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Among the numerous benefits that Inbound Marketing can bring to your company, is digital identity. Know more advantages in our post!

Every day, the various facilitators who follow the technology force us to follow the flow of evolution in all directions. A clear example of this type of evolution is to buy a product.

Having the facility to research before making a purchase prevents you from spending money inappropriately.

Today, unlike 20 years ago, we have the comfort and accessibility of knowing the opinion of those who have bought or used a certain product / service. And based on these ratings, we can have the chance and the power to make the right choice.

Companies then needed to adapt to this consumer buying revolution. And the best answer to that for the challenge of being influential where everyone is is the Inbound Marketing strategy.

If your company still doesn’t use Inbound Marketing to gain online visibility, you still don’t understand why and how the Internet works today.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

The name given to the methodology that aims to offer value to the customer even before offering its products and services is Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing brings much more results than common actions because it communicates more and better with the user, getting them to be engaged with their strategy.

For this methodology to be effective, it is necessary that several actions such as: creation of blogposts, e-books, podcasts, articles and online classes.

All of these practices will make your ideal customers attracted to your company, looking for a solution that your products or services can offer.

In addition, as the message is focused on the persona, it makes it much easier for the results to be accurate.

How does this strategy work?

Nowadays it is very easy and practical to answer questions on the Internet. Whatever it is, the network offers answers to almost everything, especially when it comes to selling a product or service.

A simple example to illustrate this is: if a certain woman with curly hair is facing difficulties to take care of her dry and porous curls, she is a strong candidate to look for solutions on the Internet.

Companies that have a digital strategy focused and personalized for this girl – defined as the ideal customer to purchase their product – will certainly invest in the production of content that is relevant and that understands the pain of the persona, clarify their doubts and at the same time suggest solutions to take care of your dry and porous curly hair.

In a very subtle and natural way, this company’s digital strategy will lead the persona through a sales funnel.

Creating posts on your blog to attract (posts that solve problems and identify pain), convert (posts that suggest that a certain product will be the solution to your problem) and loyalty (posts that continue to talk to this persona even after she has tried the products), making it a regular consumer of its products.

What are the best practices of Inbound?

It is very important to emphasize that the Inbound Marketing strategy is ideal to achieve more consistent and lasting results than any other digital strategy. That’s because it works differently from advertisements that have a quick return, but with a very short time to generate results.

In addition to being much more expensive to invest in paid media, Inbound has the great advantage of low investment, because once the materials have been produced correctly, their products can sell themselves.

To get a better idea of ​​what we are talking about, a good example is: think of paid media as if it were a rented car and Inbound as if it were your own car.

The rented car has day and time to be used and returned, in addition to all the cost of paying for insurance, fuel and rental fees.

In your own car, you will have maintenance and fuel costs, however, this vehicle will be at your disposal without a deadline and time to be returned.

This convenience allows you the flexibility to test new ideas, attract other types of personas to increase your brand’s reach and still have a considerable ROI.

The best practices for your Inbound Marketing strategy to be successful is to produce content that meets the needs and expectations of the consumer, in order to attract, convert and retain them.

The main ways to play this role are described below.

Production of blog posts

Blog posts are considered attractive content, because their mission is to identify with the persona problem.

Describing the situation, explaining the reasons why they happen and answering questions are the main characteristics of these texts, which are usually simple and have an adapted language, in addition to use key words to find the solution to your problem.

Production of ebooks

The ebooks, in turn, take the next step in the client’s strategy, because their immediate function is to delve into a certain subject that was covered in the blog post, but dealt with the situation slightly.

Ebooks are advanced materials that contain a structure to explain a subject and usually explain how to solve a problem. It is very useful for taking the ideal customer to the next level of the sales funnel.

Production of Webinars

Webinars or online classes respond to customer pain in a simple to agile way because it relies mainly on how to do it in practice.

Generally, people who are able to talk about a certain type of subject explain in great detail what the prospect needs to learn to solve their problem.

Video production

It is undeniable that nowadays the consumption of videos to learn and get information has a very expressive value in society. That’s because your content is easy to access and interactive.

Communication vehicles tend to offer the consumer, in addition to learning, entertainment, as it captures the viewer’s attention by getting them involved with the content.

Podcast production

The podcast is a very dynamic way of bring information to people through audio. Always remembering to give value to people through content that is interesting and relevant to them.

Podcasts can also be a gateway for people to get to know your company.

Because its content is in audio, which does not demand much attention, it is very accessible and didactic, allowing people to receive information while performing other activities, such as listening while driving, walking or washing clothes.

This type of content can yield enormous benefits for your company if they are developed in an appropriate and interesting way.

What are the advantages of Inbound Marketing for your business?

Find out below the advantages of investing in Inbound Marketing.

It’s a lead generator

Having leads of your own is just as important as the strategy itself. Because generating leads reports on the progress of your strategy. Understand whether your content is reaching the expected customer and, better, whether that customer is engaging with your brand.

It is through leads that the company knows people who are interested in your product or service and has the opportunity to be closer to it. In exchange for exclusive materials, the leads exchange their information (emails, phone, address, company, etc.) to receive what is interesting to them.

With this information in hand, it is possible to create several communication channels that bring your company even closer to your audience and the best: it is possible to segment these people to talk to them even more closely.

Creates relationship with your audience

One of the main aspects of Inbound Marketing is this power to create bonds between the company and its consumer.

As we have already said, when a person seeks a way out of his difficulty and finds support in a place – through content that understands his frustrations, explains what you need to know about that situation and still offers suggestions for making a decision – this interaction tends to creating a connection between the parties, which can be an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

Nourishes the purchase flow

After the company has helped your persona once, it is very likely that that person, in addition to buying again, will become a promoter of your brand.

Have you ever heard that saying: “satisfied customer tells ten more people about your product, however, dissatisfied customer tells twenty people about the bad experience they had with your product”?

Increases the number of recurring sales

Once your company has access to your persona, it is possible to interact and offer other products that are interesting, send out promotions, launch new products or even suggest other opportunities that would be ideal for each segment.

The heart of Inbound Marketing

We can make the following analogy to understand how the Inbound process works: imagine how a cardiac system works. The main veins, which make the human body work, are connected to the heart, which in turn pumps blood to the other organs – to feed them and make them work in perfect order.

We can say that veins are the strategy of Inbound Marketing, because it can be done in a variety of ways, through a number of different channels, and be in various places through many formats and approaches.

The heart is the Content Marketing strategy, which when it beats, makes the right amount of blood reach the organs nourishing them with what they really need. In the same way, the persona receives interesting content in the language, channel and in the format they want.

And, last but not least, comes the blood that is compared to the production of interesting content, which meets and walks the body the way it needs to and reaches various places in different and dynamic ways.

Content Marketing is an advance for companies that want to establish themselves in the market as an authority and be references in what they offer without having to invest so much.

Content Marketing has the power to enter places that advertising doesn’t, for being very pleasant and not aggressive. Even because it is the customer who seeks information, and when that happens, it is much easier to give him what he really needs.

How to implement Inbound Marketing in your company?

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We understand how the market works, how it seeks and absorbs information. Therefore, we are adequate and strategic in creating an action plan so that your company can communicate with your persona in a correct and effective way, to generate the best results within the expectations you need.

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