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Cause Marketing can lead to brand strengthening and customer loyalty, but it needs to be well planned. This involves aligning the cause with the values ​​of the target audience, defining the best channels, and even seeking partnerships. Read to the end to adopt the strategy successfully!

Have you noticed that consumers are more concerned with the impact of their acquisitions on society and the environment? Companies that adopt Cause Marketing have certainly noticed and have no reason to complain about it.

However, there is a fine line between legitimately supporting a cause and exploring a charitable image that does not fit the truth of the organization.

Instead of engaging their consumers, companies that fail in their positions or even act in bad faith to transmit a value that does not exist in their conduct end up destroying their reputations and alienating their customers. Cause Marketing must be true and have a meaning that connects the company with its audience.

To explain how to develop this marketing strategy in the right dose, we created this content that explains its concepts, strategies and brings some successful cases. Check it out right now!

What is Cause Marketing?

In the real world, people will always root for the good guys, not the bad guys, right? It is based on this principle that Cause Marketing achieves its success.

It consists of the organizations’ strategy to promote social and environmental efforts to contribute to the environment and community of which they are part or that need attention.

There are other approaches related to Cause Marketing that deserve to be described: social marketing and social responsibility.

Social Marketing

Promotes social actions aimed at changing the perception and attitudes of individuals and their communities. It does not always involve financial investments in the cause, so its resources may come from other initiatives.

These are collaborative efforts that may involve non-profit and non-profit entities, and that seek to provide benefits in all senses.

Developing a social program for a poor community focused on technological innovation is an example.

In this case, its beneficiaries gain knowledge, and later, if they wish, they can be integrated into organizations as a qualified workforce.

Social and environmental responsibility

These are voluntary actions by companies to promote the well-being of their employees, customers and the community. In other words, they are not imposed by the government or receive incentives for their realization.

A company reduces its expenses and also minimizes its impacts on the environment when it performs a reform in its physical structure to take advantage of rainwater in its bathrooms, adopts green walls to help control the internal temperature, or invests in air quality and aesthetics natural environment.

This type of positioning, which involves social actions and relevant causes, elevates the company’s ethical posture, which is also transmitted to its relations with customers, and, consequently, guarantees a good image and connection with its target audience.

In the 2013 Cone Communications Global Study, 91% of consumers reported that they would trade one brand for another with the same quality and price standards if it supported a social cause.

In other words, almost all consumers would accept to test a new brand and leave behind their loyalty to a store if their competitor was socially engaged with some cause.

If you think about the series of investments your company has already made to attract new customers and win market share dominated by the competitor, you will agree that the Cause Marketing path is much smoother, right?

So, how to apply such a concept in your business? Here are some strategies and best practices.

What are the 6 best strategies for its adoption?

As we mentioned, there is a very sensitive limit between the success of embracing a cause and the appealing posture and the exploration of social and environmental problems as a form of self-promotion.

Therefore, it is necessary to study the possibilities and plan the actions. Among the best practices for this, we can mention the following!

1. Align the choice of cause with the values ​​practiced by the target audience

To begin with, choosing a cause to fight for involves aligning with the company’s values.

This will show that your desire to promote improvements is genuine, mainly because the employees of the business will also feel involved.

But aligning the cause with the market and having a connection with the values ​​of your target audience and persona is also essential.

So, when choosing to buy products or hire services from a company, the client will feel that he participates and indirectly supports that cause.

2. Be transparent with the purpose and means of supporting the cause

In fact, it is also essential to ensure transparency regarding what is promoted and how customers contribute to the success of the project.

To mention, for example, that R $ 10.00 of the sales value will be transferred to an institution, is essential, as well as to later determine the amount and demonstrate how it was actually used.

It’s a way of showing the beginning, middle and end of a story, and there’s nothing better than a happy ending, isn’t it? It generates even more empathy and engagement, fundamental feelings for customer loyalty.

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3. Define the best channels and formats for dissemination

Use the most appropriate channels and content formats for advertising support actions. This involves, for example, choosing the social networks that the target audience is most concentrated on.

For the content, consider live videos on social networks, compilation of videos, photographic records of reforms and improvements promoted. Just pay attention to the exploration of social pain and problems. They should not be exposed in an appealing way, or, instead of provoking engagement, they will bring a sense of opportunism.

4. Engage employees, customers and the community

Promote actions and invitations that make everyone involved participate in Cause Marketing.

Use hashtags specials on social networks and ask your customers to do the same when they see similar situations that need help, create a calendar of events and celebrate the good results.

5. Don’t just stick to financial contributions

Promoting the training of a community, facilitating insertion in the labor market, creating connections with educational institutions and supporting development, among other approaches, are also very valuable.

This is because they demonstrate that there are other ways to contribute to the improvement of social and environmental areas.

If a company wants to demonstrate its sustainable character, for example, nothing better than pointing out internal savings with the use of selective collection and recycling, isn’t it?

6. Look for partnerships that can add to the solution of the cause

A company that helps in one cause is good, and in two or more it is even better, after all, it can contribute much more to the solution of the problem.

Thus, talking to business partners, seeking investments, sponsors, creating actions and events together are actions to enhance the results of the cause, and show that, above all, the main focus is on the contribution that can be made, and not how much it will add to the business image.

Some companies are able to carry out these strategies very successfully and, therefore, we have separated some cases to inspire you and your company.

What are the success stories of companies that use Cause Marketing?

To demonstrate the success of Cause Marketing, we have listed some examples in different areas below.

Corleone Barber Shop

The chain of luxury barbershops is run by Bruno Van Enck, who, in recent years, has demonstrated all his business acumen.

Among its successful strategies, there is a Cause Marketing related to your business, which can be considered that of male beauty and well-being.

Down syndrome patients who want to have an updated cut and feel beautiful are invited to receive services free of charge. What you see on the social networks of the barbershop, therefore, is a show of customers satisfied with their new cuts and beards.

Corleone barbershop

Epa Supermarkets and Baleia Hospital

The Epa supermarket chain has a large presence in Belo Horizonte, and at the end of each purchase processed, the attendants offer customers the opportunity to donate the remaining cents of the purchase to the Hospital da Baleia.

Epa and Hospital da Baleia


It is one of the largest American groups of pharmacies, or rather, drugstores, as they sell various types of products, and not just medicines.

His campaign, called The Red Nose Day, raises thousands of dollars annually to give support to communities in need or experiencing calamities in the country.

There are 6 weeks in which the store sells the red adornment commonly used by clowns to distribute joy. With that, thousands of consumers join the campaign, publish photos on their social networks and help to spread the campaign.

Artists like Ed Sheeran and celebrities also contribute free concerts or appear at major events wearing the red nose.

Puket and the Meias do Bem campaign

The store specializing in socks and other comfort garments knew how to use Cause Marketing in line with its business.

In this case, the “Meias do Bem” campaign collects used socks and turns them into blankets. Of course, they also use leftover fabrics, their machinery and labor in the project, but in addition, they have a strong network of partners.

good socks design

Cause Marketing and branding strategies are closely linked. Therefore, the choice of which project to develop is also strategic and needs the involvement of area managers and business collaborators.

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