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Investing in the quality of the work environment in your company is an increasingly necessary strategy. By using strategies such as B2E (Business to Employee), it is possible to improve, in addition to productivity, the engagement and satisfaction of your employees.

When we talk about e-commerce, the most common terms for sales strategies are B2B and B2C, respectively, Business to Business and Business to Consumer. That is, from one business to another or directly to the consumer.

However, new models have been created and are now excellent alternatives to increase sales volume in many companies.

One of these models that is increasingly used is B2E (Business to Employee), which means the sale of a product or service to an end customer who, necessarily, is an employee or employee of the company itself.

Despite the restricted audience and the few sales opportunities, it is an efficient tool for, for example, improve the quality of life of your organization’s professionals.

Are you curious and want to know more about this business strategy? So just read on to better understand the most common types of sales, the importance and how B2E works, and, of course, some practical actions for you to be able to apply this model within your company. Check out!

What are the most common sales models?

Before delving into the particularities of B2E, it is important to understand what other types of sales even better known mean.

Perhaps the most common among models, B2C means output of the company’s product directly to the final consumer. With the internet, this method has become even stronger, allowing companies to eliminate as many intermediaries along the way.

B2B deals with transaction from one company to another. Usually, this type of sale aims to be used for replenishing stock and eventual resale or else to use the product on a production line, for example.

Even when the purpose is consumption, it is also treated as B2B when the sale is from one business to another.

Another very common type is B2G (Business to Government), when the company sells to some government (federal, state or municipal), with the need for bidding documents and other particularities.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer) is becoming increasingly relevant, especially with sites that serve as intermediaries for these transactions from one person to another, such as Mercado Livre.

What is B2E and how important is this model?

With the changes in the relations and behavior of our society, companies also need to know how to adapt to keep up with these movements.

Innovating strategies is an excellent way to reduce costs, generate more sales and even make your company a more attractive environment for qualified professionals.

And that is exactly what B2E proposes for companies that know how to apply this sales model.

Despite not having a purchasing power as high as in B2B or a market as wide as B2C, the advantages can also be considerable, especially for those looking for generate value among your company’s employees.

B2E’s goal is to make the employees themselves consume what is offered by the company, with attractive purchase conditions, promotions and considerable discounts.

In this way, the company increases the number of sales with a high conversion margin and also strengthens the relationship with the internal public.

From the sale of products or services with exclusive conditions for employees, the chances of engagement are much greater. More motivated and feeling valued, the quality of the service they perform also tends to improve. After all, what is offered at B2E is often produced by the employees themselves.

The model allows the customer to have the possibility to buy products or services sold by the company with lower prices and special conditions, such as rewards and different forms of payment.

While an appliance company offers discounts on its products, an insurance company can reduce the amounts and guarantee more benefits for its employees’ insurance policy.

Therefore, for a company that seeks to increase sales even with a limited budget, it is necessary to innovate in its strategies – and investing in the B2E model is an excellent alternative.

In this model, everyone wins: low costs for your business, high chances of conversion, satisfaction of the end customer and, consequently, of your employees.

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What to do to apply within your company?

Like any sales strategy, B2E requires planning from those who are executing it, after all, without it, however good the conditions are, the chances of success will be reduced. For this, we have separated some important factors that must be considered when applying within your company. Check out!

Take advantage of available data

Big Data, a set of information present in companies’ databases, is an important ally for any strategy.

At B2E, it is even more efficient because you already have this internal data for each employee, just knowing how to use it correctly.

You can know, for example, which employees have children and, therefore, direct products to this audience, increasing their chances of conversion.

Make a personalized sales channel

Invest in a personalized and exclusive sales channel for your employees, preferably with the possibility of access through the company’s internal systems that they already need to use in their daily lives, facilitating internal communication.

Use your physical space

Your strategy does not need to be limited to online sales and, as your customers are in the same location as the company, it is essential to use physical space.

After all, which sales models bring the most potential customers together in one place?

Offer different payment terms

Another advantage when investing in B2E is the opportunity to eliminate the chances of default or fraud.

How? Offer the option of paying with the direct payroll discount and, thus, reduce the chances of late or non-payment, as well as a decrease in operating costs.

To encourage this practice, increase the discount for those who choose this option. In addition, ensure that the employee has other payment methods available to increase their sales.

B2E is, therefore, an excellent strategy for those who seek, in addition to an increase in sales, offer an attractive environment for professionals. Based on this strategy, you are able to promote greater engagement among your company’s employees and generate value among your employees.

Other very important concepts when we talk about quality of the work environment are culture and organizational climate. So, how about better understanding the differences and how to work with the two concepts together in your company?