You certainly must have heard of the term call center at some point while looking to communicate with a company, be it your internet provider, a store you shopped at or even the company you work for. However, to really know what a call center is, how it works and if it is worthwhile, it is necessary to understand the processes involved.

In addition, there is still a lot of confusion between call center and telemarketing, for example. Therefore, to end all these doubts and help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the call center, follow our content and also see how this model impacts the modern consumer.

What is call center?

The call center is, as its name implies, from English, a call center. The idea of ​​this approach is to centralize communication with the customer in a single location, where one or more operators who dominate different areas and are responsible for different sectors of a company work to provide assistance and support to consumers.

For example, when calling a call center, you will often come across a recorded message designed to direct you to the right department, such as the technical, sales (telemarketing), support, customer area, among others.

However, it is important to differentiate it from other terms also used in the customer service scenario, such as telemarketing and contact center.


O telemarketing in fact, it can be considered a sales channel, where representatives contact consumers or answer their calls in order to offer, promote and close sales directly over the phone.

Usually, the team of salespeople working in telemarketing is not responsible for assisting consumers who have technical questions, for example. The best example would be, again, your internet provider. The representative who sells you the product through telemarketing over the phone is hardly the same person who will help you to solve connection problems.

Contact center

Today, working only with a call center is no longer a reality. Modern companies have already adapted and evolved to offer a contact center – in fact, this term can also be used to refer to a call center. While in the past the call center was a call center, that is, it focused on communication and relationship with the consumer over the phone, in the contact center you can find other alternatives for contact, such as email, online chat, service via social networks , among others.

Taking this into account, the international market no longer differentiates between the terms call center and contact center, you will understand more about this by following the statistics below.

What is Call Center and how it works

Call center statistics

Even so, knowing what a call center is and how it works still does not allow you to identify if it is really worth it. So, check out some statistics about the call center, as well as its main pros and cons.

According to Finances Online – one of the largest tool and service assessment platforms in the United States – the call center scenario is no longer the same as it was a few years ago, especially due to the launch of new technologies and changes in consumer behavior modern. Identify the following numbers:

  • The market for call center systems is still heated and was worth $ 16.28 billion in 2018;

  • While in 2008 only 2.2% of companies offered contact centers in the cloud, in 2017, 62% of organizations had already migrated from a telephone service model to offer a hosted contact center online.

  • The global call center market, which also involves contact centers, consumer relationship centers and multimedia access centers, is expected to reach a value of US $ 481 billion by 2024, being driven by the need to work with more customer-oriented services. consumer.

Taking these data into account, it is important to understand that, today, offering only a call center no longer allows you to meet the demands of the modern consumer. Especially considering the transition and benefits of service through online contact centers. Understand better.

Call center in online service

Now that you know what a call center is, it is important to understand its position in the modern world. Today, call centers have already been incorporated into complete systems that offer yet other alternatives for online service. Especially considering that it is already possible to make calls using exclusively the internet connection, the use of standard telephone calls for attendance has been decreasing more and more.

According to Microsoft, today, consumers use an average of three service channels to contact a company, the main ones being online chat, email and phone.

Between B2B ecommerces (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer), 66% already offer an online chat to serve their consumers directly from within their pages. In addition, it is important to consider the consumer satisfaction index in relation to the service channels. As you can identify through the evaluation of Econsultancy, today, telephone service has one of the lowest satisfaction rates.

Customer satisfaction index with service channels

Meanwhile, online chat is considered the preferred service channel by online consumers. That’s because the best tools on the market, like Websites Are Us, offer not only the possibility to chat with customers in real time, but also other resources that help to break barriers of online service, such as proactive in-store invitations, automatic translation, among others.

How to optimize your service

Evaluating all this data and knowing what a call center is, you may be thinking that it may not be worth it, but this is not necessarily true. The fact is that to satisfy modern consumers you need to work with convenient solutions, focused on the customer experience.

Focus on the mobile consumer

Today, more than 52% of online traffic already occurs from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets and, as pointed out by a survey focused on the Brazilian market in 2018 conducted by Mundo do Marketing, ecommerces already had a large part of their online sales achieved by mobile.

Taking this data into account, it is important to consider some factors relevant to the mobile consumer so that you can offer convenience and optimize your service.

Consider that these customers don’t want to be stuck on the phone waiting on the line until someone is available. They are also not satisfied with having to call several times if their operators are busy and, finally, do not want to be prevented from continuing to browse the page of their business or perform other activities. So, consider investing in an online chat and offering a callback solution, understand it better.

Work with Callback

As much as the standard telephone service no longer satisfies so many customers, it does not mean that you should not use this channel, but that you should invest in more modern solutions to communicate with the customer, especially now that you know what it is call center.

A great example of this is Callback tools. This solution completely changes the dynamics of telephone service and addresses the main differential factor between online chat and the telephone: speed in response time.

How to work with callback in the call center

Through Callback, the consumer does not have to wait on the line until an operator is available. Instead, he informs his phone and requests a call to his team directly through a widget (button) on his page or even through his integrated online chat tool.

With this, the customer can continue to carry out his activities normally until he receives a call from an operator, where he can speak directly to a human attendant without having to go through an IVR (Audible Response Unit).

So, did you find out what Call Center is?

Today, there is no longer a need to work with different platforms and separate systems and, if you really want to achieve excellence in service and turn it into a competitive advantage in your business – especially in the digital market – you need to integrate your services and offer an omnichannel experience .

At first, the idea of ​​offering multiple integrated service channels may seem complicated or even expensive, but this is not true. If you want to serve customers through online chat, callback, VoIP phone (Voice Over IP, that is, call center in the cloud) and even through social networks through a single platform, you need to know Websites Are Us.

With its integrated services, you will be able to follow service reports from all contact points in a single location, centralizing information and allowing consumers to navigate between channels without interruptions in service.

Knowing what a call center is and knowing the quality and efficiency of these systems, today, more and more companies are innovating in service and not just offering a single point of communication. Don’t be left behind, install Websites Are Us for free and get to know the platform’s differentials.