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Marketing can be understood as a set of strategies that aims to add value to brands, products, services and, mainly, to the relationships between companies, customers, employees, partners, governments and society in general.

Marketing must identify and meet needs of all agents involved in these relationships. It is the role of this area to make a good, service or idea disseminated and purchased by the target audience of an organization.

Understanding the definition of marketing doesn’t seem that complicated, does it?

But what about marketing goals? Do you have any idea what can be achieved if we use this methodology as a means?

Yes, we often know how to define a concept clearly, but we do not understand where it can take us according to its application.

Therefore, we selected 7 business objectives that can be achieved with the implementation of marketing. Check it out below!

1. Sell more

This is the most basic objective to understand and the most used by for-profit companies. Although marketing is not just about sales actions, much of its strategies help to attract and convert new customers.

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In addition, it is always good to remember that products and services rarely sell without a little push from marketing.

And this is where we can remember some of the elements of the Marketing Mix, how to establish a price competitive, distribute the offer in squares with greater purchasing potential and make the promotion of goods to the right audience.

Revenues from increased sales must be much higher than the amount invested in marketing. Otherwise, the company will suffer losses and this will prove that its strategies were applied incorrectly.

2. Build customer loyalty

It is not enough to just bring in new customers, it is necessary to earn their loyalty and make them buy more often in the same business.

You may have heard that it is cheaper to keep an active customer than to attract new buyers, right? So, know that it is not only more affordable, but also easier, especially because it deals with an audience about which a company already has greater knowledge (registration data, purchase history, etc.).

For this purpose, several marketing strategies can be used, such as relationship marketing, content marketing, loyalty programs, cross-sell, upsell, among others.

Finally, the actions that keep customers engaged with a company after sales and that make them have a more complete shopping experience, such as the offer of complementary products, help to retain and make these consumers continue to buy.

3. Increase the visibility of brands and products

Before thinking about selling or retaining customers, a brand, a good or a service will need marketing to become known.

This is where two of the main marketing arms come into play: advertising and propaganda. They bring together a series of practices, such as market research, definition of personas and disclosure to expand the awareness of an offer and its respective values.

The important thing is to make a brand or offer gain visibility and popularity with the right people, on the right channels and at the best times.

For example, there is no use in a women’s fashion store, which only sells locally, investing a lot of money to attract the interest of men and people from other regions; as well as it would be inefficient to advertise on Twitter, if your target audience engages more through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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4. Manage a brand

Managing or managing a brand is nothing more than a very simplified definition of the concept of Branding.

Branding embraces a range of techniques that make a brand stronger, consolidated and with a positive perception towards the general public. It is what encourages a person to buy for what a brand represents and not just for its product itself.

Without a good job of Branding, brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Samsung and Bombril would have more difficulties in being leaders of their respective markets, since they would be compared with the competition only for the technical characteristics of their offers.

Finally, the role of Branding is to add, project and defend values ​​for a brand and its products. And these values ​​should generate identification, empathy and a desire to buy by consumers.

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5. Build good relationships with consumers and partners

This is where relationship marketing is most present. It is useful to remind us that good deals start with good relations between the parties involved.

During the pre-sale phases, customers seek to identify their problems and learn about possible solutions. At these times, it is very important that a company is present and builds a dialogue with the public.

Actions such as posting interesting content on blogs, sending newsletters with educational materials and interacting with followers on social networks are good ways to create a positive relationship with consumers. These are small attitudes that make a difference when the customer is making his purchase decision.

In relation to business partners, such as suppliers, resellers and distributors, the argument and attitudes are similar. In this case, there is still the possibility to schedule personal meetings and make calls without necessarily having a commercial tone.

Anyway, the better the relationship with these agents, the more the negotiations tend to be favorable. They can result, for example, in discounts on contract renewals, gaining space on resellers’ shelves, etc.

6. Educate the market

Marketing, more specifically content marketing and Inbound Marketing, is extremely useful in facilitating sales of more complex products and services.

This is the case, for example, of some IT services, management systems and marketing automation platforms. These offers, to have more qualified sales and longer-lasting contracts, need customers who know what they are buying.

For this reason, companies that bet on the creation of articles, e-books, webinars, templates and market research tend to be more successful in sales. After all, these materials serve as reference for the public that needs to be better informed and make a more informed purchasing decision.

As a gift, companies still create an image of authority in their area of ​​activity, reinforcing good values, such as credibility, trust and good reputation.

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7. Engage employees

Marketing is not only valuable for creating profitable relationships with consumers, customers and business partners. An organization’s internal audience can also be targeted by marketing actions.

In this segment, the most common strategy is Endomarketing. Her goal is engage employees with the purposes, values ​​and goals of a company or institution.

For this, some well-known actions are used, such as the award for goals, internal events, gamification and others.

It must be taken into account that employees are the spokespersons for an organization. They are responsible for the good functioning of the house and for the good relationship with other audiences. So he needs be valued and motivated, because without the proper stimuli, the quality of delivery of results is poor.

In this list, we gather the main marketing objectives. Of course, there are other, more specific goals, such as qualifying customer service, generating and nurturing leads, increasing followers, being well positioned in search engines, etc.

Anyway, the idea is to make you open your eyes to the variety of business opportunities that marketing can generate. So when you paint an organizational goal or goal to be achieved, you will know how marketing can be useful for your success.

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