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If you’ve made it this far, you’re certainly looking for different strategies to engage your audience on social media, right? We know very well that each one has its peculiarities and that it is not always so simple to find the perfect balance between the number of posts, the ideal time, the quality […]

If you’ve made it this far, you’re certainly looking for different strategies to engage your audience on social media, right?

We know very well that each one has its particularities and that it is not always so simple to find the perfect balance between the number of posts, the ideal time, the quality of the content and, consequently, the positive feedback from the public.

But it’s time to solve that problem right now.

In this post, we will share some tips on how to plan a marketing strategy for social networks; increasing its visibility on the internet and aiming at generating business.

Are you interested? So do not lose more time! Continue reading and clear up all your doubts on the subject!

Posting frequency is not the same for all social networks

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that each social network will have a different posting frequency.

This is due to several factors, such as the public using the network, technical features and the type of content produced.

For example, Twitter now accepts the user to write up to 280 characters, so you must plan your text so that it fits within that limit. On Facebook, on the other hand, when the post is too long, it may happen that part of the content is hidden and, thus, unable to arouse the reader’s curiosity so efficiently.

You will notice that it is very common for the same subject to be disseminated in different ways in each social network, according to the main characteristics and form of consumption of the content by the public.

Regardless of the social network, there is no point in scheduling a post just to say you have an online presence.

The relevance and quality of the content are essential elements to win the attention of your audience. And how can we always have subjects that are of interest to people?

First, count on planning all your actions on the internet and establish a performance strategy.

In addition, keep up to date on news and trends in your area, in order to be the first to address issues in a complete and strategic way.

Finally, to find out what is working or not with your audience, evaluate all your activities. This way, you will be able to assess the development of your strategy in relation to the established goal.

What is the optimal posting frequency?

Want to learn how often to post on social media and have a regular presence in your target audience’s feed? Check below the ideal number of posts for each social network:


To do marketing on this network, one daily publication is enough – but you can post about three contents per day, as long as they are relevant, varying between images and videos.

As your focus is on images, it is essential that they are of quality, consistent with the profile of the company and that they convey their message to the public.

As with Twitter, making strategic use of hashtags is highly recommended for Instagram.

In addition, in order to bring the public closer, one possibility is to share the backstage of the company, showing how the day-to-day and services provided work. Tutorials should also be considered as a content alternative.

Instagram Stories

If you have an Instagram feature that has sparked a revolution, it’s Stories. When it is used strategically, it can be a differential when it comes to engaging the audience and increasing the number of followers.

It allows you to take photos and record videos, inserting stickers and hashtags and applying filters.

Recently, he started to allow polls to be conducted. This resource is interesting for interacting and questioning your followers on various subjects.

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The standard recommendation for anyone who has a Facebook page is to post about twice a day.

But it will depend on your goals and also on the number of people who follow your profile – it will also vary, if you invest in paid media, the way of dissemination and the creativity of the post.

Thus, knowing some hacks to increase public engagement is essential.

For example, if your intention is to increase engagement per publication, perhaps betting on fewer posts per day is ideal. When you have a high frequency of posts, the total number of clicks will be higher, but the engagement on each one is likely to be less.

If your business is still gaining space on social networks, try to start fewer posts. To help you start this journey, check out 15 types of posts that you can invest to generate engagement!

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LinkedIn will prove to be very interesting to help you become a reference in your field. Through this business-oriented social network, you can network, as it is excellent for facilitating the connection between professionals and companies.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of marketing on LinkedIn, according to Social Media Trends 2017, it was considered the third most used social network by companies.

So focus on quality, not quantity. You can publish once or three times a week, sharing content from your blog or writing articles on LinkedIn Pulse.

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The process of creating a video can take longer than the other content mentioned so far, which can influence the number of posts.

The ideal to be able to influence public engagement, however, is to keep at least one fixed weekly post.

Establish the days of the week and the times when new content will be published, so that your followers can get in the habit of accessing your channel on that date. This will also help to gain subscribers.

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The dynamics of Twitter are quite different from Facebook. The number of posts by users of this network is usually much higher and this causes a tweet to be lost among others, about three hours after being published – or even less.

The ideal daily average, therefore, is between 3 and 5 tweets. To enhance your results, some tactics can be very useful, such as:

  • make strategic use of hashtags;
  • republish posts after about twelve hours;
  • retweet interesting mentions to your profile;
  • cover events or important moments, depending on your line of business;
  • produce content that is shareable;
  • interact with followers;
  • schedule posts for high audience times.

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In addition to being a search engine, Pinterest is an interesting social network for companies that deal with images on a daily basis, such as Architecture, Fashion or Advertising offices.

To generate traffic on Pinterest it takes a lot of dedication. Try to invest daily in building boards (folders) and sharing pins – the way publications are called.

An average user usually shares about 18 pins a day. The ideal is that you invest in this average, adapting it to the profile of your business.

These shares will also make you appear in recent results, both in users’ searches and in the feed of those who follow you.

Posting time X Engagement

Some surveys, like this one from Hubspot, have already pointed out that there are some times when publications will have a greater reach and a more expressive return from the audience.

Given this scenario, you must learn to make publications at strategic times, so that you reach your goals.

According to a TrackMaven survey, the following days and times were the most successful and had the greatest peaks of interaction:

  • Facebook: Thursday at 8 pm;
  • Twitter: Thursday at 5 pm;
  • Instagram: Friday at 7 pm;
  • LinkedIn: Wednesday at 9 am;
  • Pinterest: Friday at 1 am.

But that does not mean that you should post only at these times, but that they will have a higher return in most cases.

Also take into account periods when people are idle, such as lunch hours or holidays. There, many people spend a lot of time checking social networks.

Our idea with this post is that you can further improve your knowledge of marketing for social networks and be able to put all these tips into practice in an excellent and strategic way.

Do not forget: ideally, you should always do tests and experience how each of these techniques works with your audience. What works for one company’s channels is not necessarily the best for another!

Make adaptations in order to find the perfect frequency to please your audience. Try to find the average of posts that please your audience and do not saturate the audience.

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