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Internal marketing is an institutional marketing strategy aimed at internal actions in the company. It is also called Internal Marketing and aims to improve the company’s image among its employees, culminating in a motivated team and reducing turnover.


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O Endomarketing is one of the most effective ways to reduce the turnover (employee turnover index) and attract highly qualified professionals to the company.

The strategy helps to create and develop an image of a good place to work and ends up becoming the dream job for many people.

Since marketing must start from the inside out, we’ll give you ten tips on how to implement a marketing strategy endomarketing successfully in your company.


What does endomarketing mean?

Internal marketing is an institutional marketing strategy focused on internal actions in the company. It is also called Internal Marketing and aims to improve the company’s image among its employees, culminating in a motivated team and reducing the turnover (turnover rate).

The importance of investing in this strategy revolves around the influence of employees within the company itself – they have daily contact with all processes and this makes them better able to give their opinion and influence people about the brand in general.

For example: let’s imagine the employees of a restaurant. When they are satisfied with the work and conditions within the company, they tend to talk more about the advantages and benefits for their family and friends.

This causes all these people to have a different perception of that business: they begin to see the company in a more human and charismatic way, developing a feeling of “adoration” for the business.

Considering the gigantic number of new companies that appear every day, when we think about this type of influence, we need to consider: this is how big companies stand out in the market – why stay out?

HR and Marketing

Despite its name, endomarketing is not just about marketing actions.

It is a combination of actions between HR and the company’s marketing sector. HR needs to pay attention to the needs of its employees, transforming problems into possibilities for improvement and working to ensure the best work environment for them.

This is really a four-way job.

Internal marketing needs to motivate employees, making them really feel an important part of the company.

For this, HR and the marketing team need to join forces and work on the interaction of the employee with the company, developing activities on a daily basis that result in greater motivation of the team.

This can be translated as actions that encourage family participation with the company, training to train employees and make them increasingly skilled and prepared to face day-to-day activities, exchange of experiences among employees, valuing individual performance and the team, showing the positive perception of the company regarding the good work developed by the team.

Few companies are really aware of the need to invest in internal marketing actions. However, those who understand the importance end up standing out considerably in the market.

Why work with internal marketing?

Before investing in this strategy, it is essential to understand how it can affect your company. Check it out below:

1. More motivated employees

Internal marketing helps motivate employees. This is because the company is more open to the ideas and improvements that employees have to offer.

The motivation of employees increases considerably when they realize that they are inserted in an environment that is concerned with the quality of work and well-being.

2. Productivity optimization

As well as motivation, productivity also becomes a reality within companies with good endomarketing strategies.

When employees feel more motivated and satisfied with their work, they do it better, with a more proactive attitude and guaranteeing the best results for the business.

3. Lower employee turnover

Again, motivation is linked to another endomarketing advantage.

When we think of employees who are more motivated and satisfied with the work environment in which they operate, it is notable that employee turnover decreases.

When they realize that they are inserted in a work environment that values ​​the quality and well-being of employees, few are willing to leave the company – not only thinking about their salary, but because of the importance that the company gives to all its employees.

4. More loyal and committed employees to the company

Put yourself in the employee’s shoes: you would also feel more welcomed by a company that cares about your needs and suggestions for improving the company’s day-to-day activities.

This directly impacts the loyalty and commitment that employees develop with the place where they work.

5. The company has a healthier and more pleasant organizational climate

When the company is concerned with the quality of work and well-being of its employees, the flow of activities adjusts and the processes start to be followed more precisely.

This influences the team’s performance and the increase in positive results, as it directly impacts the company’s productivity and results.

6. Quality of work and well-being

Some activities on a daily basis are stressful.

Many employees end up letting that kind of moment at work affect their well-being. When the company is concerned about the health of its employees, the work environment becomes more pleasant and we notice a considerable improvement in the mental health of the team and reduction of stress in the offices.

3 examples of companies that do internal marketing

As already mentioned, large companies have already realized the importance of working with internal marketing – they have begun to realize the need to take care of employees, optimizing the satisfaction, motivation and commitment of the team to ensure greater development of the company. It is interesting to follow the strategies used to achieve an action plan within the company itself.

1. Toyota

Toyota is a company that has a remarkable endomarketing strategy. The strategy was implemented in a different way, betting as much as possible on creativity and teamwork.

The internal marketing actions have turned Toyota into a world reference for being able to work positively on the company’s relationship with its employees.

In the company, employees present new proposals and ideas that are put into practice annually. After hiring a new employee, he goes through five months of training, learning the company’s culture, understanding and following the car production process and, finally, dedicating himself to understanding the needs and difficulties of customers at dealerships.

Thus, at the end of the training period, the new employee is already trained and aware of all the processes within the company – thus being able to present new ideas for improvements on a daily basis. As a result, employees feel more useful and important within the corporation, feeling more and more motivated and dedicated to activities.

In addition, the company presents motivational lectures and training to increasingly train its employees.

2. Golden Cross

Golden Cross is a London company that works with health plans. Realizing the importance and necessity of endomarketing investment, he even invested around R $ 750 thousand in internal marketing incentives in the branches of Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo to increase sales and optimize results .

They realized that this type of improvement could come from the inside out, since, once the team feels more motivated, committed and satisfied with the company they work for, procrastination time is reduced and we noticed a considerable increase in results.

The amount invested in endomarketing by Golden Cross was divided into several prizes, including values ​​for the purchase or renovation of the employees’ own homes and the award with appliances and household items for the company’s best sellers.

The performance of the brokers resulted in extra remuneration for each of them, as a way of showing that the company sees the efforts and recognizes the efforts of the employees to transform the results into positively remarkable numbers for the company.

3. Fiat

Fiat defends the idea that the internal team should be treated in the same way and with the same care as external customers. With this in mind, she promotes internal actions aimed at valuing her collaborators. For example, employees are the first customers to drive tests on company launches.

In addition, Fiat works with endomarketing bringing the employees ‘family closer and closer to the company, offering birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, debutante balls and other events for the employees’ family.

Aiming to bring its employees closer to the company, Fiat has a very well-structured internal communication system, offering vacancies, promotions and practicality to talk to the boss, showing that there is no distance from the board of directors for employees, and that they are so important as bosses within the business structure.

What does it take to implement endomarketing?

The first step is to remember that internal marketing will work inside the company, always focusing on employees and their perception of the place where they work.

For this, it is necessary to carry out work that understands the greatest needs and difficulties of your company’s team. That’s when HR comes in.

This sector needs to get in touch with all employees and talk about what they think of the company, what are the things that need to be changed and restructured and how the company can help them on a daily basis.

Once this information is collected, it is time to start structuring endomarketing actions. These actions need to bring the employee closer to the company.

Among the most common practices of internal marketing, we find the training of teams that helps in leveling employees, in addition to promoting the exchange of experiences and increasing the interaction between them on a daily basis.

In addition, we also realize that the bonus for results has also been something that has been worked on a lot by companies that have already been aware of the need to invest in internal marketing.

This bonus takes place according to the performance of each member of the team, and is a way of showing that the company really recognizes the daily efforts of employees in order to take off business.

Once the endomarketing actions that will be worked on in your business are outlined, it’s time to put them into practice.

During and after the implementation process, it is essential to carry out satisfaction surveys with employees, in addition to asking their opinion on what can be changed in the company – and how they suggest that this be done.

At the end of all internal marketing actions, it will be possible to notice a considerable improvement in the climate in the workplace, as employees will be increasingly motivated and satisfied with the environment in which they operate, in addition to striving more and more to increase and optimize the results achieved monthly by the company.

15 endomarketing strategies to implement in your company

Whether to win customers or employees, communication is the main key within the company.

The way in which the management communicates with its employees will dictate how they will perceive their brand and, therefore, the projected and perceived image must be well worked out.

With that in mind, we have separated some endomarketing strategies that can change the way you talk and deal with your employees, increasing your team’s satisfaction and making them true brand lovers.

1. Improvement in internal communication processes

Internal communication is the key to implementing actions that can help improve the work environment. Therefore, it is essential that your company works to improve communication processes with employees.

This is important to transform the dialogue within the company into a two-way street, where employees also have a voice and are able to express opinions and suggest improvements in internal processes.

This type of attitude makes the people inside the company feel more and more useful and fundamental to the performance of the business, increasing the motivation of the whole team.

2. Lectures and motivational events

Thinking about increasing the motivation of the team and helping the personal growth of each of the employees, giving lectures and motivational events is essential so that each important part of the company is able to structure its professional path, outlining personal growth objectives and listing goals that can be achieved with the help of the company.

These lectures tend to add positively to the personal and professional training of each of the collaborators, giving them a greater base of knowledge and preparation to face the activities and demands of the market.

Like customers, employees are also showing an increasing interest in education and the ability to make their own decisions. The company needs to position itself positively to this demand, presenting itself as a supportive hand towards these objectives.

3. Integration initiatives

Bringing employees closer to the company is essential to ensure that they identify with the business and feel that they are a fundamental part of the processes. The integration initiatives reflect, precisely, the proximity of each employee to the entire team and to the company.

Whether it’s happy hours or year-end parties, the company needs to invest in ways to increase the proximity and friendship between its employees.

Some companies go beyond simple celebrations. As was the case exemplified by Fiat, investing in employees’ personal events is also an option.

Another way of integrating employees is the implementation of study groups that aim to increase the knowledge and well-being of the participants through the exchange of experiences and intellectual growth with collaborative learning.

If a common interest is perceived among employees for specific activities, such as running, it is interesting to work on the formation of groups of collective exercises, making integration between people go beyond the work environment.

Aid groups for needy entities are also a good option – it is interesting to try to work in solidarity with each of the employees, taking them to actions that make them feel necessary and important not only in the business environment, but also in the life of others. other people who need help.

We need to find ways to present the company’s values ​​in endomarketing actions on a daily basis so that its employees really wear the shirt and realize that they are fundamental not only in the company’s internal processes, but in the integration with society, increasing their well-being and satisfaction with work and seeing value in day-to-day activities.

4. Employee satisfaction survey

As with customers, employees also demand satisfaction surveys. For the company to be well structured and guarantee the well-being of the team, it is necessary that the HR sector be available to carry out research that helps in understanding the needs and demands of all employees.

Thus, it will be possible to implement activities that improve the work environment and positively transform the lives of these people.

Another interesting point during the satisfaction survey is to ask employees what they believe is a good solution for certain situations.

Taking into account your suggestions, and showing that they are being thought about and put into practice, helps to increase the company’s sense of care and zeal for the interests of its employees – they feel more present and fundamental in the company’s internal processes.

why do research

5. Benefits for employees

In addition to benefits such as transportation vouchers, food and medical assistance, there are other possibilities that can – and should – be explored.

Some companies invest in gym vouchers or partnerships with companies that can assist in the well-being of their employees, such as discount coupons in beauty salons, barber shops, massage and acupuncture sessions, space for pets, children’s day at work, etc.

Flexible hours and the possibility of a home office are also interesting in companies that support this format.

These solutions make the employee feel that the company trusts his competence, leaving that model where an employee is held in square hours and standards and entering a new vision of the market, where productivity is fundamental, regardless of where or how this person works.

In addition, some companies work with bonuses. Employees with the best monthly performance earn some kind of prize or bonus, be it an extra percentage in their salary or some items like household appliances, family trips, city tours, etc.

These benefits are able to motivate more and more the team that, in view of the recognition of their work, is increasingly dedicated to improving the company’s monthly results, increasing productivity, reducing costs and promoting constant growth in cash and cash flow. business structure.

6. Request references to employees

Hiring a competent, reliable professional who is in line with the job’s needs takes time and effort.

So, whenever you open a job vacancy in your company and you are preparing a recruitment and selection process, start by asking for references for your employees.

Often, they know a friend or neighbor who has good qualifications for the job. Remember that attracting and retaining good professionals is important to improve your business image.

Another factor to be considered is that, when requesting references from employees, they will feel a good deal of confidence placed in them.

7. Establish a career plan

Companies that have a career plan show an image of valuing professionals and arouse everyone’s interest in working on it.

Existing employees are more motivated, as they see possibilities for growth and professional and personal achievements. It doesn’t have to be that complex at first.

Start by offering job opportunities that arise for higher level positions in the company to the most dedicated and skilled employees.

Promote a competition (written and practical exam) and decide who deserves the position. Over time you can improve your strategy and further professionalize your business.

8. Praise and thank your employees

The motivation of most employees is not only linked to the financial incentives they receive. They also want recognition.

Therefore, start to establish a habit of praise and thanks to employees for their services and results achieved. Soon, all departmental managers will be doing the same with their employees and you will have a respectful company with always motivated employees.

9. Train and empower your employees

People like it when the company promotes training in order to increase their qualification.

This strategy not only helps to improve internal practices but also raises the level of employee satisfaction, since the company demonstrates its concern to develop them professionally.

A training program can be implemented annually or semi-annually so that employees increase the level of engagement with the business, make commitments to results and form leaders.

This strategy will be essential to complement the career plan program that you will institute in the company.

10. Share good examples

To further improve the work environment, you can demonstrate to the entire company the results achieved by one or more employees who went beyond their limitations to achieve it.

Above-average results, ideas, innovative practices, own initiatives, creative solutions and other good examples should be mentioned in meetings, posted on murals and used as an example of good practices to encourage the entire company to repeat this type of behavior and seek improvement business continuity.

Thus, you will see employee satisfaction increase and encourage healthy competition for recognition at work. But first, remember to ask permission from the employee who will be exposed.

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11. Make institutional videos

Videos represent the form of media that attracts the most attention in the world. I use that to your advantage. Go beyond just writing posters or signs with the company’s mission, vision and values ​​and record a video.

Make a professional presentation of your business using the internal images, including the employees working.

Demonstrate how important your company is to the community, social and environmental responsibilities they embrace, technologies used to make processes reliable, investments, desired and achieved growth results, valuing professionals and whatever else you consider relevant.

Place the video on the company’s website (in the “Home“,” Institutional “or” The company “) and also post on video platforms like Youtube, for example. This will give more insight into your business, arouse greater interest from professionals in working on it and increase the satisfaction of existing employees.

12. Promote public relations

One of the most powerful weapons for a good strategy of endomarketing is to practice public relations. Be in direct contact with the inhabitants of the community, the press, the government, suppliers, customers, partners and shareholders to hear complaints and suggestions on how the company can contribute to the development of the local economy.

Choose and determine the communication channels to perform this task and record the information received and passed during the contact. This practice will considerably improve the company’s image with employees and society.

13. Offer courses and lectures to the community

If your company is an expert in the industry, why not educate people in the surrounding community to become professional too? In addition to opening doors for many people to get a better job or create a source of income, the company may also be qualifying a professional who will be its employee in the future.

With this strategy, there is a great possibility that the community will become a natural defender of your company, once you promote improvements for it.

14. Participate in workshops

Companies that are building value through a strong image in the market must participate in the wokshops most important in the sector.

build your stand to demonstrate products and services, results they promote, how it works in society and take the opportunity to educate professionals. Appoint a specialist in your company to give a lecture on any topic relevant to the sector and you will achieve a high level of respect in the segment.

15. Organize business events

Annually, your business can organize an event to bring together the best customers and put them in touch with the company’s professionals. In addition to bringing customers closer, the company will have a great opportunity to carry out the endomarketing demonstrating values ​​and passing the image of a responsible and professional company.

To improve even more, reward the best employees of the year, also reward the best customers, promote lectures and short courses to professionalize your customers and employees and end with a fraternization.

Use these tips as a strategy for endomarketing for your business and you will see how it all returns in the form of more consistent results when executing your customer-oriented marketing plan.

Putting endomarketing actions into practice way beyond the company’s marketing industry.

HR is the main tool to optimize all processes and bring employees closer to the business, transforming them into fundamental pieces for the company’s performance.

It is necessary to understand that a satisfied employee brings numerous benefits to the company. After all, motivation and productivity are optimized and this transforms results at the end of the month, always on an increasing scale of team and business performance.

The first step towards success, then, is to show employees how concerned the company is with their well-being and working conditions, making them involved in the processes if they feel satisfied in their daily work. improvements with the company.

How about knowing other ways of doing marketing within the company? Check out the types of marketing and learn to optimize more and more internal processes and increase your business profits!

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