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If you don’t know Google Instant Apps yet, know that you’re missing out on a good opportunity to get more out of app features without sacrificing your mobile device’s memory. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a problem with that, right? We started to download this and that app and, when we see it, we have […]

If you don’t know Google Instant Apps yet, know that you’re missing out on a good opportunity to get more out of app features without sacrificing your mobile device’s memory.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a problem with that, right? We started to download this and that app and, when we see it, we are having difficulties on the cell phone. In addition to the lack of space, it is not uncommon for the device to slow down, impairing other functions.

Google Instant Apps was launched in 2016, but we can say that 2018 was a key year for its consolidation, mainly due to the release of the resource for games.

Check out our article! We will explain how it works, what you need to do and also indicate the advantages for the developers!

What is Google Instant Apps?

Google Instant Apps is a technological solution created by Google for facilitate access to applications available for the Android system.

In this first moment, when enabling the instant visualization of the apps, the tool works as a kind of test. The user can understand the main features before downloading the app.

But this is not a “demo” version. It manages, through the browser, to have access to the experiences offered by the application.

The proposal is that, based on this possibility, users can make better use of the resources, without having to install them on their cell phones.

This is possible because developers can make parts of your app available, for example.

Why is Google Instant Apps important?

To get an idea of ​​the importance of Google Instant Apps, the its launch is considered a milestone in the evolution of apps. And the public response was excellent: since the launch of the Beta version in 2016, the resource has already gathered more than 500 million users.

This information was disclosed by Google, which introduced the novelty to the market in 2016 and has gradually released the option of Instant Apps in the countries in which it operates. In London, the feature has been available on the Play Store since 2017.

Among its benefits, the fact that the user has the speed of an app developed for the web, but with design and several other features of the native apps, stands out.

We are talking about more facilities for the user, and the generation of new opportunities for companies, which can develop different types of solutions for their customers.

How does the feature work?

Having understood the concept, let’s see how it is possible to explore the features of this tool.


First, it is important to understand the user experience.

The instant app will start only when the user clicks to open it. The service is free and, if you no longer want to access it, just change the settings in the store.

To make changes, follow these steps:

  1. open the Settings app on your mobile device or other device;
  2. go to Google and then Instant Apps;
  3. move the radio button to turn instant apps on or off.

Detail: if the option does not appear, it means that the apps are not yet available on your device.

Another important information for the user: the use of apps depends on the quality of your internet connection, because you need to be online to use the resource (in most cases).


In the case of developers, according to information released by Google, it is important to remember that this is not a new application. The same source codes are used for the instant version.

The proposal is that it is a complement to the application and not that there is a definitive replacement.

It is not mandatory to offer this option to the user, so it depends on the company’s decision.

Once the application view via modules is released, the process usually takes a day to be implemented.

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What are the advantages for the user?

Here are some of the main benefits of Google Instant Apps. Check out!

Freeing up space

The lack of space for data storage is one of the negative points of applications. Users often resist installing because they don’t want to waste space on their devices.

The development of cloud services has helped to improve this issue, but having a web app is not always the best solution.

This is one of the benefits of Google Instant Apps. The user can take advantage of the main features of the applications without installing on the device.

From the developers’ point of view, the tool also allows the company to better target resources to the specific needs of its client. For example, a fast food chain may offer an instant app to anyone who searches for a location.

Like this, we are talking about not only freeing up more space, but offering a more customized product that meets the demands of the public.

In terms of navigation, it is similar to a web page. That is, when closing the window, the user is no longer logged into the app.

A recurring question is about offline use. Everything will depend on the type of functionality offered. But yes, in some cases it is possible to use the app even without being connected to the internet.

More users

With the facilities offered to users, developers immediately saw an increase in the number of applications adhered to.

Results released by Google show that the results were quite positive on that front.

In addition to the issue of storage, which is important for users who have difficulty doing this type of maintenance, the possibility of better know the features before installation.

This is a very common situation: the person learns about an application, likes the features, but ends up not following the installation.

With the possibility of using the resources, you can better base your decision to download.

This is true for both paid and free applications.

More facilities

In the Google Instant Apps marketing materials, one of the aspects that has been highlighted by Google is the opportunity to make better use of the resources of the applications.

Vimeo, for example, recorded a 130% increase in the duration of users’ sessions after the possibility of instant viewing.

Still in terms of facilities, the issue of sharing stands out. The person can send a link and access is via the app, even if the person does not have the app installed on their device.

More games available

For those who like a game on mobile, Google Instant Apps is an excellent option.

The number of users who download games has grown a lot and, in this case, nothing better than getting a test beforehand, correct?

Aiming this audience, Instant Gameplay has increased the volume of games available in this format. The proposal is that the user, if he thinks this is the case, do the installation after trying the products.

Custom features

Google itself has argued that the development of instant apps aims to promote the spread of the use of applications, creating a more conducive environment for these solutions.

With the possibility of offering apps through specific modules, the proposal is to offer the right app at the best possible time. Hence the need to have something that can be easily accessed by the user.

In this way, we see an evolution in this area, in which we can have thousands of applications available, but without the burden of having to store them on our mobile devices.

And we are not only referring to the issue of storage space, but also the organization of files, which can be complicated when we have a large number of options.

How will evolution be?

Launched in 2016 in beta, Google Instant Apps has evolved a lot in recent years. This means that Google has invested to promote the necessary improvements.

A positive aspect has been the response from users and, of course, the developers. The tool’s tests have been done by major companies and they have approved the experience.

The NY Times Crossword, for example, recently reported that it increased the session time by two times after the launch of the Instant App version of the native app.

A proof of the importance that Google has given to the tool was the inclusion, in March 2018, of the option of games.

It was also announced an increase in capacity from 4 Megs to 10 Megs for the Google Instant Apps versions. This was an important change, even for developers to be able to offer more complete experiences for users.

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