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Digital Marketing is very broad, and choosing which tactic to use can be difficult. In this article we are going to talk about two ways to bring content to your audience, and you will see which one is the best investment: Content Marketing vs. Marketing on Social Networks.

Digital Marketing has many aspects, which can cause a crucial question for entrepreneurs: what is the best investment for my business?

This question arises, for example, when we think about growing public demand for content.

The consumer researches a lot before buying, and companies have understood that they need to give them the information quickly and completely. That said, Content Marketing gains more and more strength.

On the other hand, social networks have gained a lot of prominence as a business engine in recent years, and people use these platforms to buy from their favorite brands.

And now, with limited resources and limited time, you need to decide who wins this battle: Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing.

Want help making that decision? So, see the guide we have prepared to get this question out of your head!

3 differences between Content Marketing and social media marketing

To begin our analysis, let’s talk about 3 important differences between Content Marketing and social media marketing.

It’s true that their goal is to attract customers – after all, that is the purpose of any marketing tactic – but the way to plan, execute and measure each strategy varies a lot.

The 3 points that differ one method from the other are:

1. Center of gravity

Center of gravity is the main focus of the activity, on which it focuses to achieve its goals.

In Content Marketing, for example, the focus is on produce content for an exclusive websitecompany, which can be a landing page, a blog or a news portal.

In the case of marketing on social networks, the center of attention is the use of the platform itself, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other network.

2. Type of content

In Content Marketing, content is created based on the company editorial standards. Size, format and presentation are defined according to the brand parameters for the website in question.

In the case of social networks, the content is shaped according to the characteristics of each platform, and takes into account its limitations.

The format, the size and the way of presenting it are standardized by the networks.

3. Objectives

The objectives can mix a little between the two forms of marketing, not least because both are very flexible on this point.

Still, note that social networks generally focus on brand positioning and audience creation.

Content Marketing is usually more “acute” in this sense, as it allows generate demand and create a generation funnel and lead nutrition more accurate.

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3 points in common between promoting content on your blog or on social networks

Now that we have seen the main differences, it is worth noting that these two forms of marketing also have some relevant points in common.

But why is it important to know this? First, to help you understand that two different tactics can complement each other and be used together to achieve some common goals.

See below the points of convergence between publishing on a blog and using social networks!

1. Value generation

In the end, the generation of value is the main objective of these two forms of marketing. Both Content Marketing and social media marketing need to be used to benefit customers.

This means answering questions, offering relevant information and keeping them interested in the solutions offered.

This point even serves as warning sign : any business that invests in one of these forms of attraction thinking about talking about itself all the time, will lose money.

2. Brand strengthening

A brand that has strong presence on social networks is that stands as an authority through a solid content strategy it gains a lot of strength.

When deciding between the product of this brand and that of a competitor that does not make the least effort to position itself online, the choice will be obvious.

In this respect, the two concepts of marketing are very powerful: social networks enhance the “mouth to mouth” like few channels, and a well-positioned post on Google can give you the credibility needed to close an important sale.

3. Lead generation and sales

It is quite funny to think that blogs have been used only as virtual diaries of people who wanted to tell their personal stories, and that social networks have been seen only as an environment to be distracted.

Today, the two channels are among the main tools for lead generation and closing salesthat exists. Why does it matter? Regardless of the strategy you use, it will bear good fruit, provided it is done well.

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3 reasons to invest in Content Marketing

Why invest in Content Marketing? See now 3 reasons that highlight this way of doing marketing in relation to the use of social networks!

1. Exclusivity

The social media environment is much more disputed than a page on your blog or website.

If your content is good, it will be easier to grab the audience’s attention without so many distractions trying to steal their attention, as is common with news feeds.

2. Freedom

The layout, the way to present the content and the size of each post are aspects that you will be completely free to define.

If you do not like some of the patterns practiced out there, you are able to model your site so that the public consumes the content as you wish.

With right tools , enough test public reactionand change what is not so successful, something you can never do on social media.

3. Security

Finally, all the content you publish, as well as the format in which it is presented, will be yours.

It is true that Google can change the algorithm and affect its rankings, but if you have other sources of traffic, this may not even be a problem.

On the other hand, if Facebook changes the entire policy of using the site tomorrow, it can totally compromise your success on the network and force you to formulate a plan from scratch.

3 reasons to invest in social media marketing

If Content Marketing has its advantages, we must also highlight the highlights of investing in social networks as customer attraction and loyalty channel.

These platforms are worth using on a daily basis because of these 3 reasons:

1. Viral effect

If you want viralize content , social networks are the best place to do this. The gigantic audience and the ease of spreading content, whether organically or paid, is increasing.

The work you will have to do to viralize content from your blog is colossal, a work worthy of the largest media outlets in the world.

2. Segmentation

Did you know that when you publish on various social networks you are able to choose what kind of audiencewill have contact with the content?

This is a great advantage, especially if you decide to boost high strategic value content with a paid campaign.

After all, the idea should not be to reach a lot of people, but reach the right people, that is, who will really benefit from the material and see value in it.

3. Versatility

What do you think about using the same platform to distribute content and still offer customer support?

This versatility is present in networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which offer direct and real-time communication channels with your audience.

Thus, in addition to interacting with your audience in posts, you will be able to develop personal conversations and help them in a more specific way, both to sell and to offer after-sales support.

content marketing first steps

After all, what is the best investment?

Now that we have seen everything that is relevant about the two forms of marketing, can you answer for yourself which is the best investment?

The truth is the battle “Content Marketing vs. Marketing on Social Networks” does not exist. The two tactics complement each other and can be used together in many ways.

In fact, social networks are important to boost your content strategy and make your blog achieve results faster.

So, instead of thinking about who wins this duel that never existed between Content Marketing and social media marketing, focus on create solid strategies in both.

You will see how this will strengthen your customer acquisition and mature your company to explore digital marketing more and more – and better.

This skill will become increasingly important as we move forward with digital transformation. Have you heard of her? So, see now everything you need to know about this technological revolution for your business!