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The white screen of WordPress can leave many users confused and even scared at first. But the truth is that this is a very common mistake, which several administrators have already faced. The good news is that it is possible to get around this situation in a much more practical way than you might think.

You have probably already faced the following situation: you open your computer, enter your website and you are greeted with the white WordPress screen, the one that does not allow you or your potential customers to enter your website, or do any kind of action inside him.

This is a situation that can be really frustrating, isn’t it? But do not worry! This error, in fact, is very common and we can help you. In this post, we will show you how to solve this problem in simple and efficient ways.

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What is WordPress white screen?

The white WordPress screen is literally a white screen that appears on your computer and prevents you from taking any action on your site. It also prevents other people from entering it.

The white screen is caused, most of the times, by the depletion of your memory due to use, by PHP code errors, server errors or errors in installed themes and plugins.

This problem may also appear with a warning saying “This webpage is not available”, depending on the browser being used, signaling an HTTP 500 error.

Many WordPress users report this error and seek help forums in order to recover their sites. Here we will explain what you can do to get around this situation efficiently and quickly. See below!

What to do before opting for a repair method?

Before taking any action to revert your white WordPress screen, you need to know if your site administrator is working.

That’s where you can control your entire site, and even check what’s happening more effectively. You can check this information easily by going to yourdomain.com/wp-admin.

If only the interface with your user is inactive, but your admin is operating normally, it is very likely that your chosen theme has an error, or that some plugin used is not working as it should, either due to an update or another error. configuration.

What types of errors and how to solve?

As we said, the most common errors that can cause WordPress’s white screen are memory depletion, PHP code errors, server errors or themes and plugins errors.

To solve your problem once and for all, we have gathered here the main resolutions with a brief step by step. Check out!

Problems with memory depletion

The memory limit is one of the most common errors on the WordPress white screen, mainly because we are using the site and we are not so concerned with the space we are occupying when storing images, posts and other files.

When this error occurs, you can see a message like this: “Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes is exhausted (tried to assign 122880 bytes) in / home / xyz… ..”.

This means that your current theme, or any plugin you downloaded, for example, has exceeded the memory limit that was available for you to use.

To correct this issue, you can add a line in the wp-config.ph file, with the code below, increasing the size to 64, 128, or according to the amount of memory you need:


After that, just update your WordPress and check if everything went back to normal on your homepage.

Update issues

The white screen of WordPress can also be caused by automatic updates of the website that, occasionally, cause some errors.

Most of the time, this is an error that is automatically resolved by WordPress itself. If this is not your case, just go to your WordPress root directory and check for a .maintenance file. Delete this file and go back to your site to check that everything is normal.

If the update is still not completed, it must be done manually. To do this, just follow the step by step of WordPress to solve the problem!

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Problems with plugins

It is very common that any update of one of your used plugins can lead to the white WordPress screen. This is because the changes of the new version installed, may not be compatible with all other configurations of your site.

Therefore, when this error occurs, it is important to gradually disable your plugins to identify whether one of them is causing the white screen. You need to do this one by one to make sure you find the culprit.

Once you find it, keep it disabled and contact the developer so they can help you resolve the issue. This way, you will definitely not lose use of the plugin.

Themes issues

The same can happen with your WordPress theme. If it is updated, or undergoes any changes to its original configuration, it may have a major impact on your site, leading to a white screen error.

To resolve this issue, try disabling it and follow up if your site is back to normal by visiting the homepage. If everything goes back as before, it is necessary to contact the person responsible for the development of the chosen theme, so that he can help to configure it correctly. You can also open a support help ticket in the WordPress repository.

In the meantime, it is possible to use a standard theme indicated by WordPress itself so that your website continues to function normally.

Syntax problems

If you have tampered with or changed your WordPress code with something that is out of place, it is possible that your site will have a white screen.

A simple syntax error can cause your entire website to be down and, for that reason, no code editing is indicated unless you are extremely experienced and know what you are doing when making these changes.

Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this situation manually by connecting your website using SFTP which, in addition to solving this issue, can do everything very safely.

As we can see, the error of the WordPress white screen can even give a scare to the administrator or users when it occurs, but it is certainly much easier to solve than it seems at first.

Just carefully investigate and perform the procedures indicated above, one by one, to identify exactly what the error is and correct it as soon as possible – in a safe way!

This way, you will not lose visitors and potential customers to your site, nor the valuable data that is stored on it.

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