hosting to choose?

As you read above, shared servers are low cost, however, for a company that is getting bigger it may not be such a good idea, since there are several sites shared on the same network, which will affect performance if your site receives many visits.

Dedicated hosting, for a growing company, is a good alternative, as it is just an exclusive server for your website.

However, the high price can make you think twice and stay behind. And that’s where VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server comes in. Basically, this accommodation is a middle ground between the two options mentioned.

The VPS server is a virtual dedicated service, having a capacity similar to a dedicated server. This server is also shared with other sites, but as it is virtually partitioned, one hosting account does not affect others that share the same server.

That is, it is a little of the two options in one.

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Website hosting dictionary

As every specific subject exists a specific language, the area of ​​website hosting is no different and follows the pattern. We will explain some technical terms in another language that you can find in texts and do not get familiar with.

Web Hosting: For those who know English the term is very simple and easy to understand. It means hosting websites. It is basically the general reference that takes the whole area of ​​accommodation.

Host: One more word in English and this is a little more complicated, as it can have several meanings within a sentence. But in general, a host is a device connected to a network with an IP address. But it can also be synonymous with hosting.

Uptime: The term uptime means the time that a server stays online and performs the tasks that are assigned to it. This word is widely used, as it determines the effectiveness of the service provided.

CMS: This is the acronym for Content Management System. It refers to software developed by technicians around the world.

FTP: Or File Transfer Protocol. It is the tool that transfers files to some hosting server.

SSH: Secure SHell. It is a program that allows the user to have access to the core of the operating system. Whenever you hire a website hosting service, you will have access to your server through this program.

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There are several types of hosting services, numerous companies offer this service at different prices and it is up to you to determine what will be the best cost-benefit for your budget and your website.

Free hosting is offered by providers, but is generally not the best option. It is recommended that you pay a company to do this service and do not run the risk of compromising its content.

Choose wisely, if your website traffic is extensive, do not save and use what is necessary to keep the quality of your content online and available.

If your web is in the beginning and still does not have that appeal on the internet, choose a more profitable option, which will meet your demands.