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Zendesk Chat is a solution that allows you to offer a great customer experience. After all, the service offered to the consumer is a differential today. Thus, it is essential to use the solutions available to ensure a positive experience with your brand.

You must constantly think about the user experience with your company. Regardless of what your business is – an e-commerce or a service provider -, it is essential that the consumer is satisfied when contacting a brand.

Offer a complete service, covering from pre to post sales, can be a differential in such a competitive market. Providing a varied choice of channels for the user to choose the one that best fits their profile or needs is practically a requirement.

Fortunately, the digital transformation has enabled the creation of different solutions for you to improve the service offered to the customer in a simple and practical way.

Zendesk Chat is one of them, allowing you to instantly communicate with your customers over the web, through mobile devices and messages. Read on to find out more!

What is the importance of offering personalized service?

With so much competition in the market, it is essential to find ways to stand out and ensure customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to the quality of service. After all, a negative experience is enough for the user to choose another option that best fits what he seeks.

Studies indicate that 58% of consumers who have a negative experience with a company do not return to make new purchases. In addition, another 49% make negative propaganda to friends and 34% make a point of publishing their dissatisfaction on social networks, damaging the brand image.

Therefore, it is essential to place the service offered to your consumer as a priority for your business. If you are looking to increase your sales results, the main path is this. Analyze your customer’s behavior, understand their preferences and, therefore, invest in the necessary channels.

Investing, for example, in omnichannel service – which focuses on the integration of multiple communication channels – is an excellent option. Thus, all relationship channels are integrated and you can provide a more positive experience to the consumer.

After all, as much as you operate in a market segment and have a defined target audience, not all users have the same preferences. By ensuring the integration of different fronts, you allow the consumer to choose the option that most appeals to them.

If you don’t have a team big enough to provide more personalized service, maybe it’s time to think about a customer service automation tool. In addition to facilitating time management within your company, you offer a better user experience.

What is Zendesk Chat?

Created in 2007 as a software development company, Zendesk has always invested in solutions that optimize customer service.

However, one of its main tools only became part of the company’s product portfolio in 2015.

By disbursing nearly $ 30 million, Zendesk acquired Zopim, a SaaS (Software as a Service) created in 2008 in Singapore. Already having a base of 120 thousand customers using the service software, this is how Zendesk Chat came about.

Today, the tool’s focus is on exchanging messages in real time with customers seeking support.

With a real-time chat service, the customer can answer their questions quickly and conveniently, as if they were talking to a friend, for example. Like this, he feels more welcomed and comfortable when contacting his brand, increasing the chances of return.

In addition, Zendesk Chat allows you to closely monitor the performance of your service team.

This way, you can monitor the main indicators of your planning and identify which actions are working and what needs to be improved.

With several layout options, you can even integrate the tool in a way that fits your website.

That is, the entire user experience is thought and planned by Zendesk Chat. Thus, just choose the plan that best fits your budget and goals.

What plans are available for your company?

Since Zendesk Chat values ​​the user experience, it will be no different when it comes to hiring the company’s services.

For example, it provides a free trial period for anyone, without the need to link to any plan, which allows you to get to know the tool better.

The tool offers four options for plans. In order for you to make the right choice, we will present the differences between each of them. Check out!


Basic plan of Zendesk Chat, Lite is free and, therefore, its resources are much more limited in relation to others.

For example, only one simultaneous chat is allowed at a time, limiting your service. In addition, the history of conversations with your customers is only stored for 30 days.


For $ 14 a month, you now have the right to use unlimited simultaneous chats with the Team plan.

This option also offers other features of the tool, such as triggers – which send targeted messages according to the behavior of your customers – and also a greater customization of the chat on your page.


With the same features as the Team plan, Professional costs $ 29 per month and offers even more benefits for your business. In addition to the unlimited triggers, the most important thing is access to the reports and analyzes provided by Zendesk Chat weekly or monthly.

Thus, your company will have accurate information about the service offered by your team and, of course, the level of customer satisfaction. This allows you to make the necessary improvements to always offer the best service possible.


The tool’s most expensive plan, Enterprise has all the features offered by Zendesk Chat. In addition to the benefits of the previous plans, you can, for example, remove the tag from your chat, leaving the layout according to your preferences and the design of your page.

You also have the support service from Zendesk 24 hours a day, which can solve any problem quickly.

For $ 59 a month, you also have access to real-time metrics, closely monitoring your performance. It also has a skill-based referral function, making service more efficient.

It is also important to note that all plans – from Lite to Enterprise – offer the possibility of integration with other software. However, only integration with other features with WordPress or MailChimp is allowed.

What are the main advantages of using Zendesk Chat?

Now you know what it is, understand what the features are and know the different types of plans available in Zendesk Chat, right?

So, so that you have no doubts about the benefits of having this tool, we list the main advantages of the solution. Check out!

Better user experience

The main advantage when integrating your page with Zendesk Chat is, without a doubt, to offer a better experience to the user, providing the possibility for him to use the channel in which he feels most comfortable. By offering instant service, the chances of conversion are higher.

Increased customer knowledge

With constant monitoring of customer service, you can identify patterns of user behavior.

So, in addition to being able to offer even better service in the next opportunities, you can use that information for other strategies Digital marketing, for example.

Performance monitoring

With Zendesk Chat, you can monitor the performance of all your service strategies. In this way, you can constantly apply actions to improve the service offered to the customer, especially when relying on the function in real time, in which you can act quickly to correct a problem.

Increased productivity

Automating some tasks is critical for your team to be able to focus on other activities. Especially if you do not have many employees, the tool can perform bureaucratic work, so that your employees focus on more strategic actions.

Zendesk Chat is therefore an excellent tool for making your communication strategy with the customer as efficient as possible. With so much competition and a more and more demanding consumer, offering the right channels for the best possible service is a necessity.

Now that you know how important it is to ensure that the user has a positive experience when contacting your brand and how Zendesk Chat can facilitate this work, how about knowing more about the right ways to relate to your consumer? So, get to know the 6 main ways of contacting the public!