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Applying UX writing in the company means writing texts and microtexts that convey clear and direct messages to users. In this modality, the focus is on optimizing the experience, leaving the conversion attempt in the background. Thus, it is essential to understand your persona and develop an appropriate style guide.

It is no longer new that the user experience is one of the most important points for attracting, converting and maintaining customers.

Factors such as navigation agility, the scannability of a text and even the colors chosen to integrate the design directly impact the decisions made by the user on a digital platform.

For this reason, companies seek a movement of continuous optimization of the channels of contact with the persona.

This depends on the efficiency of the service, but it also depends on the clarity and objectivity of the texts used for this type of communication. And that’s where UX writing comes in.

Writing focused on the users’ experience is based on concepts related to marketing, design and information architecture.

If performed effectively, it can become a real competitive advantage for the business. Do you want to go deeper into the subject? In this text, we will address:

What is UX writing and how does it work?

You probably already know the term UX, which stands for user experience. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that UX writing refers to the production of textual content aimed at optimizing the user experience.

It is the practice of strategically selecting all the elements that make up a text, in order to facilitate the reader’s journey.

The concept can be applied to all texts developed for a digital platform, which are known as “microcopy”.

Under the prism of UX writing, microtexts, as they are called in London, aim to convey a clear and objective message to users, stimulating their engagement and leading them towards conversion.

Thus, the professional responsible for its production, called the UX writer, must pay attention not only to the correctness of the writing, but also to the semantics of the most relevant terms for the persona.

It is also important to understand the best language to be used and to appreciate a clean interface, in order to integrate the concepts of UX and UI.

Thus, one of the challenges that may arise in the process is the limitation of space, especially on sites that aim to be mobile friendly.

That is why UX writing goes far beyond writing, being an activity that needs to work interconnected with other sectors, such as the design and development teams.

It is important to note that the role of the UX writer goes beyond microtexts. The same concepts can be applied in writing content for email marketing and even in posts published on blogs and social networks.

What is the difference between UX writing and others?

Quality writing is necessary for the development of any marketing strategy. It can be used in video scripting, in the production of blog posts, in the presentation of landing pages and in many other activities. So it is important to understand the difference between UX writing and other modalities.

Think of the rules seen as standard in journalistic texts. One of them, which can serve as an example, causes numbers between 0 and 9 to be written in full, which is not replicated in scripts aimed at the user experience.

The idea is facilitate reading, save characters and better manage the space used.

Another type of writing is copywriting, which is sometimes misinterpreted as a synonym for UX writing. The difference is subtle, but noticeable.

Copywriting focuses on getting people’s attention and attracting leads to the business.

UX writing, even if it ends up facilitating lead conversion, focuses on the reader’s experience. This results in the use of simpler terms, more objective text and product-oriented development, not sales.

How to start applying UX writing?

At this point, you already understand what UX writing is and know its importance to consolidate your Digital Marketing strategy.

After all, the application of the concept improves the consumer experience and makes your brand assume a position of greater authority in the market. But, after all, where to start?

Check out the following tips!

Cares for the clarity of the message

As we mentioned throughout the text, UX writing must be clear and objective in its messages.

So, put aside the most elaborate terms or phrases that, however creative they are, make reading more complex. It is essential to understand that writing should focus on the user experience.

Therefore, establish an order of priority in the content. It is important that the information that the user seeks is presented without delay, providing an agile and efficient experience.

If it is necessary to use technical or more complex terms, prepare auxiliary material to explain their meanings.

Understanding what needs to be explained or not is an effort that depends directly on your understanding of the persona.

Understand the customer journey

Tracking customer behavior during their journey is another essential practice for a UX writer.

This monitoring generates valuable insights for strategy development and identifies bottlenecks that need to be reversed. Like this, it is important to have access to data that provides details of the journey.

When analyzing them, you can, for example, find that many users stop browsing on a particular page. From there, just find out the reason and work to solve it.

The reason can be related to many factors, such as a messy design or confusing text.

Create a writing guide and workflow

When you understand the particularities of the user and define the best way to approach him, it is essential to create a writing guide.

The document should list the textual communication strategy, highlighting the terms and types of languages ​​the writer should prioritize. This will ensure a consistent and coherent approach across all content.

It is also important to make clear the voice tone from the company. This amplifies the understanding of the writer who, in addition to knowing the most appropriate vocabulary, comes to understand how the brand intends to be perceived by the public.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that UX writing depends on a collaborative environment.

The editor must work in direct contact with designers and programmers to produce the most suitable content for the platform. So, organize a workflow that encourages this interaction.

UX writing is a very valuable tool for you to optimize a user’s experience on your digital platforms.

Unlike copywriting, this type of writing should be objectivity, using simple terms and passing direct messages. Its effective application depends on a collaborative environment and understanding of the persona.

Throughout the article, we mention the differences between UX writing and copywriting. So, how about delving into this other form of writing? Download this free ebook and discover how to produce texts with high conversion potential!