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Let the first stone throw the one who has never read and reread an email a thousand times before pressing the send button. After all, that simple little button carries an immense responsibility. And once he has been pressed, there is no turning back. Among all the questions that go through our head before firing a […]

Let the first stone throw the one who has never read and reread an email a thousand times before pressing the send button. After all, that simple little button carries an immense responsibility. And once he has been pressed, there is no turning back.

Among all the questions that go through our head before shooting a message, the size of the email is always among them.

Is the message too big? Too small? Will people read to the end, where is the CTA?

So, to end all these doubts and help you gain a little confidence before sending your campaigns, today we are going to talk about the ideal size of email marketing and all the variables that you should take into account. Come on?

The factors that influence the size of email marketing

Like many other digital strategies, there is no recipe for the success of your email marketing campaign. But don’t be discouraged.

There are tips and good practices that you should know and test to find out which is the best and the most suitable for your company.

Thinking about it, let’s list 3 questions you should ask yourself when analyzing the size of your email marketing campaigns:

Who are you sending to?

At this point in the championship, you must be tired of knowing how important the persona concept and why you should use it. This also applies to email marketing.

Knowing exactly who you’re sending your message to will help you assess whether a message is too long or not.

Think practical: will your persona have time (or patience) to read all that content?

What kind of email are you going to send?

As you well know, there are 3 email marketing formats:

  • transactional;
  • relational;
  • and promotional.

Each of them has its peculiarities, and they are a good argument for assessing the size of your message:

  • the transactional they demand simplicity, after all, they carry extremely important information for the recipient and must be easy to recognize and read;
  • the relational aim at engagement and, therefore, must contain whatever is necessary to win the reader’s sympathy;
  • finally, the promotional, who need to have a total focus on customer conversion, which requires a copywriting with a high power of persuasion.

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What are you going to talk about?

The topic of your message is also extremely relevant.

If you are going to deal with the legal issues that involve your company, you will need a much more elaborate message than an email that will talk about the most popular soap operas of the moment.

Well, now that you have these particularities in mind, check out some good practices that will guide you in relation to the ideal size for your campaign:

The size of the subject

If your email was a book, the subject would be the cover. And while everyone says that “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, that’s exactly what people do when they’re in the inbox.

Because of that, think very well on subject matter that you will choose. He is the one who will “seduce” readers to open his message or not.

Only the question of size is a little more complicated.

The truth is that the number of characters that a person can read in the subject will vary according to:

  • O device (tablet, cell phone or computer);
  • O browser internet (Chrome, Internet Explorer, email application, etc.);
  • it’s the server (Gmail, Yahoo !, Hotmail, etc.).

Since it is not possible to control these variables, use common sense and follow the values ​​of the majority: normally, people can only read the first 55 characters of the subject.

That is, if they are viewing your message through a computer browser. If the receiver is on the cell phone, it can only read the first 47.

Just in case, be sure to test the length of your subject using of this tool.

In spite of this, do not forget the questions we commented at the beginning of the text and always evaluate the performance of the subjects you use.

Until you find the ideal size for your audience, perform A / B tests. Send a larger subject to one part of the base and a shorter subject to the others. Then, just check which one had the highest opening rate.

If the same result is repeated several times, you already have a good indication of the size you should use in the future.

Email Subject Generator

The size of the preheader

If you use an automation tool, you can also include a short supporting text (or preview text) to complement your subject.

This feature, when well used, is a great ally to convince people to open your message.

Its size will vary according to the size of your subject: the more characters in the title, the fewer supporting characters.

In this case, the best way to define the size is to use this tool and performing a test submission to check the final appearance.

The message body

Last but not least, the icing on the cake: the message you want to deliver.

Although some surveys indicate that emails with approximately 200 words get the higher clickthrough rate, this should not be taken to the letter.

Defining the size of this part depends a lot more on what you answered up there: what kind of email are we talking about and what topic is it going to address.

With that in mind, it is enough to organize information strategically:

  • what are you offering ?: this is yours call;
  • how will this be useful for the reader ?: this is the body of your message;
  • what should the reader do next ?: this is your call to action.

Summing up, the size of the text of your email marketing must be directly related to the amount of information that the reader needs to achieve his goalO.

For example: do you want to encourage reading a blog post? Then your message should create enough interest for the recipient to want to click on the CTA and continue reading on the website.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the optimization for mobile devices. Smartphones are already dominating the digital market, and the consumption of extensive content inside the small screens can be demotivating.

Ready! Now you know everything you need to define the ideal size for email marketing. Enjoy the momentum and learn how to create a killer nutrition stream for your company!

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