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The top of the funnel, or attraction phase, is the first stage of the sales funnel, which is also composed of the middle and bottom. It is considered as the awareness phase, since this public has already identified that it has a problem, but does not yet know how to solve it and, therefore, is not ready to start the business transaction.

The market is increasingly competitive and the consumption habit it is no longer the same.

To give you an idea, some time ago, just because organizations have social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) it was already considered that this company was using effective Digital Marketing strategies.

Today, however, the virtual world is for everyone and any company can have a page on the internet to promote its products and or services.

What we mean is that most enterprises (not to mention all) already operate at full speed in the digital scene.

With so much information, what counts as corporate success is to attract visitors who can become real customers.

However, that doubt arises: “I have many visitors on my website and many followers on my social networks! But why do I have low sales conversion?

This questioning shows that the sales funnel is not being used well or is not attracting people correctly.

It is no use looking only at the number of people accessing your content, this does not guarantee you sales success!

So that your company does not become obsolete and stand out in the market, we prepared today’s post especially for you!

Find out now what is the top of the sales funnel, its importance and how to create this type of content:

What is the funnel top?

The top of the funnel is considered to be the awareness of the sales funnel. It is the place to awaken the future customer’s interest.

This is the widest part of the funnel, where you receive the most visitors and organic traffic.

This awakening is essential for your business, after all, nobody buys anything without a reason, right?

In this case, the top of the funnel is the space to educate potential buyers by becoming loyal customers of your brand.

Here, you will attract a lot of people who may discover that your product or service may be exactly what they were looking for.

So you can see how important the widest part of the funnel is, do you agree?

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How important is the top of the sales funnel?

It has already been said that the top is the place where people are attracted, that is, the starting point of any business.

So, we can highlight some important points about the top of the sales funnel:

First contact

As you’ve been tired of talking, the top of the funnel is where people first contact your company.

For this reason, it is good to remember the old saying: “First impression remains.

Often (not to mention every time) a great initial contact arouses the person’s curiosity to learn more about the company and the solution it has, attracting new perspectives for the consumer.

Make discoveries

When you arouse people’s curiosity, you get them to think about problems they previously ignored and start looking for solutions for them.

Once consumers begin to realize that there is a problem, they will have more interest educating themselves to resolve this issue.

Educates users on a new subject

Once people discover a problem, they automatically have an interest in learning more about the new topic.

Initially, they have no contact or material to read.

The top of the funnel is the Gateway which will determine whether what she seeks solves her problems.

Therefore, it is essential to have adequate and valuable content that educates your audience and offers solutions to your demands.

How to create content for the top of the funnel?

To have great content at the top of the funnel, you should follow these tips:

Content must be easily accessible

The content of the top of the funnel has to make your brand persona discover that they have a problem that must be resolved.

Therefore, it is essential that all of its initial content be easily accessible, as the idea at the top is to receive a large volume of curious people, who do not know much about a certain subject.

Therefore, the material made available must be easily found and all information must be clear and objective.

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Clarity and objectivity

The material must be clear and objective, that is, it cannot have exaggerated information, as people will certainly be confused about what is being written and will give up looking for more about their brand.

In the first moment of the sales cycle, people are just curious about a subject and have no interest in buying.

That is why avoid selling, directly promoting your products and your company in the content you are making available.

Never quote your company

An important tip is to never directly quote your company in this funnel top content.

In fact, at the top of the funnel it is not even known if whoever accessed it will actually arouse interest in your services.

If you make any mention of the company, the user will think it is advertising and will give up reading more about its content.

Once again, the idea is arouse curiosity of those who visit and generate qualified leads, using appropriate tools for this purpose.

Use tools to generate qualified leads

Quality content means greater generation of qualified leads, that is, users who have a high chance of closing a sale.

For this, it is essential to have the best tools for the top of the funnel, which are:

Social networks

The funnel top idea is to increase visitor traffic.

Therefore, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, is a great chance to arouse the curiosity of potential customers.

Use images and a look that catch the attention of users and make calls to relevant subjects that are contained in blog posts.

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Blog post

The blog post is the first contact of the client on a certain topic that, potentially, can become a demand for him.

The texts must be easily accessible to any visitor and the information contained therein must awaken the curiosity of the reader to know more about the subject.


Newsletters are another way of spreading your content. They enable direct communication with the customer on a regular and periodic basis.

In general, specific content is sent on one or more subjects so that the consumer has more interest in solving a problem and advance to the next step of the funnel.

The top of the funnel is where you achieve your goals

With all the information said throughout this post, you can see how important the top of the sales funnel is, right?

Content Marketing is essential for your company to prosper, retaining customers and attracting new consumers.

And you, what do you think of the top of the funnel? What content do you use? Share with us in the comments!

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