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Niche Marketing focuses on a specific and segmented audience. Among its advantages are the reduction of advertising costs, less competitiveness and the promotion of the brand through loyal consumers.

In recent years, we are increasingly hearing about different types of marketing. And this is not for nothing.

New companies, technologies and trends are emerging every day, that is, it is necessary to adapt the marketing strategies to ensure that different groups receive their message.

One of these adaptations of strategy gave rise to Niche Marketing, which can be very useful for small companies that are starting now or even for large enterprises that want to reach a new audience.

In this post, you’ll see why you should care about that. Follow:

What is Niche Marketing?

Niche Marketing focuses on a small segment, which has enough distinctions to work with the specifics of the public. This strategy brings great benefits to those who use it, because the more specific your audience is, the greater the chances of the company dedicating itself to meeting the needs of the audience.

What are the advantages of Niche Marketing?

Niche Marketing can be quite advantageous for those who use it. Below, learn about some of the main benefits of betting on this strategy.

Reduce advertising costs

Those who work with online ads know that the more targeted the ad, the lower the cost of the click. Having a very specific audience works as a guarantee that your costs with online advertising will always be the lowest possible.

Less competitiveness

The great idea of ​​Niche Marketing is to explore an audience through specific needs.

It is not very difficult, for example, to find an ice cream shop. But things change when we talk about a vegan ice cream parlor.

The 2 types of establishments are still ice cream parlors, but there is really no competition between them because of the product’s focus.

Loyal consumers promoting the brand

There are some factors that guarantee this advantage. Having less competition makes the public’s attention less fragmented, that is, you are more likely to win customers.

The second factor is that, once you prove the quality of your product and service, the community itself will advertise for you, since the market options are scarcer.

An example of this is the dissemination of a vegan ice cream parlor in São Paulo through a portal for vegans. People in a particular niche usually have friends with similar tastes, so this can happen in casual conversations, Facebook groups or portals like the one mentioned.

Finally, as your company is one of the few options that stands out in that segment, it is normal for your audience to shop with it again.

Easy adaptation according to the audience

When deciding to focus on a specific audience, you don’t have to worry about pleasing as many different groups at the same time.

This means that your business can give more importance to public criticism and suggestions to continue innovating and making a name for yourself within the community.

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How to apply Niche Marketing in your business?

It is even hard to believe that a strategy with all these advantages works for small and large companies, isn’t it? For everything to work, however, it is necessary to follow some steps:

  • define the audience that you consider ideal through personas;
  • find the niche in which this audience is present;
  • think of a product of interest to this audience;
  • devise a way to promote that product.

Finding a niche may seem complicated, but a good way to avoid all this hassle is by looking for problems within any of your hobbies.

The Hand Band Pro brand, for example, came about because a crossfit athlete searched for gloves that would protect her hands without impairing the effectiveness of the exercises and found nothing satisfactory on the market.

That is exactly why small or large companies can use Niche Marketing. All that needs to be done is to find a group of people who have not had a certain need met and try to solve their problems.

The best option, however, is one that shows some possibility of scaling your business in the future.

The Hand Band Pro may have started only with crossfit gloves, but that served as a kick to sell other products related to gymnastics or the day-to-day routine of those who attend the gym.

Does the niche you choose offer this possibility? Think about it.

What are Niche Marketing Strategies?

After seeing many processes, we finally arrived at the final part: Niche Marketing strategies. Some of them are old acquaintances, but be sure to pay attention to everything, OK?

Educating users

As we have already seen, one of the main characteristics of the niches is the formation of communities that help each other through product tips, techniques, establishments, among other things related to the segment.

The best way to enter these communities is to make your company also participate in this exchange of experience promoted by the public, that is, you need to produce content.

This is a great way to expand the reach of your business, as there is a great tendency to share among the public.

In addition, content production also serves to insert people in the niche who have some kind of curiosity about the topic.

Identify niche influencers

If niches like to share, you can be sure that there is someone who is well known in the medium for always giving many tips and exchanging experience with other niche connoisseurs.

In some cases, you may be the owner of a Facebook group, a youtuber or even someone who wants to create a blog or a portal to talk about the subject.

What matters is that you contact that person to close some type of advertisement or action to publicize your products.

The vegan ice cream shop, for example, could close a partnership with the portal to announce the arrival of new flavors.


All communication of your brand should be done in a way that people in the niche feel that they are part of that.

A foreign store that sells casual bikes uses phrases and images that show that its customers are people who ride their bikes to get around in style and have fun with friends at meetings on the beach or in coffee shops.

Create strong communication and make your audience’s profile clear right away. Don’t forget to adopt this same stance on social media.

These are some of the strategies of Niche Marketing. Did you like our tips? So be sure to also check out our Complete Digital Marketing Guide. With it you will understand the best way to start your online strategy!