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WooCommerce is a complete e-commerce platform for WordPress. The most interesting thing is that, although it is widely complete and satisfactory, it is just a plugin of the traditional CMS platform. Find out, in this article, how to have great results using this tool!

Arguably, O WordPress is one of the main CMS platforms available today. Through it it is possible to manage institutional sites, blogs and also e-commerce.

But a virtual store has its specific needs, so it is essential to complement the basic structure that the content manager offers. In that case, the way out is WooCommerce!

Managing an e-commerce is not as simple as other sites, such as a blog, since it is necessary to have dynamism to control sales, inventory, payments, among other issues.

For this, WordPress provides plugins that help to organize and check in more depth all the activity of the online store without losing anything.

In this post we will talk about how WooCommerce is the ideal solution for anyone who manages an e-commerce on WordPress. The content will include the following topics:

Continue reading and check the subject in detail!

What is the WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that works as a platform for e-commerce complete. When used, the tool panel and site administration gain new features and resources that allow you to manage the online store in a complete way.

With the plugin it is possible to start structuring an e-commerce from scratch, in the same way that the procedure is done on other famous platforms.

The advantage is being able to do this within a facilitated and intuitive environment, such as WordPress. More than creating, WooCommerce stands out for having been thought of as an everyday management solution for the online store.

How does WooCommerce work?

Without many mysteries, WooCommerce is a plugin like any other among the great selection that WordPress offers to personalize the management of websites.

To start using it, just perform the installation in the procedure common to any other, then the WordPress configuration panel will now present some specific options related to e-commerce management.

In full operation, the plugin transforms the panel into a complete environment that allows you to check all online store activity in real time.

It is possible to control inventory, orders, information on customer registration and purchase history, in addition to configuring options to make available in the store and whatever else is necessary.

The platform also has support to follow the main metrics related to important points for an e-commerce.

It is possible to download an Analytics extension that will allow a completely complete analysis, with the seal of Google. In addition, you can track sales, product and site visit data.


It is important to highlight that WooCommerce, although complete, is only a platform that allows the website in question to have wide options for managing e-commerce.

It, by itself, does not guarantee that the address is active on the web. Therefore, it is essential to pre-book a hosting, so that you can start using WordPress.

As WooCommerce is just a plugin, that is, practically a tool, it depends on an environment in which there are minimum requirements for proper functioning.

The bigger the online store, the greater the need for a hosting plan with more robust servers. This ensures that the performance of the online store and e-commerce management are perfect!


WooCommerce is a completely free platform. You can, at any time, start using the plugin associated with your WordPress account. This is a great benefit, especially since WooCommerce is very competent in what it proposes.

Even so, many more basic features that are important to the management of a virtual store are linked to extensions, which are paid for. In general, the cost is not so high, but the cost-benefit ratio is more interesting because WooCommerce is free.

What are the benefits of using WooCommerce?

It is no wonder that more than 3.8 million sites are built and managed using WooCommerce as a base. This high number is justified by the amount of benefits and advantages that the platform offers to users, ranging from cost-effective to business monitoring.

Next, understand WooCommerce in detail by knowing more about its features and how they make this plugin the ideal e-commerce platform!

Platform credibility

Before hiring any service, of course, the first thing to do is to look for references about it. Reviews, comments from people you know and, in cases like WooCommerce, find out which e-commerces use the platform.

Surprising though it may be, there are big players on the market that have chosen a WordPress plugin to manage their stores.

The best known cases are from the American companies New Balance, from the footwear and sporting goods sector, and Harley Davidson, which has an e-commerce of clothing and accessories of the brand.

Two large relevant companies with a wide audience chose WooCommerce. Right away, this is an indicator that you can trust the plugin.

Large companies usually have a large volume of accesses and daily transactions, that is, they need a robust system. Serving renowned brands, such as the examples cited, WooCommerce shows its value and credibility!

Ease of use and installation

Especially for those who are starting an e-commerce, having simple tools to operate and configure is something that makes a lot of difference. WooCommerce is able to deliver this from the start, with the installation on WordPress.

It is the same process of activating any other plugin, without any more complex configuration, just with the registration entry.

In everyday use, the concept is the same: accessible, objective and very dynamic features to ensure, in addition to practicality, agility to deal with the demands of managing an online store.

The whole operation is very simple, as is managing websites and blogs using WordPress. The functions are available on the panel, with nothing much different from the usual on the platform.

WooCommerce was designed to definitely be an extension that turns WordPress into e-commerce. Therefore, its working structure is no different than what WordPress users are used to.

Range of e-commerce management resources

Managing an e-commerce is a job that goes through a series of everyday tasks. For all of them to be developed in the best way, resources must be available.

Today, an e-commerce platform needs to be able to deliver a selection of features, something that WooCommerce makes possible with a certain level of effectiveness!

More than that, sales support is completely flexible, being receptive to online stores that sell practically every type of service. You can start your online store from any segment carefree if there will be support from the platform for the development of a good job.

Among the most interesting features are:

  • countdown to product launch;
  • application of coupons at checkout;
  • real-time inventory monitoring;
  • freight calculation tool;
  • product registration with wide categorization options.

Possibilities of interface customization

Behind every online store is the company’s brand. Visual identity is something that helps to establish the idea for the consumer, so it is essential to value these visual traits when having a web page.

When it comes to e-commerce, making the website look like the company is fundamental, that’s why, using custom layouts is an option of WooCommerce.

The website itself offers a free option, called Storefront. However, the aesthetics of this theme does not always fit well with the brand proposal and what it wants to convey.

In such cases, even if this requires investment, the best alternative is to purchase a theme among the various options available in Theme Forest. The price is in dollars, but it is not that expensive!

On top of the theme, it is still possible to make adaptations to ensure that the company logo, for example, appears at strategic points on the site. WooCommerce is totally receptive to these different designs to give the necessary freedom to those who use the platform.

Receptivity to various forms of payment

Payment methods are a crucial detail when designing an e-commerce. The more options, the more convenient for the customer.

At WooCommerce it is simple to have these options, without restrictions for payments such as boleto bancário and credit card. However, there is also integration with payment platforms.

For those who have clients in London, the good part comes due to the free integration with PagSeguro, Mercado Pago and Moip extensions. Just download, install and start using without having to pay for the tools.

In addition, there are a number of other payment platform options, with PayPal being the most famous, which in this case is a paid extension, but which can be a great option.

When choosing between payment methods, the ideal is to understand who your target audience is, where it is located and which methods you prefer. This helps to invest in the right extensions and, above all, to offer convenience at the time of checkout.

Integration with shipping companies

Another fundamental integration that an e-commerce platform needs to have is with logistics companies that will deliver the products. WooCommerce provides the most basic options, especially in London, with the Post Office.

The extension is free and perfectly meets national demands, offering the user the delivery in the type of service desired.

In addition to the extension of the Post Office, there are dozens of alternatives that serve not only London, but the whole world. If your operation serves customers from outside the country, having international logistics services such as the USPS is essential. O

more specific and more cost-effective shipping options, such as FedEx, are also available, these are through paid extensions.

For each of these shipping options, in addition to the functionality of selecting them at checkout, the user can also take advantage of features related to freight calculation. The operation is perfect, as you usually see in large e-commerce.

Store scalability

Starting an e-commerce project is something that needs to involve, in addition to opening the website, the future perspective in relation to business growth.

Good sales and engagement results may demand the need to increase the operation and this will mean more visits, greater volume of transactions, greater inventory and greater demand on the site.

One of the main advantages of WooCommerce is that it is a totally scalable, that is, you can start with a small structure and increase it whenever you want.

The platform makes no distinction and its service is free on any scale. Of course, growing up may require more in terms of servers, which is guaranteed with more adequate hosting.

Another issue involved is the use of extensions. The bigger the site, the greater the need to make it more professional and ready to deal with demands. Thus, the cost of purchasing extensions can also increase.

How to install WooCommerce on WordPress?

In doubt about how to install WooCommerce on WordPress? It is much easier than creating a website, so rest assured! Remember that it is a complete platform, but it is still just a WordPress plugin. See in steps how to install and configure!

Sign up for WooCommerce

First, access the WooCommerce website and make your registration simple and free, filling in the information about the store you want to create. Ideally, you already have WordPress properly installed, so you just need to login with your platform account and it will install WooCommerce automatically.

Activate WooCommerce on WordPress

Just open your WordPress and you will see on the panel the option of WooCommerce, which has already been installed on it. Now just select it and perform the activation according to the steps that are shown to you.

Everything is done in a very simple guide, which will guide the entire process without any difficulty and in a very intuitive way.

Setup and activation takes no more than 5 minutes! The platform will only ask you to fill in some information, select some preferences regarding your new e-commerce and the process is quickly completed, with your account activated.

You can hardly say that WooCommerce, so complete and effective, is simply a WordPress plugin. The platform can bring a large virtual store to life and allows you to manage a large operation, always monitoring business results.

In addition to an online store, do you also need to manage a blog for your company? If so, take advantage of our WordPress guide for corporate blogs.