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The impact of the internet presence on our daily lives is much more drastic than we think. Not only have personal relationships been redefined because of the ease of communication, but also the way of working, which is constantly changing. In this new scenario, reforms are necessary and paradigms are broken daily. This causes […]

The impact of the internet presence on our daily lives is much more drastic than we think. Not only have personal relationships been redefined because of the ease of communication, but also the way of working, which is constantly changing.

In this new scenario, reforms are necessary and paradigms are broken daily. This causes a new picture to emerge when it comes to the job market, especially in relation to the professions most sought by people.

And how to position yourself in the face of so many changes?

There are many questions when it comes to the professions of the future. Most people are still unsure how to choose an activity that is both profitable and enjoyable.

In addition, there is a certain fear of understanding correctly what are the paths to follow in the face of ever greater technological evolution.

In this post, we explain better about this future that has already arrived and we will show 6 examples of the most sought after professions today. But first, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Questions and certainties about the professions of the future

The change in the job market, which occurs at this moment, also brought up an important issue: it is increasingly necessary to carry out an activity that brings pleasure and satisfaction, in addition to financial reward.

For decades, a large part of the population made their professional choices based on remuneration, leaving aside personal desires and desires to build a solid heritage.

This type of choice has led to the emergence of several generations dissatisfied with their professional activity. With this, many, when they retired, ended up spending a good part of the accumulated resources with medical treatments due to illnesses acquired throughout their careers.

Gradually, people realized that this logic did not make much sense and that it was necessary to find activities that would preserve the quality of life and allow closer contact with family and friends. That is, that leisure moments were not neglected.

These new guidelines are part of the concept of the professions most sought by people today.

Therefore, the number of people using technology to their advantage is increasing, radically changing the work regime. They are more flexible journeys, completed at home or even in transit and with specific goals to be accomplished.

Although there are still many unknowns about the professions of the future, some certainties can already be seen:

  • the professions of the future demand continuous improvement;
  • rules and agreements are more flexible;
  • technology will be part of all work activities, to a greater or lesser degree;
  • the professions of the future will require greater adaptability from professionals;
  • the workplace will no longer be fixed in most cases;
  • professionals will perform various tasks in related areas, but a single expertise will no longer be sufficient;
  • personal and human relationships tend to be increasingly valued;
  • communication skills will be a greater requirement.

We can say that these will be some requirements of the market of the future and a good part of them is already in force today. Consumer relations change every moment and tend to become more automated.

It may be that in a short time, with the popularization of the so-called internet of things, your home refrigerator will autonomously send a list to the supermarket of the missing products and you will receive them at your door.

This is an example that until recently would have appeared out of a science fiction film. However, that day seems to be getting closer and closer and it will also be accessible to a good part of the world population.

You need to keep up with the pace of change and rethink how to supply your workforce.

Entrepreneurship and the most sought after professions

This whole new scenario built by technology opened up a huge range of new work activities and brought the possibility of new ventures, mainly digital. As most Brazilians have an entrepreneurial profile, this new job market has grown exponentially in recent years.

If before it was necessary to be employed in some large corporation to put its expertise into practice, it is now possible to serve numerous clients simultaneously, managing their own time and demands independently.

Thus, the number of freelancers, freelance service providers and other professionals who make a living working from home grows. Here we will see some of the most sought after professions for those who want this type of convenience and which are already a reality today.

1. Content writer

With the great demand for texts for websites and blogs, the number of content writers has grown.

These professionals develop specific articles on the most diverse subjects, based on research and their personal and professional experience.

The advantage is that in this profession there is no need for a degree in Letters or Journalism, for example, as would be required in the formal job market. Writers, copywriters and people who have an accurate writing ability can join this activity, which has its biggest niche in the freelancer market.

There are platforms specialized in bringing customers and editors together and the formats and contents are the most diverse. Therefore, the more adaptable the writer is, the greater the amount of work.

2. Video editor

Another highlight among the most sought after professions today is the video editor. The huge demand is explained by the success of streaming platforms, such as YouTube, for example.

Today, anyone can literally have their own channel and share content. Companies have also discovered the power of video as an element of business leverage.

In both cases, people or companies, it is easy to capture images and produce content, but it is very rare to find a good video editor. Thus, this professional has a vast field of work and the more qualified, the greater the volume of work.

This is also an activity that can be developed on a freelance basis and is an excellent example of one of the professions of the future that is already in vogue.

3. Producer and / or affiliate of digital products

A market niche that grows more and more is the producer or affiliate of digital products. Digital products are those who do not need a physical medium to be marketed.

Among the main ones are e-books, online courses, lectures and training, podcasts and other modalities.

The producer is the one who creates and formats the final result and he can also sell it directly. In addition to selling his own product, he can recruit affiliates, that is, people who will resell that digital product and earn commissions on sales.

As in the case of content writers, producers and affiliates have specific platforms for products to be offered and affiliates can negotiate them.

This alternative is excellent for people who like to work with sales and who have an intense performance in social networks.

4. Youtuber

We have already talked a little about this platform, but the highlight among the most sought after professions, especially by young people, are the so-called youtubers. They are people who produce high-impact content and attract real crowds of viewers.

To be a successful youtuber you need resourcefulness, good equipment quality and excellent content on a topic that is your domain.

But it is not just personal channels that are successful. Many corporate and product channels also have millions of accesses. In addition to sharing content, this type of channel is an effective tool in promoting products and services.

5. Digital influencer

With the advent and popularization of social networks and the escalation of their influence in digital businesses, another activity has gained a lot of space: that of digital influencer.

This specialist drives publications, posts, videos and other content from other people or companies, using his influence in the digital world to leverage the most diverse businesses.

In the traditional market, the digital influencer could be considered as the poster boy for a brand, company or product and this is one of the professions of the future that tends to be increasingly prominent.

6. E-commerce owner

Selling online is one of the major retail trends for the coming decades. This type of venture has been chosen by many sales professionals.

Having an e-commerce is easier and more practical than creating a physical store. In addition, large chain stores already offer affiliate programs, in which the entrepreneur can sell hundreds of products without the need to maintain a physical inventory.

The variety of products is increasing, including books, housewares, beauty products and cosmetics, electronics, imported and a multitude of options.

Information, knowledge and strategy

Now that you have discovered some of the most sought after professions for the future, but which are already found today, you need to know that any decision must be made based on a lot of information, knowledge and a clear strategy for actions.

Working from home in one of the activities mentioned here or in one of the many others is feasible and possible. However, this requires planning, discipline and dedication.

If, on the one hand, schedules are flexible and there are several other advantages, you must be aware that the work is hard and continuous. Not to mention that there is little stability and that business can vary a lot from month to month, which will require good financial planning. Therefore, seek more and more information and knowledge.

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Guest post produced by the team Hotmart.