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Newsjacking is a technique that takes advantage of the subject of the moment to promote its own brand. By using the Newsjacking technique correctly, you can bring attention to your brand in a natural and organic way.

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Currently, it is essential to innovate in your Digital Marketing strategies if you seek to become a reference in your area of ​​expertise.

One of these ways is to apply the concept of Newsjacking, a method that aims to take advantage of a current topic or theme to promote your brand.

With the digital transformation, information appears faster and faster, however, it is also quickly replaced by new content.

It takes agility not to lose the timing and still be able to produce material that is useful to highlight your company positively.

How about knowing more about what Newsjacking is and how using this method in the right way can bring good results to your brand?

So just read on and better understand its steps, characteristics and, of course, what you need to do to apply this technique in your organization. Check out!

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How important is it to promote your brand?

Before we delve into the meaning and application of Newsjacking, it is essential to explain the importance of knowing how to position your brand correctly. Nowadays, users are increasingly connected and, therefore, it takes a lot of strategic planning to apply the right actions.

Digital relevance is no longer a differential and has become a must for anyone who wants to stand out in such a competitive and disputed market.

Prices and quality products are no longer enough for your company to be seen as an authority within your area of ​​expertise.

Whether with paid ads or strategies that generate organic traffic – like Content Marketing -, it is essential that your company is present in the most varied communication channels and search engines.

Not for nothing, the Social Media Trends study shows that 96.2% of London companies are on social networks.

In addition to online visibility, and engagement with the public, companies end up getting other benefits, such as increased traffic on their pages and, consequently, more sales for their businesses. Producing relevant content is therefore critical to success today.

It can be through a post on Twitter or a more complete and in-depth content on your company’s blog: the paths to promotion are the most diverse.

Relating your brand to relevant news at the moment can also be interesting and this is exactly where the concept of Newsjacking comes in.

What is it and when did the term Newsjacking come about?

Marketing Professional always in tune with the main news and market trends, David Meerman Scott launched, in 2007, the book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” (“The new rules of Marketing and PR”, in free translation) to address the changes in the way of working in these areas with the growth of the internet.

David began to have greater contact with the area, analyze the relationship between brand and consumers in the digital world and, in 2011, created the concept of Newsjacking.

The method consists of taking advantage of a featured event or news to promote a product or even a brand.

That is, being able to attract more looks to your company from relevant information that is drawing the attention of users.

The idea is to produce some kind of content – from a more fun action to a deeper analysis – on a subject that is currently in high demand.

You promote engagement with your brand in an organic way, attracting potential consumers through an event that your company was not directly related to. This allows you to ride the wave of popularity of any topic to promote your business.

When using the most commented hashtag of the day on Twitter, for example, and associating it with your content, the tendency is that users who would not look at your post end up being impacted by your action.

That is, you manages to attract more leads for your company, generating engagement and increasing the relevance of your brand.

The subject used to promote your brand does not always have to be directly related to your area of ​​expertise. It is necessary, however, to analyze each situation and know if the interaction will bring positive results or not for your company, because a poorly planned action can damage your reputation.

A good example of the use of Newsjacking was when luggage over 10 kg started to be charged on air travel in London.

For a luggage store, it was the ideal time to run a promotion with bags that fit the requirements to get on the aircraft without paying.

With such competition, you need to find smart and innovative ways to publicize and promote your brand. So, if you want to improve your company’s results through Marketing strategies, Newsjacking is an excellent alternative.

What are the news steps you need to know?

In order to carry out an effective Newsjacking action, it is important to understand what the news cycle is. After all, O timing it is essential that your action is not considered too late. You need to act quickly.

history cycle

As news is generally factual, it is necessary to take a position at the right time. According to the chart above, as soon as a news or event gets a lot of comment, it’s time to put your plan into action. A task that requires efficiency and speed.

After all, it is no use being the first company to position itself in relation to Buzz and fail to generate an effective impact.

It is essential to be precise in the execution of your strategy, ensuring that the content produced is interesting for the users that will be impacted.

From the second point on the graph, the possibility of producing something interesting or even original becomes more difficult. More people will already know about the subject and your company will not be the only one in the market with the idea of ​​applying Newsjacking.

After the peak of the news, it has become too late to invest time and even resources in an attempt to associate an event with your brand. The public’s interest becomes less and less as time passes and other news and information appear and start new cycles.

Being aware of what happens on social networks and in the media in general is essential to not lose the timing of a Newsjacking action.

With the fact becoming less relevant to the public – no matter how similar it is to your business or better your idea – it is time to start thinking about other actions.

What are the characteristics of a Newsjacking action?

Some characteristics need to be analyzed when planning a Newsjacking action.

It is useless to quickly identify the popularity of a particular event if you do not have the right content to approximate the fact of your brand.

Pay attention to the points below.

Captivate user attention

The internet is full of information, ranging from bad content to brilliant ideas. That is why, you need to find a way to grab the user’s attention.

Think of some characteristic that will make the consumer find the positioning of your brand amid so much other information: this is a differential.

Produce relevant content

Producing just to follow the trend will not bring positive results to your brand.

It’s important that the content is relevant and really makes some sense, either through a funnier idea or through more in-depth material. Efficient action becomes excellent advertising for your company.

Think about viralization

To stand out on the internet you need to think about content that is easily shareable and that, go online.

When producing content that fits these three characteristics, the tendency is for your Newsjacking action to be efficient and generate positive results for your brand.

What are the best tips to put into practice in your company?

Now that you know what it is and what are the main characteristics of the Newsjacking concept, how about knowing the actions to put into practice within your organization?

To help you with this task, we have separated some important tips that can make your strategy more efficient.

1. Stay tuned and monitor the main channels

In order not to waste time on an event or a hot news, it is necessary to monitor the main communication and media channels.

Use the alerts feature and always keep an eye on the main subjects commented on social networks and forums. Thus, you can save time in relation to the competition.

2. Choose the right keyword

When you find news that can be useful to promote your brand, also think about key words certain becomes necessary to get your idea found in search engines.

Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also has its importance and it is important to produce content with this in mind.

3. Produce quality content quickly

Time is everything when we talk about Newsjacking and, therefore, it is important to produce content quickly, ensuring that your brand is one of the first to position itself on the subject.

However, care and caution are required to produce relevant and quality material. Otherwise, the generated advertising can end up being negative.

4. Don’t use any event to promote your brand

Speaking of negative advertising, it is essential to understand that not everything that is high among users should be used to promote your brand.

In the midst of Hurricane Sandy, which hit the United States in 2012, the department store Sears had the terrible idea of ​​using the hashtag #HurricaneSandy to promote your products.

sears advertisement

The repercussion, of course, was terrible.

Which companies make great use of Newsjacking?

To better illustrate the efficient actions of Newsjacking in the market, we list some companies that used the concept in the best possible way.


In the beginning of July, some social networks – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – suffered from instability in London, which drew the attention of users and became a subject widely commented. The images sent on WhatsApp, for example, did not load correctly.

mc donald's newsjacking

McDonald’s took advantage of the buzz about instability and published the post above. From the humor, the snack chain managed to attract more looks to your brand, even using a subject that was not directly linked to its performance.


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet, with a huge audience at the end of the American football season.

In 2013, however, a blackout in the middle of the match became the subject of the moment, as most of the country was watching the game.

oreo newsjacking

With a simple publication of its main product – the stuffed cookie -, Oreo received almost 20 thousand likes on Facebook and had the publication retweeted more than 15 thousand times in a short time.

In addition to engaging with the public, portals specialized in Marketing highlighted the positive action of the company.

Newsjacking is therefore an excellent way to get more attention than expected.

Through the correct execution of some actions, the tendency is that you will attract more looks to your brand and be able to capture some of the popularity of an event or news that is on the rise.

After reading this text, you were able to better understand how important it is to innovate in your Marketing strategies to achieve more positive results, right?

How about, then, generate even more value for your company? Understand more about the Branding & Buzz concept and see the best ways to apply it in your company. Sign up for the Branding & Buzz course at WAU University!

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