what is the B2C business model – WAU

The B2C model, or “Business to Consumer”, exists in those companies where the target audience is the final consumer. Get to know the particularities of the concept and learn how to set goals with a focus on improving the value proposal and promoting quality deliveries to the public!

Every enterprise has different particularities and unique objectives.

While one provides IT solutions for banks, the other can work with selling decorative items. In addition to the sale proposal for these two examples being (obviously) different, what also changes is the business model.

Companies focused on the final consumer, that is, that provide solutions directly to the customer – and not to other companies – are called B2C. This is precisely the case with the decoration store mentioned at the beginning of the post.

Understanding the concepts surrounding the model is fundamental to improving the relationship and delivering value to the public. Today, in addition to defining B2C, we will list the main advantages in studying and applyin