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If you spend part of your time on the internet, surely you have also come across some content about our new man of the century: Rodrigo Hilbert. The presenter became the dream of consumption for some and the biggest nightmare for others. This viral man made our team […]

If you spend part of your time on the internet, surely you have also come across some content about our new man of the century: Rodrigo Hilbert.

The presenter became the dream of consumption for some and the biggest nightmare for others.

That viral man made our marketing team think hard about how good personal marketing can be critical to gigantic how:

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Incredible isn’t it? We already know that selling a good image is important for a company and a good marketer. We do not want to break the magic built in this Rodrigo Hilbert universe, nor disregard the fact that the presenter is a man *** and inspiration for a lot of people out there.

The truth is that despite doing amazing things, we decided to show that he has nothing special like that and that any marketer can do such incredible things when building a wooden house or making crochet shoes.

Still don’t believe that? Here are 9 reasons to confirm that you don’t have to be blond or have green eyes to be considered a level marketing professional Rodrigo Hilbert.

Build a wooden house x Build your marketing strategy

Building a wooden house is not easy, I must agree with that. It takes skill, patience and technical knowledge to use the right tools at the right time.

Have you tried asking a blogger to design a content publishing strategy for the blog he helped build? It clearly doesn’t seem right, does it?

While our “study object” builds a wooden house for your children – or is saving the pandas, freezing the glaciers, saving the fish from predators – you are here, reading this content to absorb what our blog has to better (content). And there is nothing wrong with that!

Rodrigo Hilbert

We know how difficult it is to build a good marketing strategy for your company, it is almost like building a wooden house. It requires technical knowledge of automation tools, knowledge of your audience, long hours of dedication and patience.

Now you can go around saying that the business is build strategy, which Rodrigo Hilbert doesn’t know how to do!

Hunt your own food x Attract customers in the market

I know that with each topic in this article, it will seem to get increasingly difficult to overcome the things that Mr. Hilbert does, but go for me, when you get to the end of the article you will be sure that you are a p *** marketing professional.

As if it were not enough to know how to cook – and cook well – he still goes out to hunt for one of the ingredients used in his recipe to get the best cut of the meat. Movie stuff, isn’t it?

Rodrigo Hilbert hunting his own meat

Don’t think that you do something so far from it. A good marketer is constantly looking for capture of people who are potential customers.

And to obtain a successful recipe for your company, you need to go hunting! Know where your audience is and what they like to consume.

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Painting wall x Taking care of your website’s usability

Handsome, husband of Fernanda Lima, TV show star, builder of incredible wooden houses, cook … Do you think you stopped here? Not even!

Rodrigo Hilbert painting wall

When we least expect it, Rodrigo does something as surprising as painting the walls of a house with his son. Ok, you build strategies and manage to attract customers in the market but comparing with his ability to be a painter is already too much, right ?!

Wait, no, no! A good marketer is also concerned with the look of the home of his strategy, such as his website.

Worry about usability of your blog / website is as important and amazing as painting the walls of the house.

And it doesn’t stop there, usability doesn’t just involve the appearance of things. Knowing if you are speaking the same language as your user or if the exits and buttons on your site are well signposted are also part of it as well as preventing your site from having errors.

Are you going to tell me that you are no more amazing than Rodrigo Hilbert painting a wall ?!

Teach your child to surf x Explain to the people you work with

I know that kids are naturally cute and that parents teaching their kids to surf is even more cute. Once again Rodrigo is doing something that seems too much for us, mere mortals, isn’t he?

Rodrigo Hilbert teaching his son to surf

I believe that surfing must be something very difficult and challenging. But have you ever tried to explain to your grandmother about your daily work chores?

If you are a marketer and are here reading this article, it certainly means that you survived the Christmas dinner and the challenge of explaining to the family that your job is not to “stay on the internet all day”.

I bet with you that this is much more difficult than teaching a child to surf, isn’t it Rodrigo Hilbert ?!

Especially because it takes a lot of “waist game” to keep a balance between making your work something totally understandable for a lady and not answering that “it’s an internet thing”.

Having a TV show vs. Having amazing articles published on your behalf

Fame, money, recognition and fans. Being a star on a TV show seems to be the culmination of Rodrigo Hilbert’s life, isn’t it? It is where he shows the world all his skills that make him the new standard of the perfect man.

Rodrigo Hilbert taking photo with children

Okay, you might not even be a TV show star! But as a good marketer, you can be a content marketing star and produce amazing articles bringing knowledge to thousands of people.

Producing quality content will generate you authority, money, bring customers, fans and a lot of personal and professional growth. This is as incredible as being a host on a cooking show!

How to build advocates for your brand

Harvest your own ingredients vs. Harvest your strategy results

That way a little rural man, family man and natural cook can be very charming. But don’t think that only Mr. Hilbert can take care of his own garden and harvest fresh food for cooking. Still have doubts?

Rodrigo Hilbert

Every marketing professional is a little Rodrigo Hilbert. We plant our strategies, take care of them, monitor their progress and after a while we reap the rewards of all the work we have done.

After that, will you tell me that you are not thinking how amazing you are, charming and better than the presenter ?!

Dress up as Drag Queen x Know your target audience

When you think: how nice that Rodrigo Hilbert stopped! Remember: he goes there and will appear dressed as a Drag Queen to participate in the program in which his wife Fernanda Lima is presenter. Damn it!
Rodrigo Hilbert drag queen

It seems that now there’s no way, is it? He is better than you and everything is lost … but if we are to follow the line of a good marketing strategy, he is nothing more than suited the audience of the program.

This shows that he did something that is routine for marketing: getting to know and adapting to his target audience. Whether in social, blog or offline media the process of understanding and studying the environment in which your target is is very important.

Nothing better than experiencing a little bit of your audience’s routine and understanding what they really need. This will make your job a lot more fun!

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Crochet x Have a well-aligned strategy

I confess that it took me a few minutes to absorb the fact that Rodrigo Hilbert knows how to crochet, and I don’t. I definitely don’t have a way and I believe that most people who are reading this content also don’t have this ability.

But of course I would find something that makes a marketer someone like the presenter! Crochet is when you go connecting the dots and forming a braid. Right?

Rodrigo Hilbert doing crochet

To make a beautiful piece you need patience and skill and little by little you build the final result. Taking into account the process of assembling a garment using crochet, we can compare it with the integration of a marketing strategy.

At first, you define what your strategy’s objective will be and then what will be the means used to achieve this objective.

For example, if the goal of a marketing team is to generate traffic to a blog, only producing quality content is not enough. You need to marry an email marketing, social and other strategies. By linking these small isolated strategies, you reach your ultimate goal.

Hold this Rodrigo Hilbert!

Doing Yoga x Connecting with the outside world

The serenity of the presenter and the fact that he is always in contact with nature makes him start sighing around!

He builds a wooden house, hunts his own food, cooks, paints a wall, teaches his son to surf, has his own vegetable garden, dresses as a drag queen, crochets, takes care of his children and still has time to practice Yoga! What man!

Rodrigo Hilbert doing yoga

And then I ask you, what do Yoga and a marketing strategy have in common? I would reply that it is the connection to the outside world. I bet you live researching gringo references, accompanying your competitors and looking for market news.

This is being in touch with the outside world, it is looking beyond your own routine and your own capacity. I assure you that many times accomplishing something and reaching your marketing goal can seem impossible like some Yoga movements, but the secret is to keep the practice and be patient as the results come in the long run!

You are a Rodrigo Hilbert of marketing!

If you got here, you probably have a little higher self-esteem, right? The world often makes some normal behaviors extraordinary! This is the power of personal marketing.

As of today, if someone says they want a Rodrigo Hilbert or want to be him, you already know, right? It’s time to show that anyone can be as “incredible” as he is, just having a perspective of view appropriate to each type of professional or lifestyle.

Besides, we just couldn’t help you with green eyes, blond hair and being Fernanda Lima’s husband!

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