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The interactive calculator is a content format that, as part of a marketing strategy, uses interactivity to engage the audience and thereby generate more sales. It is an excellent way to provide users with useful information, helping them to see value in the company.

There are several ways to get public attention. However, reaching that goal is getting more and more difficult, as people’s time remains the same 24 hours, while the amount of information available increases by the hour.

Just a few seconds and that’s it! The attention that was previously given to that content is dissipated and may never return. One reason for this dispersion is the fact that most of the content available on the internet is static.

That is, they are already ready and do not need the participation of the public to transmit the information that is contained there. One way out was to put interactivity on the content, in different formats.

The interactive calculator is one of those formats, which can be aligned with your marketing strategy and bring more leads! In this article, find out what it is, how it works and how to make yours. Let’s comment on the following points:

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What are interactive calculators?

Interactive calculators are tools that, when receiving data from the user, that is, when there is interaction, generate a response based on that data. This unique result is processed in a formula or programmatically.

In short, they are excellent for delivering information that is important to the user and, specifically speaking about marketing, can generate new leads, who start to see value in the company, so that they can make purchases in the future.

Internet access has brought numerous advantages, such as the gain in people’s quality of life, the dissemination of knowledge and the reduction in the cost of various services, just to mention a few points.

On the other hand, the increase in the number of information generated an opposite effect to that desired: people rarely stop to read and understand what is on their screen.

In this sense, interactive calculators are a way to get the public’s attention and, clearly, deliver valuable content. Therefore, they are widely used as a lead generation tool.

In London, the creation of interactive content is still beginning and the use of interactive calculators is not at all common. The reason for this includes several factors, such as the lack of tools known to the market and the little knowledge about the use of interactive content in a marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of using them in marketing strategies?

It is important to remember that interactive calculators alone do not produce results. They need to be part of a well-planned and structured marketing plan that takes into account the persona, as well as her pains and desires.

With that resolved, using this type of calculator is very advantageous. First, the data is provided by the customer and so, you can get to know your audience better, in order to further improve your content strategy.

These data can even be stored, enabling the production of more personalized materials, according to the customer’s response. Thus, the chance of resolving the lead’s pain is enhanced and, consequently, the chance of him closing the purchase increases considerably.

Another advantage is the fact that the interactive calculator is a tool for low cost and high potential for viralization, increasing organic traffic to your site. In addition, there is an increase in the perception of brand value and the quality of leads, who are already better qualified when interacting with the interactive calculator.

Finally, interactive calculators generate higher conversion rates than static content, so that inserting them in your strategy can bring excellent results.

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How can they be used in corporate marketing?

Interactive calculators can be used in a variety of ways, according to marketing and sales strategies.

There are no areas in which calculators would bring more results than in others, but it has been proven in companies outside London that this content format has brought results generating more leads in some sectors. To exemplify, let’s quote them:

  • marketing;
  • construction;
  • property evaluation;
  • real estate;
  • fitness;
  • handmade products;
  • customized products;
  • event organizations in general (weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.);
  • YOU;
  • solar energy;
  • loans.

Because they are versatile and generate personalized responses for the public, there are countless possibilities for use them at any stage of a sales funnel, delivering varied contents.

The choice of the type of interactive calculator depends on the market niche, the public and mainly on the understanding of consumer behavior.

What would interest him, that would make him enter his data (sometimes very personal) and provide the email to receive the answer he has been waiting for?

The union between the type of calculator and the perfect subject is what makes it a marketing success. To better understand how this works, learn about the most common types of interactive calculator.

ROI calculators

The interactive ROI calculator is one that shows the return that will be obtained when performing a certain action that is desired by the public. It may be the use of a product or some necessary activity. It is good for showing the company’s value proposition.

Savings or discount calculators

For those who offer different products or services that are similar, but have different values ​​and prices, this type of interactive calculator can be very useful.

Quantity calculators

Imagine delivering a quote based on the quantity provided by the customer using an interactive calculator!

It can be the quantity of sweets for a wedding according to the number of guests or the quantity of solar panels based on the area of ​​the lead’s house.

It is also a good solution for those working with construction, architecture, personalized products and e-commerce.

Financial planning calculators

It’s a kind of interactive calculator that can bring excellent leads to anyone who works with products that involve the future, such as insurance, financing and loans, or dreams, such as wedding parties, graduations and travel.

Imagine the number of leads that such an interactive calculator could bring to a travel agency that sells cruise vacancies, by helping customers plan how much they should save each month to make their dream trip!

Health or wellness calculators

This interactive calculator is especially important for anyone working in gyms or related fields, including sports medicine and nutrition.

It can indicate the amount of kilograms to lose or gain, the amount of calories that have been ingested, what is the BMI and so on.

Measurement conversion calculators

This type of interactive calculator is very common and can be used by e-commerces or those who sell products in general. Even for trips and excursions it can be used.

Just use your creativity to create innovative solutions and generate more leads.

Comparative calculators

This interactive calculator can be used by those who have different options for products and services, such as selling cell phones and machines.

It is a more complex type and its use depends on the level of knowledge that the public has of the market.

Metric calculators

This type of interactive calculator is especially important for those who need to standardize products. The clothing and clothing area, for example, is one of them, since each store has its own size standard.

It is also good for those working with assessments, such as real estate and cars.

Custom calculators

It is an interactive calculator that can generate good results for those who work with the offer of complex services, such as IT, or for those who work offering B2B products and services. It helps to make decisions or to clarify any doubts of the public.

Now let’s show some examples of good ideas for using this type of material.

Lansinoh has created a calculator that shows the financial benefits of breastfeeding.

Cengage’s calculator shows how much students save using company materials.

Symantec created a calculator to show the ROI that its solutions can generate for the lead.

How to create an interactive calculator?

Creating an interactive calculator is very simple, as long as the main one is defined: the pain of the audience. The subject should draw the persona’s attention and leave him with the feeling that he needs to know more about the subject.

Interactivity, which is the goal of interactive calculators, only exists if you generate curiosity in the public.

Another important step is choose a tool that creates interactive calculators. Preferably, provide metrics for further study and analysis. There are a few on the market:

  • ion interactive;
  • SurveyAnyplace;
  • Calconic.

Ion interactive is one of the most used platforms, as it manages to create new materials without you having to understand programming, not to mention that it still shows the metrics of the material.

Do you want to know how you can also use this tool in your business? So stay on top of how ion works and what its other features are!