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Media Temple is a more advanced hosting provider, as it provides access to features and services that few providers offer. Intended for experienced web developers, its usability is not very friendly, leaving only the specialists more comfortable with the technical aspects.

Over two decades of service, Media Temple has won at least 125,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Currently, the company has disclosed that it hosts more than 1.5 million websites.

But is it the ideal host for your web business?

One of the ways to increase competitiveness in the online market is to have a functional website that is practically 100% of the time available. These advantages can be obtained when you hire a good hosting provider. Thinking about it, we made this post.

Discover, from now on, what is Media Temple, the types of plans, the services and resources included, for whom it is most suitable and the pros and cons!

What is Media Temple?

The Media Temple is a hosting provider for web developers. It offers plans filled with useful tools and services to professionals and apprentices in the field, such as cloud resources from AWS (Amazon Web Service) and managed plans from WordPress and VPS (Virtual Private Server).

The company’s headquarters are in Los Angeles and was founded in 1998, with the aim of meeting the specific needs of web designers. Media Temple offers hosting services in the cloud (cloud computing) capable of serving almost 2 million users worldwide.

In 2016, Media Temple was acquired by GoDaddy. However, an agreement signed between the managers defined that the two companies would continue to operate independently.

The most famous brands that use Media Temple are Samsung, Starbucks, Adidas and Toyota.

What services and resources are offered?

A wide variety of services and resources are made available to Media Temple users. We have separated the main ones, below. Check out!

Automatic traffic flow support

With scalable structure and bandwidth, Media Temple supports the site when it experiences a significant increase in traffic flow. That is, the structure is elastic, being able to expand and retract as needed operational pages.

This escalation occurs automatically and you do not have to worry about constantly monitoring traffic to make manual performance adjustments.

Database management

Another good resource that Media Temple offers users is access to phpMyAdmin. This allows developers and website and blog owners to work with MySQL’s database management system. As a result, they can form more integrated and common databases.

Full-time technical support

One of the main objectives of Media Temple is to offer timely and professional support to users. To achieve this feat, the hosting provider service lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. They report that 90% of the team is dedicated to this service in the company.

Requests can be made via chat, Twitter or phone. The answers are quick and the professionals on duty are very attentive, offering definitive solutions to users’ problems.

In addition, the company offers self-service options with explanatory content and a question and answer page for the main situations.

Environments for developers

The Media Temple provides up to two development environments for each site. This is a way to test the functionalities, layouts, content and other changes before applying them definitively, without compromising the versions that are already online.

This is possible by accessing the SSH (remote access protocol), which allows you to use the Git version control of the website on WordPress or on another platform. In addition, you gain access to the WP-CLI (command line interface for WordPress), which allows you to perform the administration of pages on the platform.

Well-designed infrastructure

The infrastructure offered by Media Temple is built on cluster architecture and SSD storage (Solid-State Drive).

Combined with the automatic detection of increased traffic flow, the system temporarily moves the website’s database to a server with greater capacity, when necessary.

Optimized storage

Still talking about infrastructure, Media Temple uses its own data center, adhering to the concept of virtualized servers and offering its resources remotely (online).

The use of SSD storage devices helps to form a flawless storage system with high file execution speed.

Quick start mode

Media Temple offers a quick launch feature for those in a hurry to get a blog up and running. Just choose the suggested themes (templates), images, features and other elements that the provider recommends.

Options are standardized, but should save a lot of time with customizations pages and adding other elements of their own. Then, you can implement modifications little by little, until you reach the desired result.

All of these features give developers full control over the hosting environment. For novice users, the custom control panel should make managing the server administrator easier. This panel was designed to speed up internal navigation.

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What types and hosting plans?

The provider offers plans that combine the best features of shared cloud hosting. But service packages are differentiated. Know a little more about each plan, below!


The Personal plan is more targeted at bloggers, website owners, e-commerce and start-up developers, as they gain access to the minimum resources needed.

It costs $ 20 a month and, surprisingly, offers capacity for 100 sites, 1,000 email accounts, 1 TB of bandwidth and 20 GB of space for data storage.


Going a little further, the Pro (professional) plan offers capacity for up to 500 sites, 2 TB of bandwidth and 100 GB of space for data storage.

As its name suggests, the plan is more geared towards those who are professional developers, but do not yet have such a large customer base or manage a smaller business. The monthly fee is 30 dollars.


This is Media Temple’s most expensive plan. Its monthly fee is $ 60, but it includes features and services that go well beyond previous plans.

Living up to its name, Elite grants access to 250 GB of data storage space, 5 TB of bandwidth and includes a CDN (Content Delivery Network – content delivery network).

It also offers SiteLock’s SMART technology (firewalls that scan daily, remove detected malware and clean malicious code automatically) to increase security.

TrueSpeed ​​CDN technology, also from SiteLock, makes pages load faster when accessed.

Some features are released on all plans, such as preparation environments, One-click installer for WordPress applications, 30-day backups and a custom control panel.

For which professional is hosting recommended?

As we said, Media Temple is aimed at users who have a higher level of experience in web development. The creation tools, for example, are linked to Virb, which has not received updates in a long time.

So, the lack of a more intuitive website builder means that you will need to have the necessary skills to create a website on your own – unless you use WordPress to build them and Media Temple just to do the hosting.

An advanced level programmer will also be more comfortable with Media Temple when exploring the technical aspects.

An unmanaged VPS is cheaper and you can have a clean installation of Linux, with just a few basic programs to work with. But this is a challenge that only specialists can face more easily.

What are the pros and cons of Media Temple?

According to the owners of Media Temple, the provider got 3.5 stars out of 5, in a review made with more than 65 users.

However, the technical support and the SSD storage system received the highest scores, evidencing its differentials. Based on that, know now the pros and cons of the provider!


Full-time technical support and robust web hosting plans represent important advantages.

In addition, we can highlight the managed services, present in the most expensive plans, and the pages with self-help content, which provide quick assistance in setting up hosting and creating websites.


On the disadvantage side, we can say that the Media Temple is very technical and, therefore, it does not serve well the beginning developers.

The offer of resources can also be quite complex for those who are new to the hosting and website development market. The price of the plans is high and the availability guarantee is only offered in the most expensive packages.

Now that you know what Media Temple is, as well as the pros and cons of using it, see if it meets your hosting needs. After all, the resources and services offered by him can add a good competitive advantage to your internet business.

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