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The interactive white paper is considered a next step for leads that are part of a Content Marketing strategy. As it is a more in-depth material on a given topic, when it joins with interactivity, it can bring excellent results for those who apply it.

Content Marketing is a strategy that has been used by countless companies to increase market share and authority, in addition to educating the market about the product or service offered.

Within a marketing plan, different materials can be used at different stages of the sales funnel. The most used are ebooks, infographics, videos and articles.

The white paper is also a type of material, but it has been losing space over time. Even though it has the power to inform the reader something deeper, it is little used in marketing, generally staying in more complex strategies.

However, the arrival of the interactive white paper brought back this type of format that can add several benefits to a marketing and sales strategy.

Learn the benefits and how to get the best out of interactive white papers for your strategy in this article. For this, we will comment on the following points:

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What is an interactive white paper?

To explain what an interactive white paper is, we first need to talk about what a white paper is.

Think of a material that offers advanced content on a subject, containing a survey of the problems and the definitive solution in a single material. This is a white paper.

The interactive white paper is then a format of interactive content that raises the causes and solves a problem, involving the reader through interactions, that is, the content only advances if the user participates together.

It is important to remember that the white paper usually delivers the content in a more technical language and in a deeper way than other materials, such as ebooks and infographics. Perhaps that is why it is less used than they are.

Another reason for the low usage is its main objective: to rescue prospects who have already accessed some content of the decision stage and, for some reason, did not go ahead. In addition, eventually, it helps rescue people who were once customers of the company, but did not continue.

The interactive white paper is a way to warm up those contacts again and generate qualified leads for sale, known as SQL‘s.

What are the benefits of this interactive content format?

The static white paper was seen by many marketers as “too boring”, precisely because of its denser characteristics. The interactive version allows for a better audience experience.

A survey by the Content Marketing Institute in 2017 found that 87% of marketers agree that interactive content, of any format, captures the reader’s attention better than static content.

Most importantly, 77% of these professionals believe that interactive content can increase the company’s exposure, generating repeat visitors and access to different materials.

As the main objective is exactly to capture this audience that accesses different contents, mainly those of the decision stage, the white paper can be the material that is missing in your content strategy to increase leads and sales.

According to the same survey, for 50% of marketers, white papers have a better role when inserted into content in the middle of the funnel, against 35% at the top of the funnel and 15% at the bottom of the funnel.

The interactive white paper plays an important role for anyone who uses interactive content in their content strategy. It is present in 27% of the companies interviewed in the surveys, that is, almost 1 in 3 marketers use this format at some stage of their marketing plan.

How can they be used in a content strategy?

To illustrate how white papear can be inserted in your marketing strategy, we have separated some interesting examples of using this material. Follow!

Dun & Bradstreet

The company created an interactive white paper, showing the role of data to build marketing campaigns and improve relationships with consumers.


The company used an interactive white paper to show how to create a successful patient engagement strategy.


The animal feed company got 2150 new leads as its white diet paper for horses.


Making a white paper nowadays is quite simple. And if the marketing strategy is well done, it has everything to generate more leads and sales. The first step is to define the theme, which owes something important to the persona, according to the stage of the purchase journey in which he is.

Then, elaborate the content, which must obey the rules of the white paper: deliver a definitive solution to the public, showing the causes and how to resolve, in a more in-depth way.

The next step is to choose an interactive content creation tool. Some, like ion interactive, have a wide variety of templates and are easily customizable, in addition to providing metrics for analysis and being integrated with other platforms.

It is also important to remember to disclose this material when ready, using emails and social networks, for example.

Interactive content must be measured by transforming the relationship between company and customer. An effective interactive content strategy should generate public satisfaction, retention and loyalty, increasing the company’s profitability.

The various formats of interactive content must be inserted in this strategy, to reach and engage audiences at different stages of the purchase journey.

Interactive ebooks can also bring good results for those who want to bet on interaction in their materials. To show the benefits and how to use them, we’ve separated an article that better explains how they work. Access and check!