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Opportunity Marketing focuses on creating content, strategies and campaigns inspired by dates, events and current trends. In addition to increasing the buzz around brands, this is a smart way for companies in all segments to enter the universe of their audience!

The search for opportunities is one of the greatest essences of Marketing, whether in business development, or in the dissemination of brands and products.

However, when we restrict ourselves to communication and relationship with the customer, being aware of the scenario in which your company finds itself can help your brand win over many more consumers and with very little investment!

There are no defined channels or media for Opportunity Marketing – in this case, creativity is, in fact, the limit – however, it is social networks that are bringing a new look at this concept: for the first time, brands and customers they talk like friends (and with the right to provocation, memes and very good humor)!

Of course, all of this only works with good planning. Sinning in tone and language can be fatal in any endeavor, and we discuss all of this in this article. See the topics we’ve prepared.

Continue with us to check all the details of this strategy and get inspired with some incredible success cases! Good reading!

What is Opportunity Marketing?

Any company that benefits from a anniversary, of a cultural celebration, on one current event, an trend or even a competition action, is conducting Opportunity Marketing.

Therefore, we can observe this strategy being worked on in different formats and scenarios:

  • Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day campaigns, etc;
  • extraordinary campaigns created in response to current reports, interviews, studies, trends, events and entertainment programs;
  • response campaigns for competitive actions, proposals, or allegations;
  • offers that use searches or reports displayed in magazines, newspapers, blogs or TV programs;
  • spontaneous interaction with consumers through customer service and advertising channels, such as telephone, email marketing and social networks.

All of these actions need to be understood by the public as something opportune, that is, a positioning, interaction or conversation conducive to the moment.

Many of these initiatives, however, are already well consolidated in the market and, therefore, creativity and spontaneity are very important ingredients for companies that want to stand out.

What is the main objective of this strategy?

The Opportunity Marketing proposal is link a product, service, brand or company to a prominent element of today. It is, therefore, an interesting way to bring attention to the business, promote its ideas and increase consumer engagement.

However, in view of the attentive and interactive behavior of modern consumers, companies have much to gain by going beyond that. Simply inserting your company and its products in the celebrations and subjects of the moment is not enough, it is necessary to create ways to dialogue and connect the customer with the brand.

In this direction, only with a very good job in language and research, two pillars of Content Marketing, is that companies are able to generate satisfactory results. Their planning, therefore, must never be neglected.

What is the importance and advantages of this investment?

Opportunity Marketing has always been highlighted in companies’ communication actions, but its impact has been increasing with the popularization of social media and the increasingly strong presence of brands in the searches, channels, pages and profiles of these platforms.

The big difference, however, is in the approximation generated in these environments. Through frequent posts, sponsored campaigns and, mainly, active interaction with users – constantly connected on their smartphones -, organizations are becoming part of the routine of their consumers.

This scenario is very favorable for Branding, relationship and loyalty actions, and, among its main advantages, we can mention some interesting points that apply to organizations of all types and sizes. Look at that!


We can also see these practices as windows of opportunity for business, many of them unpredictable and available for very narrow periods.

This requires companies to remain on the alert and also to take an active stance on the events surrounding their ideals and operations.

The big question, however, is the immediacy of current viral subjects and content. Information has a very fluid and dynamic character nowadays, and in this scenario, Opportunity Marketing can work as a great means of leverage.


Another feature that deserves to be highlighted in the current media is the reach of published content. There was a time when it was necessary to apply too much effort and money to reach a large audience, and social networks and search engines are the main protagonists of this new dynamic of information distribution.

This advantage, however, must be worked with great caution. A company’s exposure after an Opportunity Marketing campaign can be very large, and if the message promoted is not well accepted by the public, large investments in brand recovery may be necessary.

Cost benefit

There are Opportunity Marketing actions that are reduced to a simple post or differentiated service, which makes this practice a powerful instrument of “guerrilla for organizations that have limited resources.

However, this is not a rule. There are also campaigns of enormous complexity that demand agreements with competitors, contracts and large investments in advertising, infrastructure and, consequently, money.


Strengthening engagement is one of the most expected returns for companies when adopting this type of strategy, and most of the time this result is perceived seconds after the dissemination of content on social networks.

please note that the algorithms most platforms direct their users to more engaging topics, pages or posts, so this is really a very efficient way to not only instigate your followers, but also attract new people and, of course, gain more leads and customers.

How to apply Opportunity Marketing?

In Digital Marketing, there is a lot of talk about the importance of getting to know your audience, but if there is one thing that the successful companies of the present really teach us, it is that to be successful in a market it is necessary to plunge headlong into the universe of their consumers .

Thus, the first step to start taking advantage of these opportunities is to keep up with the “cake recipe” of successful strategies:

  • study your audience constantly: assess customer satisfaction, collect feedbacks, analyze the behavior of your followers on social networks and other channels etc;
  • keep up with market changes: find out about trends, research and tools currently used;
  • analyze the competition: monitor the actions taken by direct and indirect competitors, as well as the public’s response to them.

Specifically considering Opportunity Marketing, however, we can mention some other important initiatives. Check out.

Speak the language of your audience

If there is one criterion that you need to deal with very rigorously in this strategy, it is language, whether in customer service or in campaigns.

If we really want to establish a line of communication with people, it is useless to create beautiful materials if they are not well accepted or understood by the public for which they are intended.

It is necessary to be in tune with the public, which, in practical terms, means incorporate the posture, language and accessories used by your persona. If your audience is predominantly young, for example, it is worth betting on memes, slang and subjects of interest to this age group (but with parsimony).

On the other hand, if your brand dialogues with a more conservative or restricted audience, it may be preferable to maintain a more formal tone. Everything will depend on the profile of your consumers and the type of positioning that your brand intends to adopt.

Create presence on social networks

You do not have to wait for a cue to approach your audience, this is a big mistake. If your company manifests itself only in the face of opportunities for promotion, people can interpret your actions as mere opportunism.

Instead, try to interact with your audience as soon as possible and stay present, even during periods of less engagement. Create expectations in people, make them anxious for new posts, comments and campaigns promoted by your brand.

Follow the news

How do you expect to identify windows of opportunity if you are not aware of the main events in the country, entertainment and the market?

In other words, it means that your company must be tuned, that is, keep an eye on everything that happens around your practices, your audience and your ideals, always highlighting the most relevant aspects for your audience and your business.

Define a specialized team

As you can see, this work requires continuous study and monitoring, which, in itself, is already a task that requires a lot of dedication.

Thus, having a team or company specialized in this type of communication can be very useful, especially when we analyze this practice from an operational point of view.

The spontaneous character of Opportunity Marketing often requires companies to present materials and results within very short time frames.

That is why, the availability of specialized professionals in the face of any detected opportunity can make all the difference in the strategy’s performance.

What mistakes should be avoided?

The biggest advantage of Opportunity Marketing lies in its potential to bring the media spotlight to your brand. However, we can say that this is also its weak point, because the responsibilities involved are very large and it is worth saying that some errors are intolerable.

Among the biggest mistakes made by companies in adopting these strategies, we can mention the main ones – and that your brand should never commit!

Language flaws

As stated, language is a very sensitive factor in this type of communication. It is enough that some elements are used or not in their actions for the public’s interpretation to change completely.

Thus, select (very carefully) the features and elements that actually make sense to your audience and, if possible, arrange tests with short posts or comments in less busy times

Little direction

There is no point in spraying images, posts and motivational messages on all commemorative dates of the year. Your content needs to be relevant!

Do not allow your audience to get used to repetitive and impersonal manifestations. Adopt a humanized stance in your interactions and focus your creativity and your efforts on themes and celebrations that really are part of your persona’s universe.

Inappropriate work on controversial topics

There is a peculiarity in the behavior of people today that needs to be taken into account in planning campaigns: polarization, a phenomenon that manifests itself frequently on social networks.

In this case, it is necessary to analyze very carefully the subjects treated and the positioning adopted by the brands, especially when we approach naturally controversial topics such as politics, religion, science and social struggles.

This rigor applies to the different content formats used in their campaigns: texts, images, photographs or videos.

Appeal to lies and disrespect

Marketing and Advertising are full of controversial gaffes, many of them avoidable with a simple job of research and review. However, if there is anything that is really capable of tarnishing your brand’s reputation, it is lies and disrespect.

Therefore, analyze the impact of your communication in different spheres of society and make sure that its content contemplates the diversity, conceptions and values ​​of different groups in society.

As for the campaigns directed at the competition, all these precautions must also be taken and, in no way should a company resort to lies and rumors.

Exposing other brands in your campaigns without authorization is a crime, and under such circumstances, the penalties can be even greater.

Who can I be inspired by?

To close this content with a flourish, we bring some cases of Opportunity Marketing that can inspire the development of your next campaigns. Check out!

Giraffas: we accept

Burger King and McDonald’s are longtime rivals in the food industry, but have always handled this “fight” in a very good mood. In 2015, for example, in a campaign for World Peace Day, Burger King asked its main competitor for a truce and made an invitation to a partnership.

The idea was to unite the two most popular sandwiches from both brands in a special edition that raised customers’ expectations, but McDonald’s ended up giving up on the proposal. That was when the Giraffas chain decided to go down in history, which, by the way, was already giving something to talk about all over the world.

Giraffas Opportunity Marketing.
Fyesterday: Thiago Acioli

The Opportunity Marketing double was a huge success on social networks!

Nubank and Belinha

The fintech darling of London has always known how to take advantage of the opportunities that knock on your door.

The company has already given several lessons to the market, proving that a quality relationship work combined with a humanized service can bring much more solid results than fortunes applied in advertising.

One of the most iconic episodes of the brand was the case of Belinha, a puppy who, in 2016, had chewed the credit card – the famous Roxinho – of one of her clients, Walter, who reported everything that happened to the company’s service.

Faced with the unusual situation, the Nubank team not only sent a new card, but also a toy to Belinha and a handwritten letter in which the attendant referred to the dog as “Catiora” in reference to the Catioro Reflexivo page that used to do a lot success at the time.

The story, of course, soon ended up in a Facebook post that went viral and ended up in reports in several magazines and newspapers in the country.

Please note that Opportunity Marketing can be used in different spheres of the business, including customer service.

Mc Donald’s and Sundae & Junior

Taking advantage of the huge repercussion of the commemorative tour of the duo Sandy & Junior, Mc Donald’s decided to join the wave with a special combo.

Simpler and more creative impossible, don’t you think?

These and several other examples from the market make it clear that the real secret of Opportunity Marketing is to get brands into the conversation of their consumers.

Whether through great campaigns, or betting on simplicity, what really guarantees success in this case is the positive dialogue with your audience.

Did you like to know more about this strategy? How about checking out other practices to carefully develop, manage and publicize your business? Continue with us and check now the main types of Marketing in the market!