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In the marketing universe, resources such as a website or blog are important requirements for the success of any strategy. While the site offers basic, but fundamental information, the blog is that space to explore different content with the aim of expanding knowledge about your services or products.

The doubt between website or blog is very common at times that involve planning a marketing strategy.

Both are important not only for prospecting customers, but they also contribute to the education process about a brand.

Such education, in turn, is responsible for generating good sales that turn into satisfaction and enchantment.

Creating a website or blog are pertinent questions, but the most important is understand the particularities of each of them and discover, in the end, which is the ideal option for the moment when your business is.

In this post, we will explore the subject from the following topics:


According to the dictionary, a website is a “Internet location identified by a domain name, consisting of one or more hypertext pages, which may contain text, graphics and multimedia information ”.

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Currently, in the midst of all the processes of digital transformation and increasing the presence of technologies in people’s daily lives, the concept of a website may seem very obvious. What matters to us are his main specificities in marketing strategies, So let’s get down to business.

For a company, creating a website is important to gather key information about it. Services, history, contact, location and institutional words as a whole.

Nowadays it is as if a website were the headquarters, offices or stores: when someone is interested in what you deliver, the initial impulse – currently – is to search Google and find the official address to answer questions and understand more about the proposal company.

The feature, however, does not guarantee that sales will be made like a guess, after all we know how complex a decision process can be. And that’s where the blog comes in.


To talk about the blog, imagine the environment of a website again. Unless the user is already 100% decided on the will to close a deal, it is important to invest in resources capable of feeding knowledge about your services.

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It is within the environment of a website, it is mainly composed of posts and the chronological order is usually organized giving emphasis to the newest content.

This is exactly the blog’s idea: to present content with more in-depth content on subjects related to a company, prioritizing constant updating and delivery of news.

In the case of corporate blogs, imagine them as a basis for sustaining a person’s desire to buy. She may have an idea of ​​the need to buy a new computer, but she will be sure and close the deal after understanding the main reasons for doing so.

This is achieved through a strategy in Content Marketing, which has as one of the pillars the investment in pages of the type.

Another advantage of blogs is the possibility of investing in the support and dissemination of other important content in the strategy, such as e-books and rich materials.

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Main differences between website and blog

As we understand from the dictionary meaning of the word “site”, we understand that a blog is one of the pages within this larger category.

The difference, then, can actually be considered as follows: one complements the other. The broader environment is responsible for gathering information that “ages well” – such as history, large numbers, summary of services.

In the other, the user is powered by a updated volume of content that will not necessarily talk about your company directly.

Another characteristic that differs both is the possibility of investing in strategies such as storytelling, creative writing or other resources that capture the reader’s attraction.

As the site is the environment in which the main doubts must be resolved – preferably in a timeless manner – it is not legal to create communication obstacles.

For this reason, the information is usually direct and follows a more institutional tone, to the point.

Blog posts, in turn, have a world of possibilities: the greater creativity and investment in strategies capable of capturing attention, the better.

In this space it is possible to be more subjective, to evade issues directly related to products and to feed the reader from a gigantic range of contents.

Finally, another important point is that, as we said, the volume of information on blogs should be updated frequently and have a constantly changing calendar, thinking of guidelines that make sense with the different public profiles in a particular way.

Contents thought about the personas in the attraction phase are different from those thought for those who live the consideration, for example.

On the website, the public is imagined in general, allowing texts to be created to expose the message effectively to as many people as possible.

Website or blog: the best option for a company

Choosing between website or blog is a task that does not necessarily need exact answers. Yes, that’s right!

In fact, what we consider to be an answer is something very simple. In a good marketing strategy, both must be seen in a complementary way, feeding the user with pertinent and strategically inserted information, all depending on their moment in the analysis and decision processes before making a purchase.

What can be done is a prioritization between one and the other. It can be done when the company does not have enough resources to invest in both at once.

In this case, the ideal is to start with a website, since it is the foundation that in the future will be responsible for supporting the creation of the blog.

We summarize the objective of each one so that it is possible to make the decision process between one strategy or another in the reality of your team:

Sites are environments with higher institutional content and are important for anyone who aims to expose the main information about your company, product or services, focused on delivering the message to the public in general.

Blogs work as a updated space which gathers rich information not necessarily about the company directly, but the entire universe that surrounds it, from attractive content and strategically thought out in the various buyer profiles.

When there is a good basis for making the decision, make sure that both features can be used highly effectively.

If you liked to learn about websites or blogs and intend to continue studying in order to take care of your strategy, download now our guide to corporate blogs and understand its importance in a good marketing plan!

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